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The Spinerooni's comin, sucka!                     -- The "Book" Show

I'm not even touching this one. Uh-uh.

This week I was watching Raw and realized what's been bugging me ever since Summerslam. The Rock does not deserve the WCW title.

I'll wait while you fire off your hate emails at me.


All done? Good. Let's continue.

With the Rock as WCW champion and Austin as the WWF champ, it looks like the same old two guys are on top of the WWF, but now they both get a belt! After all, didn't we see this at Wrestlemania this year? And at Wrestlemania XV?

First off, let me say that I'm not a big fan of the belts in other organizations anyway. Right now, the belt breakdown looks like this:

Champion            Stone Cold Steve Austin      WCW
Intercontinental    Edge                         WWF
European            Hurricane Helms              WCW
Tag Team            Undertaker & Kane            WWF
Hardcore            Rob Van Dam                  WCW/ECW
Lt. Heavyweight     X-Pac                        WWF
Champion            Rock                         WWF
United States       Kanyon                       WCW
Tag Team            Undertaker & Kane            WWF
Cruiserweight       X-Pac                        WWF

Why do the belts need to be swapped between groups like this? Besides the fact that this makes X-Pac look like the ultimate cruiserweight and Taker/Kane as an unstoppable tag team, it's doing the opposite of what the WWF wanted to do with WCW.

All along, the WWF's said that they want to run WCW as a separate entity. They want to create a new identity for WCW. The only identity they're making for WCW, though, is like WWF-South. All the belts except for Kanyon's US Championship are held by WWF superstars. But the worst offender in my eyes is the Rock.

Why? you ask. Simple. At least the others have some WCW ties - Taker was in WCW back in the late 80's and X-Pac spent some time down there a few years back as Syxx.

The Rock has zero tie to WCW. There are a lot of other WWF talents who do have that tie, like Regal, Jericho, Big Show (a former WCW champ), or the currently-injured Triple H and Chris Benoit (an undefeated WCW champ). Any one of those (except Hunter or Benoit) could run with the belt. Big Show could be the unstoppable monster he needs to become. Regal or Jericho are both loved by the fans and could elevate the title more. Instead we have the Rock, who's nearing the end of his run as the top face in the company.

One thing really worries me about how evil Austin and good Rock have the opposing title belts. I do not want to see a world unification match unless WCW is shutting down for good. I agree, it's fun to argue over who'd be the better champion. I think that seeing the match would ruin the fantasy. I'd rather not have that ruined for me. I just feel that a belt held by the likes of Gotch, Thesz, Steamboat, and Flair should be held by someone with a tie to that organization.

And yes, I'm still trying to forget David Arquette's run with it.

See you next week...

David B.

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