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Hey all. Welcome to another edition of ...AndMarkingOut. After a week of pretty f-ing good television and a freak injury that put The Great Triple H Debate to rest (for now at least), the WWF is charged with the responsibility of not dropping the ball their recent success. The new debate is over which wrestlers are ready or deserving of a push up the heel side of the card. Countless names have been thrown out, and today, I'll give you what I'd like to see.

Before I rant, I'd like to make it clear that I agree that Rhyno is among those that should be pushed to the moon, but not immediately. The WWF should continue his monster push (Is it me, or is he receiving the push that Tazz was supposed to, but didn't?) with this brewing feud with Kane. They should continue having him destroy same size opponents while intermittently defeating much larger guys like The Big Show, Test, and eventually Kane. I bet the crowds will really take notice then. The Undertaker would be another wrestler who could help elevate Rhyno to monster status by working a program with him that ends with UT either putting Rhyno over somewhat cleanly or Rhyno losing an extremely hard-fought contest. By the early fall, the general WWF fans would believe Rhyno as a credible contender the way a lot of the Internet folk believe now.

The Right Angle:

Kurt Angle is my hands-down choice to step in and fill the very big gap in the heel universe left by Triple H's injury. If done properly, the WWF would have an opportunity to revive one of the hottest, unresolved storylines in recent memory while simultaneously stoking major interest in the WCW re-launch. In keeping with the company's ego-centrism, it all involves the McMahons. Here's how:

  • Kurt just started a program with Shane McMahon. Kurt was celebrating regaining his medals, Shane interrupted him, and viola-instant feud! There are number of ways the WWF could go with this one. I think a good idea would be to have Shane send some of his WCW wrestlers to do his dirty work and taunt and pound on Angle, rather than giving away the Shane/Angle match right away. I would have the feud start in the WWF with a mini-invasion angle featuring Shane and one wrestler only, followed by Kurt following whomever to WCW to continue the feud and end it with an Angle victory. I would then have Shane return to WWF television every now and then, having the last laughs at Angle's expense. You know the routine: costing him matches, stealing his interview time, etc. Eventually, Shane and Kurt would wrestle, but not before Stephanie got involved.

  • Stephanie's involvement would start off simply enough, by her needing protection or even a friend if you will. After all, there are a lot of wrestlers that hate Vince and Triple H and would love to gain a modicum of revenge on them by hurting Stephanie. Have Angle save Stephanie from some wrestler's tirade or attack. Have Vince appreciate Kurt's help and bring him into the fold. After all, any enemy of Shane is a friend of Vince's at this point, right? Over the next few weeks, have Stephanie and Kurt become inseparable. Have Kurt continue to prove his worth to Stephanie and Vince through his actions. Have Kurt's actions seem innocent enough at first. After a few weeks, have Triple H begin to do phone interviews where he warns Stephanie about Angle to no avail (remember, Triple H has always seen through Angle and has always known how Angle feels about his wife). Angle and Stephanie continue to hang out.

    Next, have Stephanie begin to fall for Kurt. At this point, rekindle those little sideways smirks that Kurt is so good at. Have him make them whenever Stephanie mentions or speaks to Triple H. In fact, have the audience sense that Kurt sees breaking up Stephanie's marriage to Triple H as his way of having the last laugh on her brother Shane. Have Kurt win Stephanie's heart, only to break it in the middle of the ring as he announces that he did it all to get back at Shane. At this point, Shane would have to fight for his sister's honor because Triple H is still on the shelf healing. This is when I would book the big money match between the two. In that match, have a hard fought contest that concludes with Angle about to cripple Shane, but stopping short at Stephanie's insistence. Have Stephanie begging and crying for her brother's health. Shane is now off WWF television with an injury angle, returning to WCW with vengeance on his mind.

    Stephanie is now confused and distraught. Could Kurt really have feelings for her after all? Why else would he have stopped short of breaking Shane's ankle? Have Kurt cut a promo where he admits that he does in fact have feelings for Stephanie. Have him call her to the ring and apologize for the past month or so. Have him spend the middle portion of the 15-minute interview trying to convince her. Just when it seems she is about to fall for his scheme again, have Triple H's music and lights blast. Have Angle aghast with amazement and fear as he watches the entrance ramp. Only, have Triple H come through the crowd and pound Angle from behind. The crowd would be hot. Viola--Instant feud, complete with fully cemented face turn by the Game (all set in motion by Austin's comments last week). Book a Street Fight/Any Things Goes/No DQ match between Angle and Triple H's that ends similarly to their bout from Unforgiven (or Vince and Triple H's match from Armageddon a couple years ago) and have Stephanie choose Angle this time. Triple H would be even more over as face as now his wife would have left him. The WWF would then have a bevy of match-ups to book among the killer heels (StoneCold, Angle and Rhyno) and the freshly elevated faces Jericho and Benoit, a returning Rock and an ultra-fresh Triple H. I think it would make for awesome television. But that's just me.

    How about you? Let me know at

    Until next time: Be a fan. Drink beers. Mark out. Care less.

    I'm out.


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