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RE: Open Letter to Internet Wrestling Websites

Dear WWFE:

This letter is in direct reply to your Open Letter posted on last week. Before I say anything else, I'd like to say that this response hinges on a few assumptions: I assume that your letter was not directed at CRZ and his Slashers, Joe and his Shooters, or Widro and the 411 Team. I assume that your comments were aimed at Wade, Dave and Bob.

With that being said, let me say first and foremost that I understand your position. As a publicly traded company, you are very conscious of your image, the media and how you are perceived. Bad publicity in the media can go a long way towards hurting your image and affecting your stock prices, which would, in turn, affect your profits. Obviously, if there is anything you can do to avoid any loss of profits it behooves you to do so. Hence, your Open Letter, or so I assume.

I understand that you are rather miffed because of the ongoing negative press your company and its programming have garnered in the past 6 months to a year. The Internet community in particular, has not been kind to the WWFE. I have not been kind to the WWFE. Wade,, Dave and Bob have published stories that have really called into question many of your day to day business practices with out comment or confirmation from high ranking WWFE executives such as Vince McMahon or Jim Ross. In your letter, you specifically state that these Internet Reports should gain confirmation prior to publishing these stories as the WWFE diligently attempts to have officials available for comment.

Who exactly is available and what is the number where he or she can be reached?

No one likes rumor, innuendo or speculation, and slander is a offense that can be taken to litigation. No one should be the subject of defamation due to false accusations and stories. You say that you intend to tell your fans that storied published on these Sites is done with comment or verification of WWFE. That's fine. But here is another point:

Why should I disbelieve anything I read on Wade or Dave's website? I mean, where are all those stories that these two individuals published that turned out to be, in fact, total lies and fabrications? Was it the HHH not initially liking Chris Jericho? I think I remember HHH making negative comments on a Thanksgiving edition of SmackDown! Was I the story that talked about how you were in secret negotiations to purchase WCW or in contract talks with Hogan, Nash and Hall? Maybe it was the story of Nash being upset with the Rock for calling him a bitch in public first? Or perhaps it was that story of Goldberg getting in HHH's face at that autograph session many months ago. No, it probably has to due with this whole "Austin absent from TV tapings because he is upset with his character's direction" story. Am I getting warm?

Whatever your reasons, I again understand your need to distract us from the real impetus of all this negative criticism: Your TV shows have been sub par for over 6 months now. You have been given bulletproof angle, one after the next, and have found ways to render them meaningless time and time again. With that being said, I'd like to offer the following suggestions as to how you can stop all of this "negative/inaccurate Internet reporting.":

  • Make you television shows better. Take an example from the Los Angeles Lakers, Phil Jackson, Shaq and Kobe. As long as the Lakers are winning 59-70 games, going to the playoffs and winning championships, no once cares if Shaq, Kobe and Phil are the best of friends. Only when the Lakers go into a tailspin and are on a 10 game losing streak do the media hounds come out and make their lack of brotherly love an issue. WWF television programming has been in a tailspin to months now. And since you've continually thrown piss poor television at us, we, the Internet community, have picked you apart. The quickest way to get back into our good graces is with quality television. Period. If you want to distract us, don't do it with Open Letters, do it with good TV.

  • Change Jim Ross' column. As of right now, The Ross Report is an ambiguous mixture of work and shoot designed to hit the broadest market of WWF fans while remaining in character as much as possible. This is a mistake. This report should be 100% shoot, or truth. In this way, Ross and WWFE would have a mechanism and vehicle for addressing these stories that are published; they could be confirmed, denied or clarified. As it stands, it seems that Ross and other high-ranking WWFE officials believe that the 50/50 work-shot format is most effective. I disagree. When we know you're working us, why should we believe you more than Wade or Dave when they don't appear to be working us. Any time you are working us by being in character, you're essentially lying to us. So why should we believe you? You've shown us that you will tell us only what you want us to believe while Dave and Wade tell us what they think you don't want us to know? Do you see why they have credibility?

    You can choose to go about and endless battle against the Internet and their choice of story publication, much like the major record labels have sought to stop mp3 trading. You might even eventually win. But I know it will take a lot of effort. And I think that amount of effort would be better spent focused on improving your television product instead.

    Thanks for listening.


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