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Leftovers: Feedback on the question of RAW versus SmackDown!:

AngelBomb12 wrote:

Great read Drop.

Raw and SD are targeting two totally different audiences within the same fan base. That is why the huge discrepency in the product. SD, in my opinion, seems to be targeting the same fan base that the WWF has had for years and they're going with the same formula that made them the top in the business. I think that that is a mistake in that they are assuming that the reason that they became the only show in town was that they think that they got that popularity because they were giving the fans what they wanted to see. That is not neccessarily so. I honestly think that the reason they became the only show in town was that the competition was confusing as hell to watch for the average viewer in that fueds were abandoned mid stream and the product lacked integrity in that all the backstage crap was showing in the final product. It wasn't neccesarily that WWF offered a better show. Merely a more consistant one.

The reason that I appreciated Raw over SD was simply that I liked having an alternative to Vinces wet dreams. Perhaps it's the fact that I'm a woman and I'm sick to death of seeing Stacy's legs, but quite frankly seeing Angle's ass and Alberts hairy belly did very little for me either. I think having Angles ass all over my tv screen completely took away from the fact that it was a pretty damn good match. I do applaud Angle for doing what he's told, and I don't fault him for my stomache turning. I fault the writing team, if they can truely be described as such.

Personally I'm waiting for Benoits return to boost my appeal for the show. I think even Vince realizes that no one wants to see his hairy ass. They want to see him go into the ring and wrestle. They like his lack of personality, at least I do, and this makes it easier to see past the gimmick and see the talent. But that's just my take on things.

Holy shit I just realized that I ranted here. Sorry bout that. I tend to get long winded sometimes.

Derek Runyan said:

There's no question in my mind that RAW can be better than SD week to week. Just because one brand has all the best "workers" than the other makes no difference. Just because SD has a potential for better matches doesn't mean that the said show will be better. Look at 1998 and 99 WCW vs 98 and 99 WWF for example. It seemed like on most WCW shows there were one or two good, medium to long length matches. While I enjoyed those great matches, come time for RAW, great match or no, I would flip over. The reason being that I just found the shows more entertaining, was more drawn into the storylines that were presented by Raw, even if the matches stank. I remember in the spring of 99 there was a Sting/DDP World Title match going into the top of the hour which I found to be quite awesome. But eight o clock rolled around, and I flipped to Raw as usual, tuning back into Nitro to see who had won the DDP/ Sting match. Now, I'm not speaking for everyone, of course, just myself. I hadn't heard of terms such as workrate and the like before, but I appreciated a good match. Hmmm, I guess that was a long, drawn-out way of saying workrate isn't everything.

Um, yeah. Hey, I've been getting more heat off of my feedback question than my column itself. Not that I'm complaining mind you. I'm just saying...

Feedback Question of the Week: Who currently on either roster, as over or more over than Hogan should have the belt and why? 50 words or less, please. No cursing allowed.

Welcome to another 10 minutes inside my brain. Enjoy the ride. Or not.

Crying Over Spilled Milk

Geez-Us!! I cannot for the life of me remember the last time I've seen such an intense backlash among the Internet fan base. Okay, maybe I can, but that's beside the point. I mean, is there anyone out there besides me that's content with the current path of the WWF after Backlash and RAW?

I mean everywhere I read, people have nothing but negative things to say. Gloom and doom. I'm not watching the WWF anymore. It's the end of the wrestling world as we know it. Blah, Blah, Blah.

Um, can we please cut the fucking shit? We will all continue to watch because we like wrestling. And whether the WWF pisses us off or pleases us, we will continue to at least routinely turn the channel to either TNN, UPN or MTV to see what's been happening.

I suppose I should start with Backlash. This show delivered for me. It might not read well on paper, but I liked it and that's all I can really say. It progressed storylines and definitely got people buzzing about the WWF again. Mostly all the heels won and this is a good thing. The last time I checked, faces chasing heels for revenge and championships sold tickets. So, Tajiri is the Cruiser champ, Billy and Chuck still have the tag belts and RVD lost. What's the big deal? Kidman and Tajiri now have more of a reason to fight other than the fact that Tajiri treats Torrie like shit. Eddie pins RVD in a match that wasn't ***** because they hadn't worked together before. The rematch will be better people. Bet on it. RVD will get his belt back and then he will drop it again and try to move onto the Main Event.

And then there is Hogan. People are in an uproar over Hogan winning the belt. I wonder if anyone actually thought that maybe, just maybe, they had HHH lose so that he could be the #1 Face in SmackDown! because Rock is gone until who knows when and may not ever come back? And in the process the WWF gets to stall their admission that the HHH face run in an utter failure. They get to try again within the context of a hot storyline. That brawl he had with Taker was a great start.

Back to Hogan, he has never and will never be a mediocre wrestler. He stinks in the ring. Always has, always will. He was never any good, but he did have good, memorable matches. Anyone else remember Hogan-Warrior? But who's to say that a _ star match with ****1/2 star crowd involvement doesn't make a *** match? Rock proved it could. HHH came damn close. And least we forget who's running both these shows, remember, frustration thy name is Vince McMahon.

If you've read my columns over the past month or so, you'll see that I'm on a positive swing when it comes to the WWF and that means I'm looking for good stuff and not waiting to be pissed off. I like what they are doing right now. Everyone has a right to his/her own opinion, but people are really going overboard with the I'm never watching WWF again. Do you really think Vince cares? Unless you have a Neilson box, I bet he doesn't.

Austin, Rock, Taker, Hogan, HHH will STAY in the main event because they are all at least 6 feet tall and huge. No matter how old they get, as long as the crowd is into them, Vince will push them. Period. Vince likes 'em BIG. Angle and Jericho will dance with the Main Event for short spurts because Angle (however AWESOME) is still only about 5'10" and Jericho is maybe 5'10" with those silly ass Artist Formerly and Currently named Prince boots. Vince doesn't strongly push short people. Never has, never will. Bret was an exception as was Michaels. Angle will probably be the next big time short guy because he's simply too talented to be denied. He carried Edge to the match of his career even after almost being paralyzed by the idiot. RVD will get a chance as well, but remember, he's short. Benoit is short. Eddie is short. There's only so much faith Vince will put into people he can't look in the eye. Sorry. Big Show got the nWo nod for a number of reasons, one of which being that he's BIG. Big means intimidating and intimidating means money in Vince's eyes.

Vince does not like short wrestlers. Is this "right"? No. Do I agree with this philosophy? No. But that doesn't change the way Vince books his shows. Y'know, there was a time a year (or more) or so ago when the Net was praising Vince's shows and the ratings were still down. They tried to cater to the Net crowd and it didn't work. Why? Because there really aren't THAT many of us. Russo learned this the hard way. So now, Vince's catering to the more casual crowds. You know, the people who shell out $40 so they can scream "WHAT" and buy $25 t-shirts and $20 hats and drink $35 in MillerLite at house shows.

That sure ain't me. And I go the SmackDown! every time they come to Baltimore. If you're reading this, it's probably not you either.

So, I guess this brings us back to the whole "Whatcha gonna do?" question. We could complain ad nauseum, but I doubt that Vince is in the mood to listen. All I know is HHH, a guy I've wanted to openly cheer for over a year now is the #1 face on SmackDown! and I'm looking forward to the Edge-Angle rematch, the Eddie-RVD rematch and the Tajiri-Kidman rematch. Does that really sound that awful?

And even if it does, get over it already. What's done is done.

Until next time, send hatemail and/or feedback to the addy in the link below.

I'm out.

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