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Jack Epstein




Yeah, I know it's a dramatic title for my debut article here on SlashWrestling. Its one of those double entendre deals; am I talking about the fact that my ego is going to get the best of me in the long run and you'll be subjected to my hypocrisy, or am I talking about the fact that professional wrestling sucks. Keep reading and you may be enlightened.

I could bore you with a long winded rant about how much better wrestling used to be, and how knowledgeable I am of the business... but I won't, because its not true. Truth is, I am killing professional wrestling. I haven't bought a ticket to a show in years. I haven't bought some overpriced shirt that I would be embarrassed to wear in public. But yet, I feel right at home mocking and laughing at what professional wrestling has become.

So strap on your safety belt and enjoy the ride. The WWE is dying a slooooow death, and we're all gonna have front row seats to this spectacle. Get ready for even wackier booking, aborted pushes, and disgruntled talent. With all that said, wake me up when they start doing "Tequila Bottle on a Pole" matches. Too bad Scott Hall got fired.

Random thoughts:

  • Amazingly enough, RVD vs. Eddy lasted over 20 minutes on RAW. We haven't see a match of that length since Austin vs. Benoit this time last year at the same venue on Smackdown. The Eddy vs. fan sequence was the greatest part of the match, IMO.

  • Two evil owners. Why not recombine rosters now? The angle has been DOA from the start, much like every other WWE angle since Austin's heel turn last year.

  • Why is it that every 'over-the-hill' wrestler and 'indy superstar' are doing these idiotic 'shoot videos'. Meanwhile, I'm available for interviews any time.

    That's it for now. E-mail CRZ and let him know that the Nets are going to destroy the Kings in the NBA Championships.

    Jack Epstein

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