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That's all I could think of to say to my buddies as we sat and watched the systematic destruction of all of my personal hopes for WCW vanish in less than 15 minuets. The excitement of a fresh start with new and exciting characters and the return of some beloved old ones was crushed the moment the announcement team were announced.

OPINION: The reason why The Rock, Austin, HHH, Jericho, and others get so much of a reaction from crowds is in a word commentary. That is not to say that they are not great wrestlers or very charismatic, but that without the story telling power of great commentary they wouldn't get anywhere.

My worst nightmare was confirmed the moment the got on the mic. All the same WCW hyperbole we've all grown to hate was right here invading a perfectly good raw. Great quotes like "monumental in our sport" etc.. used at nausea. Shill the company was the WCW line then and apparently this will not change now.

I mean why waste time discussing or building personality and stories for the two workers in the ring when you could just talk about what a great day this is for your company and "our" sport. (That was sarcasm by the way.)

I don't know about you but a great day for my sport would first start with deciding who's going to be the heel announcer, I mean please. Second would be to actually have a purposeful storyline to elaborate upon that has something to do with the action in the ring, or at least interesting comments to build the personality of the performers. And third be entertaining. Ya know like have an air personality that is interesting and opinionated or why bother.

My close to ideal WCW introduction would have been for Lawler and Hudson to partake in the honors. WCW NEEDS LAWLER There is no question in my mind that this would have at least curbed the ensuing carnage of verbal assaults to some degree. This also would have actually added depth and character to the show. Lawler has a well-established personality that even WWF fans who were against this match could have gotten excited about. So many story telling opportunities gone in 15 minuets.

It didn't help that the match blew, and the fans let it be heard loud and clear that this is not what they want to see. I hope the WWF was listening. If they wornt im sure the rating will speak much louder than the boos and it wont take long.

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