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July 28, 2002

Hello again, everyone. I am Miguelito Fierro, Jr. I am not really a Junior. but since the WWE seems to want to pull the Jr. from everyone's name, I figured that I will just go ahead and add it to mine. I think of it as a show of solidarity for Chavo Guerrero Jr and Rey Mysterio Jr. I'll be the Jr that you can't be, gentlemen.

There are two things that should be very evident from the past week of WWE shows. First, wrestling is making a comeback on WWE shows, and second, wrestling is not as important as entertainment to WWE. It's a study in conflicts, one that I find interesting.

On one hand, we are definitely seeing more wrestling on WWE shows. RAW loaded up this week, not just with a great main event between Rock and Eddie Guerrero, but with a fun 6-minute match between Booker T and Chris Benoit and a solid 7-minute ladder match between Jeff Hardy and Rob Van Dam. Smackdown also followed through, with a stellar Jericho/Edge cage match in the main event, along with a great match between the non-Jrs (Mysterio and Guerrero) and good matches between Test/John Cena and D-von/Valbowski. If you are a wrestling fan, then you were in for a treat this week on WWE programming.

However, WWE also proved that they believe much more in entertainment than in wrestling. Neither show opened with a match, but instead tried to build on the animosity between Stephanie and Bischoff. But even worse, neither show ENDED with wrestling. The Main Event is the most important part of a wrestling show. It is the last thing that viewers remember from the show. The main event leaves people with a good or bad impression of the show, and hopefully gives viewers a reason to return next week. Main events were traditionally wrestling; that is no longer true.

This week's main events finished on a very similar note: skits between Stephanie and Eric. WWE is trying to bank on fans wondering what wrestlers are going to swap shows. And WWE is banking on Stephanie and Eric being charismatic enough to keep viewers entertained. The problem is that we are getting overloaded with each GM. Every other ad break features some type of skit with either Eric or Stephanie. It's overkill; by the time the show ends, we don't want to see either person again. Over-exposure doesn't seem to worry WWE, however. Only an absence of Entertainment would worry WWE, apparently.

As I said, a mixed week for WWE. There was more than enough wrestling for wrestling fans like me to be happy. And don't get me wrong; I liked both Raw and Smackdown this week. Smackdown was good, and Raw ROCKED. But I do have to shake my head at the fact that wrestling has gotten bumped from the main event by entertainment.


  • I thought Eddie Guerrero was the star of Raw. His promo on the Rock was hot, and got him a nice spate of crowd heat. Guerrero was fired up, and his promo was emotionally-charged. Rock's return jabs, especially the Rock-icized "La Bamba," were not so good. For the match itself, Guerrero was awesome. Guerrero wrestled circles around Rock, showing once again that there is more to being a superstar than just wrestling talent. Guerrero's counter to the Rock Bottom was amazing, and really should've gotten him a win.

  • Jeers to WWE, for not letting Eddy Guerrero get a win over the Rock. A clean pin on Rock would've established Guerrero as the top heel on Raw. With the departure of Brock Lesnar, Raw needs a new top heel. And HHH isn't the person. HHH still isn't seen as a heel yet. Eddy Guerrero is ready to be the top heel for Raw. Getting a clean pin after the sweet counter to the Rock Bottom would've put him right there.

  • Brock Lesnar was able to receive another big push, thanks to his move to Smackdown. I am always a little annoyed when matches end in screwjobs, but at least there was a purpose this time. Brock destroying Mark Henry and Hulk Hogan made a major statement, and did a good job elevating Brock as Smackdown's new top heel.

  • I am not sure unifying the European and Intercontinental Championships was the right thing to do. Raw does have too many singles titles. But it seems that a better way to balance things out would've been to move one of those championships over to Smackdown, which doesn't have enough singles titles. I actually brought this up way back in April. Raw needs fewer singles champions and a tag-team championship, Smackdown needs another singles championship to complement the Cruiserweight championship.

  • Molly RULES!

  • What the hell is wrong with Online Onslaught's Rick Scaia? Every six months or so, Rick flips out, and it usually has to do with other internet writers. I have written a full response to Scaia's OOpinion at Wrestle Press's Verbal Cage, In short, though, let me say that I am proud to call myself a Wrestling Critic.

  • That's all I have for you this week! Look for me next week.

    - Miguelito
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