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Ian Finlayson




OK, Here I am, My First ever Column. I thought for a while how to start it and I think you'll agree... this is the lamest possible opener.

As I am new here, I'll start off with BRIEF run down of me. I live in the capital of Scotland, Edinburgh. I started watching wrestling in about 1989, I was a big Hogan Mark. I went to one house show, part of a WWF European Tour in '92 (Main Event was Hogan vs Yokozuna). My seats were lousy because some bright person in the WWF decided to do a show in a Cattle Auction Hall. So I was sitting in crap seats and I almost got killed in a stampede when half the arena decided to run down to the ramp to touch Hogan (They were innocent days when about a hundred children wanting to touch a 39 year old man was perfectly acceptable). As expected Hulkamania ran wild and Hogan won, brother. Cause Hogan don't job on European Tours.

I lost interest in wrestling at the end of 1993, Hogan left and unlike my best friend at the time, I didn't like Bret Hart. Then in 2000 on a cold January evening I turned on the TV expecting to see rerun's of Babylon 5 and found the Royal Rumble. I watched the Hardyz/Dudleyz Table match and realised that WWF Attitude was kinda cool. So I recorded the rest of it and went to bed. Since then I became a big wrestling fan. For any of you interested my only exposure to wrestling between '93 and 2000 was putting my 10 or 20 action figures in a box, once seeing an edition of Nitro at the beginning of the whole WCW/nWo thing. Then seeing Stone Cold on Celebrity Deathmatch, I knew the Bald Redneck was a wrestler but I didn't know exactly how big he was.

Now, What can you expect from my column, like I described it to CRZ sometimes it will have a big topic and other times just Inane Ramblings. I may slip in the odd Parody or other humour. In fact I was gonna put a fake advert in today but Rob Van Dam's push isn't big enough to win him the WCW Title and Devalue it further.

Let's get into the actual Column now. I'm gonna start by dicussing the Main Event of Raw. As people saw (or read in my case) RVD got Austin and Booker T the win over Kurt and The Undertaker. Using that I will do a little Armchair booking and predict the result of their match at No Mercy:

It's the Main Event of No Mercy, we are about 20 into it. All three guys are in the ring SCSA "accidently" throws Angle into RVD causing Van Dam to fall out of the ring. Kurt walks towards Austin in a daze so Austin goes for a Stunner, Kurt reverses it into an Olympic Slam but as he's going over Austin reverses and they start to brawl. Rob Van Dam pulls himself into the ring carrying a chair. Both Angle and Austin are dizzy and standing. RVD looks around for a minute trying to decide what to do. People are expecting him to attack Angle after what happened on Raw. He then surprises everyone (well, Marks) by tossing the chair to Austin and giving him the VanDaminator, probably cutting him open (It's one of his skills). Van Dam then tells Angle to pin Austin. He then holds up Angle's arm. No Mercy ends with a bloodied Austin staring down Rob Van Dam.

I'll go back (or forward depending on how you look at it) to Smackdown. It's hard to say how Stone Cold will react to Van Dam's actions on Raw. Part of me thinks he will thank him furthering the idea that at No Mercy Van Dam will be on Austin's side. But another side of me thinks that Austin will ignore what Van Dam did claiming that he was about to pin Angle anyway.

Feel free to E-Mail me with your opinions on my column or on my Armchair bookings. My Address is at the bottom.

My next column will a set of No Mercy Predictions on either Friday or Saturday so until then Goodbye and Goodnight (or Good Morning or Good Afternoon, depending on where you are).

Ian Finlayson

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