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I'll start of with a bit of Non Wrestling stuff. The title was Beauty and the Beast and here is the Beast: How ugly is this person?

Now let's get down to the most important part, the No Mercy Predictions.

WCW Tag Team Championship
Hardy Boyz vs. The Hurricane & Lance Storm

This match has been obvious for a couple of weeks now. It all started over a month ago when The Hurricane overcame Matt Hardy and Cheating Lita to win the European Title. Since then we have had every possible combination of Matt, Jeff and Lita and The Hurricane, Storm, Ivory and The Hurricane's new sidekick MightY Molly. At Unforgiven both teams were involved in the 4 team Elimination Match for the WWF Tag Titles. Now it's for the WCW Tag Titles. I can't see the Hurricane and Storm winning for two reasons, First, because I don't think the Hurricane will have Double Gold. The second reason is that although Vince and the Creative Team enjoy Devalueing Tag Titles but the Hardyz have only held the titles for about 2 weeks so it's too early for them to change hands again. Expect the normal interference from Lita, some from Molly and perhaps Ivory and I would have thought the APA will get involved somehow since they stole the Hurricycle on Smackdown.
Winner: The Hardy Boyz

WWF Tag Team Championship
Dudley Boyz vs. Big Show & Tajiri

Both Big Show and Tajiri have different reasons for wanting to get their hands on the Dudleyz. For Big Show he wants to get back at them for what they did to Spike. Tajiri wants revenge for Buh Buh putting his girlfriend Torrie Wilson through a table. Although the Big Show seems to be getting a small push I don't expect him and Tajiri to win. If they are going to keep any credibility with the Tag Titles then the Dudleyz have to retain and do something few teams have achieved in recent years: Get a long run with the belts. I have a feeling that after the match Spike will make an appearance probably giving Buh Buh or D'Von the Acid Drop (I refuse to call it the Dudley Dogg). Whether Spike makes an appearance or not expect the Dudleyz to taste wood after the match.
Winner: Dudley Boyz

Lingerie Match
Torrie Wilson vs. Stacy Keibler

Here comes the beauty. Now I'm gonna avoid all the cliche's, I won't be announcing the identities of the real winners and I won't be mentioning the Funk's and the Brisco's (To be honest the only match I've ever seen featuring a Brisco was the Brisco/Patterson Evening Gown match so I suppose there are a few similarities). I'm expecting this match to come between the WCW Title match and the WWF Title Match. This all started a few weeks ago when Stacy (to be fair) told the truth about Tajiri. Since then many slaps have been thrown, a lot of hair has been pulled and we even saw a couple of Dropkicks. The first actual match associated with this fued saw Tajiri fighting Tazz, with Stacy in Tazz's corner. Then it developed into two mixed tag matches between Tajiri/Torrie and Stacy/Tazz. Two weeks ago Stacy "Masterminded" Torrie being put through a table keeping her off screen until Smackdown when she returned and stripped Stacy. I've seen some people being really critical of the Alliances original Diva's, I know they aren't as able at wrestling as Molly is but they are trying and although Stacy's Enziguri was terrible they are improving. So what we've got are two gorgeous blondes who are willing to learn. I've seen a few people suggesting nudity. Now as much as I'd love to see Torrie or Stacy nude I think it would only hurt them in the long run. Both women have the potential to become big, not neccesarily as big as Sable or Chyna but still quite big. If one of them goes naked then they could turn into the new Kat who whenever they appear will be expected to strip. I'm predicting Torrie to win because simply she is more popular and in any match like this the face wins.
Winner: Torrie

Test vs. Kane

This is a hard one to call. It's obvious that Test's push has restarted and he has managed to win Tag Team Gold with a highly successful Tag Team Partner. I don't think it will damage Test if he loses to Kane. As for Kane he needs to start to stand out by himself because when the Undertaker retires it would be quite easy for Kane to just dissapear and turn into the new Big Show. I'm going to echoe the words of a lot of people on the internet, The Undertaker is damaging Kane's career. He needs to go back to being the Big Red Monster and stop being the Undertaker's little brother. I'm not saying turn him heel, or have him turn on the Undertaker but just give him a run of win's like when he debutted and have him and Taker drift apart.
Winner: Kane

Undertaker vs. Booker T

Booker T challenged the Undertaker because he realised that he needed to beat the most respected guy in the company if he's to get any respect himself. This is a match the Book has to win if he is gonna look like a threat in the Alliance. It was Booker T who gave Vince a Axe Kick in the ring at Madison Square Gardens. When Austin defected Booker T was pushed back to number 2 man in the alliance. But now he's been replaced by Rob Van Dam, he's lost the support of Shane O' Mac who was swept up in the phenomena of pointing at your shoulders. Booker T has become a joke in the Alliance, he was the Captain of the Alliance at Invasion but now he's just the man who stands in the Alliance locker room staring at his hand. I just hope that the Undertaker steps aside and does the job to Booker T. I mentioned before about Test not being hurt if he loses to Kane. The Undertaker has been in the WWF for 11 years next month, Survivor Series will be the tenth aniversary of him beating Hogan for the WWF Title. Losing to a 5 Time WCW Champion and a 11 Time WCW Tag Team Champion will not damage his career.
Winner: Booker T

Intercontinental Ladder Match
Edge vs. Christian

It's a well known fact that the best ladder matches have been for the Intercontinental Title. If he go back to the first in the WWF it was for the IC Title and it was one of the best matches of the 90's. If you ask anyone what their favourite ladder match was it's likely they are gonna say Shawn Michael/Razor Ramone, The Rock/Triple H and Benoit/Jericho, all IC Title matches. Edge and Christian's match at Unforgiven divided people, some people hated it others thought it was great. As far as the actual match went it wasn't the best I've seen but with the entrances and that kind of thing there was a lot of emotion. Edge and Christian have already won one Ladder Match and two TLC Matches so it will be interesting to see which one out of the two is better. I'm expecting this to be better than their Match at Unforgiven and I'm pretty sure it's not going to disgrace the history of IC Ladder Matches. I'm expecting Christian to win again, perhaps doing some severe to win the title to increase the heat on him. The feud will carry on the Survivor Series when Edge will beat Christian.
Winner: Christian

WCW Championship
The Rock vs. Chris Jericho

Everything about this match is hard to call. I'm gonna start at the entrances, Who's gonna get the biggest pop? On Raw and Smackdown The Rock was getting booed and apparently some people were shouting Rocky Sucks but that could just be because they were in Canada. The thing is that neither of them are Heels, the Promo with Stephanie on Smackdown showed that. They just don't like each other, I suppose you could analyse it and say that perhaps Jericho is jealous of The Rock's Success. Onto the actual match, After Jericho did the People's elbow on The Rock on Smackdown I'd expect The Rock to put Y2J in the Wall's of Jericho, Perhaps Jericho will try and do the Rock Bottom. I'd be shocked if Stephanie didn't make an appearance, I don't know if she's gonna try and get involved or just cheer The Rock on. With people going on about Jericho screwing up the big ones, it kinda makes sense that Jericho will prove everyone wrong and win but at the same time it could be interesting if The Rock wins. After the match he could extend a hand to Jericho and he could just reject it and attack him. Turning Jericho fully Heel and making him really angry and Jealous always claiming he can beat the Rock. At Surivor Series they could have a rematch where Jericho manages to beat the Rock. My other three credible results all involve Stephanie. My First has her getting into the ring to hit Jericho with a chair, she misses and hit's The Rock getting Jericho the win. My second again has her trying to hit Jericho with a chair, this time she hits him and The Rock get's the win. She'll start celebrating with The Rock suddenly he'll give her the Rock Bottom. My Third has her again getting in the ring with a Chair, but this time she deliberately hit's The Rock with a chair and Jericho defects bring the WCW Title home to the Alliance.
Winner: (After a lot of thinking) The Rock

WWF Championship
Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Kurt Angle vs. Rob Van Dam

This is possibly the easiest match to call the result, the hardest part is to decide how they win it. On my last column I did a little Armchair Booking and came up with RVD giving Austin the VanDaminator then getting Angle to pin him. The only other outcome I can think of is to have Stone Cold going mad on RVD so that Angle can come up from behind, give him the Angle Slam and pin him. I don't know how to read into Vince and Van Dam. A lot of people would say that this is RVD defecting to the WWF but I think it's equally possible Vince just wants to make sure that RVD is on his side so he has 66.666666...% chance that the WWF Champion is on his side. The way Vince works is that he only cares about a person when he can help him. He was willing to end his relationship with Austin at King of the Ring is Austin lost the WWF Title. If Van Dam isn't WWF Champion will Vince actually care about him? I don't think he will.

Ian Finlayson

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