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I said on Tuesday that this column would feature my Armchair Booking of the InVasion as well as my take on Edge and Christian and it was going to until I realised that there was a lot more to say about Edge and Christian then I had planned so I'm gonna delay the InVasion for a few days.

Let's get started with Edge and Christian. I'm gonna focus on them individually, starting off with the Reigning Intercontinental Champion Edge. There has been rumours about an Edge and Christian Split for most of the year. When Edge became King of the Ring in June it became even more likely. It was clear that Christian was beginning to get jealous of Edge's success and when he beat Lance Storm to become Intercontinental Champion at Summerslam it was clear that the end was near. A few weeks later in their home town of Toronto Christian attacked Edge giving him a One Man Conchairto.

In the run up to King of the Ring many people predicted that Edge would win. A lot of people saw him as being the most talented part of E & C. He was not only great in the ring he was also great on the Mic. When Billy Gunn got injured and the New Age Outlaws split up Edge and Christian were the only Tag Team to regularly get a chance to speak and they were funny. Their "Alliances" with Kurt Angle and Mick Foley produced some really funny Promo's and some memorable Poses. At Unforgiven, like expected, Christian beat Edge and took his title from him. Between then and No Mercy we saw Edge and Christian continue to attack each other, including one time where Christian pretended their Mother was in an accident and then Christian defected to the Alliance in a cheap attempt to get even more heat for him. At No Mercy Edge beat Christian in what turned out to be a great Ladder Match and took back his Intercontinental Title. So what does the future hold for Edge? Anybody who has ever spoken to me about King of the Ring will know about the little pattern I discovered with past Kings and I will reveal it to you now.

If we go back to the first Televised King of the Ring PPV in 1993 then go on to 1999 here are the past Kings.

1993 Bret Hart
1994 Owen Hart
1995 Mabel
1996 Stone Cold
1997 Triple H
1998 Ken Shamrock
1999 Billy Gunn

After Bret Hart, you can put past winners into pairs, when you do you will notice that each pair will either have both WWF Champions or neither WWF Champions and this will alternate, like so:

Owen Hart and Mabel - Neither WWF Champion
Stone Cold and Triple H - Both WWF Champions
Ken Shamrock and Billy Gunn - Neither WWF Champions

Now, let's go onto 2000 and 2001

2000 Kurt Angle
2001 Edge

Already Kurt Angle is a 2 time WWF Champion, so if the pattern continues Edge will win it too. Now I'm not saying this is a WWF Booking Strategy, it's just a coincidence that's been going on for 6 (or 7 depending on how you look at it) years. If you look at the 3 big Tag Teams of 2000 and 2001: the Dudleyz, The Hardyz and E & C, Edge and Christian are really the only pair who could realistically become a WWF Champion with Edge seeming more likely. He is more popular, able and charismatic then the rest and could become a good WWF Champion.

Now onto Christian. If you were to ask anyone 5 or 6 months ago who was better Edge or Christian they would have said Edge. In fact I have claimed a couple of times that Edge will be Shawn Michaels to Christian's Marty Jannetty. But in the past couple of months Christian has shown that he is just as talented and he has done some great promo's as the jealous younger brother. The first month after the split was vital for Christian, if he had beaten by Edge at Unforgiven then their feud would have died in the water and Christian's career would be heavily damaged. After beating Edge, Christian gained more credibility and his best Mic work followed that, the thing that stands out in my mind is when he copied Bret Hart by giving his sun glasses to a fan but unlike Hart he took them back cause the boy was too ugly (Which to be honest the boy was). While there is some confusion on whether Edge is Goth or the "Valley Girl" he was with Christian it's clear what role Christian is playing, he is the man who is so Jealous and holds so much hatred for his brother that he joined the Alliance so he could be in a seperate family from Edge and is prepared to do anything to hurt is older brother.

The one-man conchairto was the perfect way for this to start because it showed how sadistic Christian is but also because it showed that Christian was independant and that in his eyes he can achieve just as much as he did with Edge by himself. As for joining the Alliance, I think that was a stupid thing because he had been going on about being independant but then jumped in with largest Stable in WWF history. In a way it showed the lack of creativity in the WWF because they relied on a simple way to get heat rather then giving it some thought and coming up with some new angles for him. Will Christian become bigger than Edge? I doubt it, I think that as soon as Edge settles into his Nich=E9 then he will leave Christian behind.

I'm expecting that this feud will go one for a few more months. When it does finish I think both Edge and Christian will be able to stay in the upper end of the Mid Card. I would like to see Edge or Christian feud with either Chris Jericho or Benoit. I would have thought that when Benoit returns he will probably have an Upper card feud but after that Benoit feuding with Christian or Jericho feuding with Edge would provide some really good matches. The paths of Edge and Christian will cross, I just hope that they don't go for the Undertaker and Kane setup where every couple of years they have to feud. One thing I would like is for Edge and Christian to team up in a couple of years for maybe one match or one feud. Whatever happens with the two I'm sure that they won't go the way of the last "Greatest Team in WWF History" the New Age Outlaws.

In a couple of days I PROMISE I will have that Armchair Booking done. As usual if you want to comment on the column or on Edge and Christian E-Mail me or goto the Forum.

Ian Finlayson

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