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Here it is, my armchair booking for the InVasion. It runs from the purchase of WCW through to Summerslam so it's shorter then the actual storyline. I considered posting it in parts, maybe making a few cliffhangers but just decided to do it all at once. I have something for every Raw and Smackdown between King of the Ring and Smackdown. I only focus on the overall storyline rather then booking every single match.

Just a little note before I begin, this makes the presumption that the WWF Picked up DDP and Booker T's contracts when they bought WCW and that Shane and Vince didn't have a match at Wrestlemania. One last thing, they didn't pick up the contract of a certain Marcus Bagwell.

26th March: Nitro
We're just at the end of the Main Event of the Last Ever Nitro, Ric Flair vs Sting. Sting has just made Flair tap out, they get up, hug, then Flair grabs the mic, "I know that WCW has been bought by the McMahons but there's one thing you should all remember, something the WWF should remember and something the whole World should remember. WCW WILL NEVER DIE WHOOH!!!"

26th March: Raw
There is no Simulcast, no real mention of WCW till during the last hour Vince comes out. He pretty much cuts the same promo from the actual show, without the Shane bit. He goes through the Talent he could sign and all that stuff. He then announces that since the whole point of Wrestlemania is to begin a new year of the WWF the deal will be done in Houston in front of 70,000 Fans and a Live Global Audience.

1st April: Wrestlemania
Vince spends most of the show waiting to do the deal. He has his Lawyers and people like that. A couple of times he goes out into the car park waiting for people from WCW to appear. During the Main Event he comes out and like you all know helps Stone Cold beat The Rock. As they are celebrating a WCW logo appears on the screen. Vince get's excited expecting the deal to be done there in the ring. Suddenly Shane walks out with DDP and Booker T at his side. Behind him are about 10 WCW guys, nobody major, people like Stasiak and Storm. Vince thinks that Shane is on his side so he's just coming down to celebrate the deal. Booker T climbs in and gives Austin an axe kick, DDP gives the Rock the Diamond Cutter then stands over him shouting he's the True People's Champ. The WCW guys surround the ring and Shane comes in and knocks down Vince. Wrestlemania goes off the air with Shane, DDP and Booker T in the ring and JR asking the question, what the hell just happened.

2nd April: Raw is War
The show starts with Vince coming to the ring. He briefly mentions Austin turning heel but focuses on the WCW Invasion. He announces that all WCW Wrestlers will be stopped from coming into the arena. During the Promo The Rock comes out and get's angry with Vince. He's demanding a rematch with Austin after getting screwed the night before. Vince tells The Rock that with the Invasion The Rock should be supporting Vince and not trying to win titles and fight within the WWF. The Rock tells Vince he doesn't care about him and get's him in a Sharpshooter forcing him to make the match. During the night the APA have a discussion with the roster and convinces them to protect the WWF from an Invasion. Later on that night WCW Wrestlers attempt to get into the building, they get rid of Security but once inside they are forced out by the APA and the rest of the Roster who easily outnumber them. Everything in the show goes on like normal.

5th April: Smackdown
Vince comes out at the beginning, He says he's proud of MOST of the roster for defending the company on Raw. He then says that there's one man who he isn't proud of, The Rock. He says that The Rock is more concerned with winning the WWF Title then helping Vince, so Vince Indefinetly suspends The Rock. Most of the crowd are now booing Vince. Suddenly Here Comes the Money Plays, the fan's don't know who it is. Shane walks out, Vince is raging wanting to know how Shane got past the Security. Shane tells him that since he owns a quarter of the WWF he can come and go as he pleases. Shane does a similiar speech to the one on the actual Last Nitro. Talking about how he intercepted the guys from WCW and signed the deal in his name. Shane then tells him that the beating on Raw showed him that the New WCW wasn't ready yet to compete with the WWF. He then tells him that he's going to go and build up WCW, he says before he goes that they will return and end Vince and the WWF.

Over the next month announcers talk a lot about the return of the WCW but they slowly stop mentioning it until they have all forgotten about it. A couple of PPV's (Backlash and Judgement Day) happen with the same card's as in Real Life. The day after Judgement Day Triple H get's injured like normal.

24th June: King of the Ring
We have the real Main Event Austin vs Jericho vs Benoit. During the match we have the run in from Booker T. The only difference from the actual PPV is that there is no DDP and there are no rumours about Jericho or Benoit defecting.

25th June: Raw is War
Vince comes out at the beginning and announces that MSG is an important place for the WWF so there will be no one from WCW coming in. The first match of the night, a Hardcore match between Test and Rhyno, Mike Awesome pin's Test to become the first current WCW Wrestler to hold a WWF Title. Rumours begin to go around the locker room that WCW wrestlers are actually in the building. During the show JR and Heyman cut to WWF NY to do an interview with Spike Dudley. They go over and see Spike Dudley tied to a chair. They zoom out to reveal what seems to be the whole of WCW standing around him. They announce that tonight it's WCW NY. It cuts to Vince's locker room where he tells Austin and Angle to take most of the WWF Roster to WWF NY. Vince comes out to show everyone the WWF beating up the WCW Roster. He shows WWF NY but all the WCW Wrestlers have gone. Shane and Booker T then come out and attack Vince as the show goes off air.

28th June: Smackdown
The show starts with Vince coming down. He announces that Madison Square Garden's is no longer important to the WWF. It used to be sacred to the WWF but WCW came along and soiled it. Shane comes out and says that he wants WCW matches to be shown on Raw and Smackdown starting next week. Vince says no because if Shane wants to start his own Promotion then he shouldn't have to rely on his Dad to do it. Shane tells him that he can't get a timeslot because Vince is stopping him so Shane challenges Vince to have a Street Fight that night, if Shane wins then there will be WCW Matches next week and if Vince win's he will go and get a Timeslot himself. Vince accepts the challenge. The WWF discover that some WCW Wrestlers are spending the night in a local bar. Vince sends several guys over one at a time in an attempt to bring back the Hardcore Title but by the end of the night. What we get in the Main Event is a match like their Street Fight at Wrestlemania except with Interference from Austin, Angle and WCW. Shane wins so there will be matches next week.

2nd July: Raw is War
Like in real life it's the Main Event, we have the same setup with Hudson and Anderson (Still no Schiavone) doing commentary. The only difference is that it's Booker T vs DDP. The match isn't that good but it's still better than Booker T/Bagwell. The fans enjoy it a little more. With all WWF Wrestlers banned from ringside the match ends with a fair pin and Booker T retains.

5th July: Smackdown
At the beginning Shane comes down and brings the WCW with him. He talks about how great it was to see his acquisitions first match on Raw. Booker T reveals that he is going to make a match for his US Title. They have a lottery and draw two people. There is two matches, Helms vs Kidman for the Cruiserweight Title and Kanyon vs Storm for the US Title. Kidman wins the Cruiserweight title with a Shooting Star Press. Kidman wins the US Title. Both matches end up being good. Like real life Torrie Wilson meets Vince but instead of drawing it over the weekend the whole thing will happen on Smackdown, including Linda appearing at the end.

9th July: Raw is War
Vince comes out to start the show. He talks about the WCW matches last week but says that their week is over so tonight on Raw all the matches will feature WWF Wrestlers. Shane comes out and says that since they had so much success last week there should be more WCW matches on WWF TV. Vince says no way. Shane then challenges Vince to the Innaugral Brawl at Fully Loaded. He says that since Vince won't let him have WCW Matches on Raw then the Stipulations of the Brawl should allow the winner to control the whole of Raw the next night and the following Smackdown. Vince accepts the challenge. WCW attempt to interfere in most of the WWF Matches but the APA's Wrecking Crew attack them. The show ends when during a Austin/Angle vs Kane/Taker match WCW Wrestlers inferfere but the WWF Locker Room empties and comes to the ring. They fight and eventually the WWF come out on top.

12th July: Smackdown
Shane comes out and talks about the beating WCW received on Monday. While he's talking Vince comes out. He starts talking about WWF kicking WCW ass on Raw just like they will do at Fully Loaded. Shane and Vince discuss the fact that certain WCW and WWF wrestlers seem to have personal things against each other. Shane suggests that the whole of Fully Loaded should be Inter-Promotional Matches. Vince agree's and renames the PPV InVasion because that's just what WCW did to the WWF. During the show the WWF continue to overpower WCW wrestlers.

16th July: Raw is War
The show starts with a recap of the beatings suffered by WCW throughout last week. The first match is The Hardyz vs The Dudleyz. During the match RVD and Tommy Dreamer appear and attack the Hardyz. Like in real life former ECW'ers in the WWF come out to fight and reveal themselves to be on the same side as Dreamer and Van Dam. Paul Heyman gets up and reveals himself to be running ECW. Later on that night WWF and WCW team up to take on ECW. During the match WCW and ECW reveal themselves to be on the same side. As they beat up the 5 guys from the WWF the WWF Roster come down to save their teammates but more from WCW come down. ECW/WCW manage to dominate the WWF. Vince comes out and Shane reveals that WCW has bought ECW.

19th July: Smackdown
At the beginning Vince comes out to the ring bringing the 5 members of Team WWF Down (Stone Cold, Kurt Angle, Jericho, Taker and Kane). Vince talks about what happened on Raw and how the odds are against the WWF now. He starts giving the team a pep talk but Austin thinks that Vince is getting personal about him so he leaves. Vince tries to follow him but he leaves the building. Vince comes out to the ring later. He says that he knows Austin will be watching so he wants to make an appeal to him. Just as he starts the scene changes to a studio. Shane McMahon is standing in front of the camera and begins to talk about InVasion. He tells everyone how he will destroy the WWF on Sunday and things like that. During the Main Event a brawl begins to develop when Alliance wrestlers come down to the ring. Team WWF is being outnumbered by the Alliance when suddenly the Glass Breaks and Austin comes down. He climbs into the ring and goes mad giving out stunners. At the end of the show he is drinking beer celebrating with Team WWF.

22nd July: InVasion
Everything at InVasion is identical to real life with Austin Defecting to the Alliance so tommorow night at 9/8ct on TNN it's WCW Raw is War.

23rd July: Raw is War
Before the opening credits roll Shane comes to the ring. He announces that this will be a WWF Free Raw. He then introduces us to the announce team who will be Arn Anderson and... Tony Schiavone, only kidding, it's Paul Heyman. The Credits and Pyro's go off and Stone Cold comes out to see Shane who has remained in the ring. Stone Cold explains the reason that he defected is that during the last couple of weeks he noticed how crap the WWF Roster was, there was no one there who presented a challenge to him so he jumped to the new dominant force in wrestling, The Alliance. The show itself is intended to look chaotic, Shane is continually running around trying to keep things going. Shane announces just before the Main Event that even though tonights show has sucked he has learnt a lesson and Smackdown will be far better. The main event features Booker T putting the WCW Title on the line against Tommy Dreamer. Booker T retains.

26th July: Smackdown
The show starts with an announcement that the Main Event will be Booker T vs Stone Cold in a Non-Title match. The show is a little improved on Raw but not much. During the Main Event music is heard over the PA, "Do You Smell What the Rock is cooking..." The Rock comes out, he climbs into the ring and gives Booker and Austin the Rock Bottom then gives Austin the People's Elbow. Shane comes out and asks The Rock what the hell he's doing there. And the Rock replies "What is the Rock doing here? Since The Rock was suspended by Vince McMahon he's been waiting for an opportunity like this, waiting for a chance to once again stand in front of the people. Y'See Shane McMahon, The Rock saw Raw on Monday night, he saw how bad it was, But more importantly The Rock was here to see Smackdown. Here to witness you and your Alliance stinking up The Rock's Show, Smackdown. The Rock see's that no one wants to see a show by you, no one wants to see a show featuring the members of the Alliance. What the people want to see, is the Great One. If you want people to watch your show then you have to make it, GREAT." The Rock smiles, Shane McMahon comes down to the ring, he thinks The Rock wants to join the Alliance and so do Heyman and Anderson. He climbs in as The Rock extends his hand, Shane shakes it then he climbs onto the Turnbuckle to celebrate The Rock coming to the Alliance. The Rock looks around the crowd then pauses, he get's into position to stalk Shane and went he jumps down he gets The Rock Bottom. The show ends with The Rock standing over Shane.

30th July: Raw is War
Everything is back to normal, the Show starts with Vince coming down to the Ring. He has a bottle of Champagne in his hand and two glasses, he sets them down on the apron then starts to talk. He mentions what happened on Smackdown and the Rock comes out. The Rock stares at Vince as he continues to talk about how great it was to see The Rock on Thursday, the Rock keeps staring as Vince carries on "I would like to officially announce here in Philadelphia that The Rock's Suspension has been lifted." The Crowd cheer and the Rock is still staring. "I think that it's great that the Rock is back and..." The Rock speaks, "After all we've been through do you think The Rock Cares what you think?" Vince pauses for a second, "No, I don't think you do, but we should celebrate anyway." He turns to get the Champagne and The Rock stalks him getting ready for The Rock Bottom. Vince turns around and stares at the Rock as a scared look comes across his face. Suddenly The Rock extends his hand and they shake. "Finally The Rock has come back to the WWF."

2nd August: Smackdown
During a Rock promo Booker T comes out, they say pretty much the same things they said in their first Real Life promo except Booker T challenges The Rock to a match for the WCW Title that night, he accepts. During their match Shane tries to interfere but the Rock overcomes them both and becomes WCW Champion.

6th August: Raw
The Show starts off with Vince and Linda coming to the ring, they do the same promo with Shane and Stephanie that they did last week on Raw. They make one match at Summerslam that will decide the fate of the Invasion. At the end The Rock comes out and starts talking. "The Rock heard you all talking about Summerslam, about a match which will bring this Invasion to an end, winner takes all. Well The Rock was thinking about that and he was looking at the WCW Title belt and he came up with a little idea. After Summerslam there will be only one Promotion left but there will be two World Champions, The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin. If this is going to come to an end properly then after Summerslam there should be only one World Champion. So The Rock thinks that at Summerslam there should be another match. WCW Title vs WWF Title, WCW Champion vs WWF Champion, The Rock vs Stone Cold Steve Austin. If You Smell What the Rock is cooking." There is no sign of Stone Cold during the show and JR comments that Stone Cold is hiding from The Rock.

9th August: Smackdown
At the beginning The Rock comes out and does a Promo. During it DDP comes out claiming to be the True People's Champion. This pisses off the Rock so he challenges DDP to a match but it won't just be for the WCW Title, the winner will become the Only People's Champ. The Rock beats DDP and at the end of the show he demands that Austin comes out. He does, The Rock asks Austin if he's up for the Unification Match at Summerslam, Austin isn't sure about it so The Rock calls out Regal who makes a match for Summerslam The Rock vs Austin for the WWF Championship. The Rock then tells Austin he has nothing to gain but everything to lose so he again asks him if he wants the Unification Match at Summerslam, Austin still isn't sure but Shane McMahon comes out and makes the match at Summerslam Title vs Title.

13th August: Raw
During the show Vince comes out followed by Shane, they announce the rules of the match at Summerslam, it will be a 10 Man Elimination match, they both say that later on in the night they will announce the teams. The Rock comes out and Vince and Shane discuss the Unification match, Vince suggests that he will be in The Rock's corner, Shane then says he will be in Austin's corner and they both agree to this. The Rock isn't happy so he drags Regal out and forces him to ban both The WWF and The Alliance from ringside. The Rock then says that the last time Vince was in his corner was Wrestlemania 2000 and he got screwed by Vince then. Later on Shane announces who will be in the Alliance Team, It will be Booker T, Diamond Dallas Page, Bubba Ray Dudley, D'Von Dudley and... Shane O'Mac. In the next segment Vince has the whole WWF Roster in front of him. He announces Team WWF: Kurt Angle, Chris Jericho, The Undertaker, Kane and since Shane McMahon will be there the fifth member of Team WWF will be Vince McMahon, this pisses off the other guys on Team WWF.

16th August: Smackdown
It's the last Smackdown of the InVasion and all the participants of the big Elimination Match will fight each other. It will be Chris Jericho vs DDP, Kurt Angle vs Booker T, Undertaker/Kane vs Dudleyz and Vince/Rock vs Shane/Austin. DDP beats Jericho, Angle beats Booker T and the Dudleyz beat Taker/Kane. In the Main Event Shane and Austin beat The Rock and Vince after Vince accidently hits The Rock with a chair.

19th August: Summerslam
We have a full card of Inter-Promotional Matches and a Double Main Event. For the whole night The Rock is pissed off with Vince for hitting him with the chair. First up is the Unification Match, Austin manages to get The Rock backstage so the Alliance can attack him. As the WWF come to save The Rock Austin puts him on a stretcher and takes him down to the ring. He slides him into the ring and goes for a pin but only get's a near count. After some more fighting the Rock get's the win unifying the World Titles and becoming World Champion in whatever Promotion wins the InVasion. Then comes the Elimination Match. It comes down to Angle/Vince and Booker T/Shane, Shane distracts the Ref so Booker T hits Angle with a chair and gets the pin making it into a 2 on 1 handicap. Vince is getting beaten pretty bad when The Rock comes down. He gives all 3 men Rock Bottoms then lays an unconscious Vince over both Shane and Booker T getting Team WWF the win. The Rock then stands in the ring with both his belts. He throws the WCW Title Belt down at Shane then stands on the Turnbuckle posing with the WWF Title. The ring fulls with wrestlers from the WWF as they celebrate winning the match and getting rid of the Alliance.

The future:
Vince does a Promo on Raw about the fact that the WWF will always be the dominant Brand in Sports Entertainment, he also says that everybody who was in the Alliance has a lot of talent so they will be all welcome in the WWF, he then leaves the building. We are McMahon free until December when Stephanie returns with Triple H.
Everything goes back to normal, some of the WWF turn heel while the others remain Face, this is the same for the Alliance. Paul Heyman still commentates with JR but obviously suffers amnesia and forgets his involvement in The Alliance.

This is one column where I would really appreciate responses. I've never booked something this big and long term so I'd like to hear your opinions on what is was like compared to reality, Whether it was better then anything Stephanie came up with or not. So anything you've got to say E-Mail it to me or say it on the forum.

Ian Finlayson

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