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Howdy all! .I would first like to thank CRZ for giving me a section of his little corner of the web to share my thoughts (Thanks!) I will use this space to give my thoughts on opinions on the goings on in the World of Wrestling, to be read by anyone who is foolish enough to do so.

Please note that this is a bit different than most editorials. In that, I am very cynical and a bit of a smartass, but I LOVE professional wrestling! Call me a smart (no, don't) a mark, a smark...whatever! I don't care. I have been watching professional wrestling for 18 years now and I haven't stopped because I didn't like the way the show was booked or because of how and angle played out. I'd much rather leave that sort of criticism to those who make a living off of someone else's hard work (Meltzer, Keller, Ryder et al.)

No, I would much rather enjoy the show for what it's worth. An entertaining TV series based on the goings on of various large sweaty men (that is not a Queer as Folk reference) and several sexy women.

Please enjoy my musings and feel free to email me about any topic I discuss. Please also note that this will not be typical of my opening monolougue for each written piece...frankly I don't really have that much to say.

So, on to my review....

Honestly, does it really matter who booked the show? Why try to figure it out, just watch the dang program! No matter who writes a script, nothing goes on TV without the seal of approval from Vincent K. McMahon. For those who claim to know that Paul He-Man had his "fingerprints" all over this past episode of Raw...get over yourself! Yes, I're're in the loop...praise be to you! Now do yourself and the rest of the world a favor and get a job!

Personal Agenda: I finally got all my tax paperwork. It's now up to me to remember to get TurboTax Delux '02 for this past tax year. I tell ya what, the 30 sheckles I pay for the program is worth it! To top it off, I can itemize the cost as a deduction...BRILLIANT!

Booker T: Someone tell me, is he still being punished for throwing Austin over the table...what...8 months ago! I mean, I guess if you hurt one of Vince's cash-cows he's gonna punish you, but ye-gods! It wasn't enough he got his ass kicked in a market, but he had to vomit on command! That is not easy folks! Has he even won a match yet? Give the guy a break and a push already. Although....someone e-mailed me saying that perhaps Booker could be the token black man for the nWo. I don't think that's funny. Besides....Vince wouldn't do that during black history month....would he?

Golddust: Let's face it...early money had HHH, The Rock or Scott Hall as his target, (I myself was hoping for one more Roddy Piper comeback) but you knew that wasn't to be the case. So he picks Rob Van Damn...I dunno either. I can't even make up a reason. Although, I don't really care for the reason. I just hope their who spiel is entertaining.

Billy & Chucky: I like the's entertaining. Poor Billy Gunn's been lost in the shuffle since his single's push floundered and DX was broken up. One thing I must question is....who was behind the "same sex marriage" angle they tried to play out between Brian Christopher and Scott Taylor? For the past few years it was seen as one of Russo's worst ideas, but now I wonder?

Personal Agenda II: It was a helluva SuperBowl, from what I'm told. I was lucky enough to be at a friend's house for a dinner get together. My wife and I bought them a DVD Player for Christmas, and they wanted us to watch a movie with them. Now...I also bought them the GodFather DVD Trilogy. But what do we get to watch? JURRASIC FUCKIN' PARK 3! What a shitty movie. Perhaps I would have enjoyed it more if I had seen the first two...alas.

Trish Stratus: To be honest, I think that just about all of the "divas" in the WWF are disposable. Trish, Terri, Stacy, Torrie and Molly are all interchangable. But I will give Trish credit for trying to take the next step. The Women's division will never be built aound Five-Star matches, let's face it...Tits&Ass sell. But after watching Trish's match at the Royal Rumble and the last few TV matches I'll say...well done!

Edge: I thought he was suspended? Is that anything like retirement? I guess it's a way to free up TV for other people...I dunno. Another thing....can we please stop calling it a "retirement" match. No one stays off TV for more than a few months at most. It should just be called a Sabbatical Match.

Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley: She definatley has a hot body but good god is her voice shrill. I mean when she whines or goes right through you! So she's preggers, huh? My money is on Chris Jericho being the father. But if Vince Russo turns out being the father, I QUIT!

The nWo: Well...he did it! Vince McMahon not only got Scott Hall and Kevin Nash to agree to some sort of a contract, but he got Hulk Hogn as well. Most "smarts" are up in arms as to how this will affect the moral in the locker room. Quiet honestly, I don't see it as a problem. This isn't 1995, the boys in the back are not as impressionable as they were then. Too many guys worked too damn hard to let a couple of good time boys ruin things for them.

Hulk Hogan: Amazing! I am very excited about this, the return of Hulk Hogan to the WWF for the first time in 8 1/2 years. There have been a lot of bad things said about each person by the other over the years, but it always comes down to money. Hulk Hogan will make a lot of money in his final years in this business and Vince McMahon will make a lot of money from him. To me, thier relationship is that of a divorced or seperated couple. They'll just gonna remember the good times, and try to make the best of things. Kinda like a old pair of shoes. You don't really need them, shouldn't really have them, but they're comfortable and they have thier uses.

Well, I suppose that's all for now. I will return with more drivel shortly after SmackDown! Enjoy the rest of your week....


Walt Flannagan.

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