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Well, hasn't it been an interesting week already. There I am calmly reading through all the columns that have been added recently when, low and behold, I see my name getting slammed in someone else's column. What the hell did I do to deserve all of this? It seems that a select few (okay, a whole lot of you) take offense to the fact that I actually denounce the sacred WWF. Look guys, its about time you open your eyes and watch what is really going on.

Evidently I have been misunderstood. I do not hate the WWF. I merely think that they are held to a different standard (ie. lower) than the WCW. Although I am in favor of WCW, I am also quick to point out when they do anything that is just plain stupid (which has been quite a lot lately). Are the Wolf and myself the only ones who are willing to accept both federations on an equal playing field? I'm on a mission.

Now in response to the unjustified remarks. Wilson, I would have given your comments some kind of merit but your ramblings told me absolutely nothing!! My response to you would be just add a Y to your initials! C.R.Y. Wilson!!!

Now on to the shows.

I can't lie, I was extremely disappointed with the Monday Night Shows. Nothing of significance happened and it appeared that both federations took a giant step back (yeah that means the damn WWF also).

RAW it appears has taken more lessons from Bischoff on how to book a show.

Let's get this straight. Show can't get over as a face so they decide to go heel with him? I've said it before and I'll say it again, THE BIG SHOW IS STRICTLY A SIDE ATTRACTION!!! C'mon, did you really buy into the whole sequence of events that started off RAW? I realize that big men are supposed to impress everyone with there size and brute strength to hide the fact that their wrestling skills are lacking in every way possible but this is ridiculous. I say this with some kind of remorse due to the fact that I genuinely like Kane, but the whole scene with Kane, Show, and Taker was totally pathetic. Hey guys, I realize everyone knows about wrestling these days but there is still some sort of believability factor that you need to take into account. Christ, has football season started yet?

Next up....Edge and Christian. Man, I like Edge but wait...who are they wrestling...The Acolytes...where's my remote control! Hey Vince, The Acolytes are probably worse than Show. Get them off my TV!!!!

The Shamrock/Blackmann saga continues. Hasn't Shamrock left for UFC yet?

Wait a minute, Vince is back? I thought he wasn't supposed to be seen again? Honestly, I'm probably going to miss Vince. Some of his facial expressions are simply classic and lets face it, WWF cannot have a descent main event if Vince isn't right in the middle of things. Its only a matter of time, its only a matter of time.

I'll skip Val and the Godfather a go right to the Rock!

Now if the Rock doesn't need to be sitting atop of the WWF than I don't know who should be. His interviews are becoming the highlight of the show. This guy has more talent than any wrestler in the game today. The problem is that he is being held below that Bone Cold fella, Taker, and now HHH (I'll get to him in a minute). The Rock is slowly taking over Austins title as crowd favorite. Did you hear the pop he got while doing the interview in the locker room? Talent through and through.

I'm just going to skip everything else and get to HHH. If Vince plans on making this fool a main eventer then WWF has problems. I'm just totally unimpressed with just about everything he does. Hell, I think Chyna has more talent! No mic skills, average wrestling skills, and zero personality equals high mid-card status 4 life (on that note he could join the NWO).


Let's cut right to the chase. As lame and confusing some of the crap on RAW was, NITRO decided to go bland and predictable.

Hogan is confronted by Nash, Sid, and Steiner to start off NITRO. Hogan does his standard "kiss up to the crowd" routine that will become his ritual these days I guess (Hey Hogan, can you say Lawler). Nash and his arch enemy, Sid come out with Steiner whose claim to fame is being that guy that hurt Buff Bagwell (nice credentials Dog Face). Hogan looks tense when Sting comes out to save his ass.

The Rap is Crap boys wrestle the little guys....uneventful.

Next if Vampiro along if ICP vs. Rey Jr. I'm starting to like this Vampiro guy. I thought he had some talent when I first saw him a few months ago. Too bad he has to be associated with the two morons who evidently have a few issues of their own. This was a fairly entertaining match and was somewhat within the scheme of things in terms of storylines. I like the idea of teaming Rey with Eddy Guerrero. Hell, as long as Konnan isn't involved, I like it.

Stevie Ray appears headed towards reuniting with Booker T. I like it, but they need to get this thing moving. Its not like anyone involved is doing anything special (what is going to happen to Horace and Vince when Stevie Ray leaves and Adams does that whole Kiss thing?)

I couldn't have been more disappointed with my beloved WCW (how's this for bias CRZ). All weekend long everyone was expecting the return of Scott Hall. Instead who do we get as Nash's tag partner...that God Damn Sid! Geez, that will shock the world! Nash could've told us that during his annoying little phone call on Thursday. Hey Bischoff, approve Nash's request for time off. He needs it!

Sting decides to team with Hogan against Nash and mystery partner. After Hogan begs for forgiveness and states that he is a changed man, Sting agrees to team with him but with an idle threat attached.

Geez, didn't see that one coming did you?

Two nothing matches are sandwiched around Rodman/Macho scene. Personally, I don't like Motch, I don't like Rodman, therefore, I don't like angle! Eric, lets free up a little cash flow and let these two jokers go. Does anyone even care about this? The only thing good about Macho is that we get to see George in tiny little get-ups with her ass hanging out the back and t**ts bursting out in the front....Okay maybe Macho can stay.

Oh look its a Steve Regal match! Hey CRZ, I watched him over the weekend in GATB '96....he was just as lame then too!

Henning and Goldberg was there so that everyone could see that Goldberg is back and nothing more. Bischoff must not have anything interesting for DA MAN to do so in the meantime he'll show up in meaningless matches with anyone who is free that night.

Women's Match...ugh! Hey it didn't really work in the WWF and it isn't going to work here.

Damn it! David Flair is back again but where is everyone that usually does the winning for him? Hey you have to admit it (I reluctantly do), Flair doesn't look like a wrestler and he sure as hell can't wrestle like one but he is making slight improvements on the mic (ever so slight). Now all we have to do is get him to quite putting that mascare and blush on his face and we'd be making really progress. Torie,Torie,Torie. I think that outfit is just a few sizes too small! But it looks great!

Dog Face gets the prelim match to the main event. Boring match, Boring participants. Let's gear up for the big main event....hmmmmm, who do you think is going to be Nash's partner?

Out comes Hogan, Out comes Sting, Out comes Nash, and Out comes..........Sid?/? What the hell? Where's Hall? I'm pissed and refuse to discuss anything about this non-eventful match. Screw Bischoff!

Overall very disappointing. They didn't stray from the storylines that were set in place last week but they didn't really progress them either. This will result in a ratings drop for next week Eric despite the fact that WWF is heading nowhere and fast with HHH is leading the way.

Bad night for wrestling......

Please someone give me one good reason why you felt RAW was a better show than NITRO (and don't tell me to look at the ratings either!)

Until Next Time

Michael Franck
The Franchise

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