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Brian Gaar



All right here goes:

Sub par WCW talent is ruining the WWF.

Exhibit A - Buff Bagwell. Exhibit B & C - Kronik. And there's more on the way, if the WWF signs Steiner and his ilk.

How many more bad matches will we have to sit through before Vince realizes that WCW refugees are going to run off his audience? How many more scissors kicks will Booker T have to miss? How much crappier will Shawn Stasiak have to get? That Bagwell/Booker T abortion of a match in Tacoma should've set alarms off in the minds of the WWF creative team. But it didn't.

The fact is that the WCW guys can't work decent matches. They can't cut promos. And they don't have any charisma. You say most of them have been turned into jobbers? Screw them, they dug their own hole. No one's getting excited about Chuck Palumbo and no amount of pushing is gonna get guys like Hugh Morrus over.

There have been some bright spots, but mostly from the ECW imports.

The solution? Run with those guys. Push RVD to the moon. He's that rarest of breeds, an Alliance member who's actually over. Fans want to see this guy in a main event. Not some combination of Rock/Austin/Angle/Undertaker or HHH (when he gets back). And someone should remove Steph's hooks from RVD before it's too late.

Give Lance Storm a push. He's not the most charismatic, but he's got potential. They had the right idea putting the IC belt on him, but what happened? Having a midget give Storm the people's elbow is not the best way to get a talented worker over.

Get behind the Hurricane. He's silly, but his shtick is working.

And, for the love of god, someone give Ric Flair a call. It's been said before, but they need Naitch to lead the Alliance, not Vince's brats. And definitely not Austin. No matter how great his heel turn is working (and it is), you don't identify him with WCW or ECW.

Hell, sign Hall and Nash. Their matches would be the shits, but that'd put them on an even plane with the rest of the WCW bozos. Reform the Outsiders and get the fans talking again.

But the WWF should resist the temptation to add "workers" like Scott Steiner and Goldberg. It would be disastrous. There may be a short-term gain with these guys, but in the long run, their inherent suckiness will strike a harmful blow to the WWF. Especially if they let Goldberg mule kick another main-eventer.

Brian Gaar

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