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Those who were here when Chris first started Slash, you might remember me. In fact, you'll still find my other columns in the ever trusty archives. Unfortunately I had to disappear for a while, much like Humvee Drivers, mysterious suitcase lifters and Steve Richards tend to do. But, I'm now back, and intend to blast off various columns and opinions onto the site. Will you like them or will you loathe them as much as your typical, modern Undertaker match? We shall see..... For now, here's a little column to get started. It's the Alliance Mole. It's William Regal. It's some other questions. It's the return of From The Brit Side!!!

The Alliance Mole

Those of us in the UK are unfortunate enough to have a television programme called The Mole. This involves watching a group of people, all working to one goal..well, all apart from one. We viewers must try to work out which one of the gang is the mole, working against the others for his or her own devious ends. Whihc one is it, who will it be? The question is normally, "Who cares?", which basically sums up The Mole, WWF style.

We have the usual suspects, and an old storyline we've all seen before. Somebody, according to Vincent McMahon, is going to jump ship at Survivor Series, leaving the Alliance to save the WWF, ensuring JR and Michael Cole keep their jobs. Now, while I would curse the mole just for ensuring Michael Cole keeps his job, the situation isn't necessarily as old and boring as I might have let on. But, and this is a big but, it depends on what the WWF has in mind. Considering some of the let-downs we've had in recent history, I'm not convinced that we're in for some earth shattering breakthrough in WWF booking, but we shall see. Let's go through some of the options.

1) Kurt Angle

This would actually make a hell of a lot more sense than Kurt's jumping to the Alliance in the first place ever did. Kurt is a plant placed by Vince to ensure Survivor Series glory for Team WWF. The only trouble is that Kurt makes a hell of a heel, but doesn't really click as a face at this early stage of his career. To be a true heel he must be a member of the Alliance. Also, it's doubtful if they'd use Kurt as the mole a second time, otherwise it would be a huge anti-climax. To pay off, this defection must be a real shocker, something which makes you sit up and go, in an Austin-like way, "Whaaaaaaattttttt????".

2) RVD

It's what the crowd want. It's what the internet wants. It's what I want. BUT, is it the right time? RVD is the most obvious choice, the set-up is there, the crowds are chanting for it. I would actually say that, for an obvious choice, this one would work. We all want the WWF to go all the way with RVD. He's exciting, he's charasmatic, he's got IT. To see him central to a pay-off of a major angle would be fantastic. In a way, it would be that What moment. The WWF have shown that they do have confidence in him so, at the moment, there's no sure way to say whether RVD is the defector or not. He's a good favourite though.

3) Stone Cold Steve Austin

Hmmmm, here's an interesting one. In some ways having Austin as the defector would be the biggest swerve of the lot. Sure, Vince has come out and said that Austin will be turning at Survivor Series. However, how many of us actually believe him? It's just a way to stir up the Alliance isn't it, to ensure they lose their focus? Or is it? Remember, one of Austin's main mottos is to never trust anybody. Sure, Vince and Austin have had continuous problems for ages, but Vince's number one priority is the survival of the WWF and, as Vince said on Raw, perhaps he has made a pact with the devil himself. This could be the ultimate What moment.

What other options do we have? It could be one of the McMahon children who turn. The only comment I would make on that is if that happens I will just give up on the WWF there and then. Booker T meanwhile doesn't sit with me. I think he could be great in the WWF if used properly, but are people into him in a big enough way at the moment to make him the saviour of the WWF? I would say no.

Whatever way this pans out it should be interesting. I've a feeling that the WWF really need to push the boat out on this one. Maybe they have an ace up their sleeve with an option (hopefully a good option) that nobody has even thought of. Anything can happen in the world of the WWF.

My Main Man Regal

If anybody has read my columns in the archives they will know that I am a great advocate of the former Lord Steven Regal. I prayed that he would reach the heights of the WWF and, thankfully, he has. But, so much more could be made of him.

Whilst Regal's wrestling style might not sit well with a lot of people, his humour and commentating skills must be brought to the fore. He's funny dammit, much funnier than Foley given the chance. Much funnier and deserving of air time than either Stephanie or Shane too come to think of it.

Let him get back to his snooty best. Watch some WCW programming from the eighties and listen to Regal on commentary and I dare you to not to laugh. To me a combination of Jim Ross and Regal on commentary would be superb. Let Heyman concentrate on the booking side of things and get Regal behind that microphone.

Some Throwaway Stuff

Am I the only person around who could forgive Stephanie for anything just because she looks so damn attractive?

Whilst we're on the subject of attractriveness, does anybody else, apart from my friend Anita Brock, think the Undertaker's a bit of a looker? This includes you men as well. Personally, I prefer Stephanie or Trish Stratus.

One of these days Triple H, Scott Steiner, Ric Flair etc. will return. And I will be marking out big time.

Has it got so bad that we're praying on the return of Hall and Nash? Also, if is that bad, why am I looking forward to seeing them again so much??? I just don't understand it.

Is Kane ever going to take that mask off? Is Undertaker ever going to admit that Kane's not his brother anyway? Maybe Nash, on his return, will appear wearing a Kane costume in some kind of payback way.

So much more could be made of Raven.

More thoughts and bits to come soon. In the meantime, feel free to give me a mail, with good or bad things. I can take it.

'Til next time.

Bill Gillon
[slash] wrestling

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