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First off, this is my debut column. I've been a loyal reader of [slash] wrestling for a few months now, ever since WrestleLine bit the big one. I asked CRZ if I could do a column, and after a bit of stupid MediaOne back-and-forth, I got an undeliverable message at my Yahoo address (posted at the bottom) from See Our Zed telling me it was cool. He also bitched about MediaOne.

So here I am, telling you what I think and hopefully inspiring you to do pretty much the same thing I did. Well, now that that's over, let's move on, shall we?


They've been supposedly planning the split for over a year now, since Vince bought WCW. Perhaps they always had it planned for one year after Shane announced that he was buying WCW. Maybe they just didn't want to go through with it after the InVasion PPV. Maybe Austin decided it. However they handled it, they screwed up. That's right, the WWF has botched the split in my opinion and they need a great Raw to salvage it. As soon as Linda McMahon said "brand extension," it was shot. Then she goes on to say that the men's and women's champion would be available to both shows. That makes absolutely no sense. Is Triple H going to be feuding with Chris Jericho on Raw, then go to SmackDown and resume his feud with Kurt Angle? It makes no sense. Also, what happens if Vince or Flair draft all the champions except Tripps and Jazz? Will the other show just not have any titles? Time for a new topic.


Yeah, I know. Another idiot who knows nothing about this business is gonna try to run the WWF from the comfort and safety of his very own personal home. So what? Here goes nothing.

Everything stays the same until WrestleMania.

WRESTLEMANIA- Vince interferes in the Flair/UT match, costing him the bout. Backstage, Flair tells Lillian Garcia that he's had enough of Vince, and it's time to end the feud, once and for all. Before Flair can beat the living sh*t out of McMahon, Linda intervenes. She tells Flair to back off and that she and the board will discuss the matter Monday morning. Later, Stephanie and Vince are having a conversation. Vince says that he thinks Linda is going to propose the "brand extension." Stephanie, however, has a better idea. She gets Vince to propose that the company simply be split into two entirely seperate entities. Vince likes this idea much more, because he'll never have to deal with Flair again.

RAW- Linda announces the total split over the TitanTron. Stephanie then comes out and announces that she got Vince to propose the split because she didn't want Triple H to have the Undisputed Championship. So now there is no more Undisputed Championship. The draft happens on the next SmackDown. Nothing else happens.


Stephanie will not win. As a matter of fact, nobody will. Jericho and Triple H will be involved in a double-pin, probably on Stephanie. It will then be announced that it will be more of a split than a seperation of the rosters. Now then, my list of picks. Vince gets all the odd picks, Flair has the even. I remind you, this is what I think will happen, not what I would have happen.

1. Stone Cold Steve Austin (McMahon hates him, but knows his value)
2. The Rock (Come on, he's the Rock!)
3. Triple H (Immediately named SmackDown Champion)
4. Chris Jericho (Raw Champion)
5. Kurt Angle
6. Hollywood Hulk Hogan
7. The Undertaker
8. Kane
9. Booker T
10. Brock Lesnar

And so on and so forth. The nWo is drafted last, by McMahon.


I decided to compile stats for the WWF "year" from the Raw following WrestleMania X-8 to WrestleMania X-9. so far, there have not been any notable records. Billy & Chuck are the only person or team to have multiple wins, or matches for that matter. Edge & Kane seem to be the technical #1 Contenders, as they are 1-0-0 and the only other undefeated teams are either feuding with the nWo or feuding with Ivory and Jazz. You can probably guess who's who. Also, four different wrestlers have gotten no contests. Maven and Al Snow had their Hardcore Title match ruined by Brock Lesnar, as did The Hurrican and Mighty Molly. Spike Dudley did not get credit for being in the Maven-Snow match, as he never attempted a pinfall. He is credited with interfering on behalf of Al Snow.


I'll probably be joing the near-dozen other [slash] writers by voicing my opinion on the draft and hopefully not shooting someone for letting Steph win the title.

Till then,


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