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Well, well, well. Here it is. Monday, March 25, 2002; the night of the draft. How, you might ask, do I feel? Well, let me tell you. I have conflicting feelings about the draft. Listed below are the top 20 picks. NOTE: Triple H, Chris Jericho, Stephanie McMahon, Jazz and Stone Cold Steve Austin were all unavailable for one reason or another. Billy & Chuck were drafted together because they are the tag-team champions. The nWo was drafted together becuase of a stipulation set up by Vince McMahon.

1. SmackDown!-The Rock
2. RAW-The Undertaker
3. SmackDown!-Kurt Angle
4. RAW-The nWo (Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, X-Pac)
5. SmackDown!-Chris Benoit
6. RAW-Kane
7. SmackDown!-Hollywood Hulk Hogan
8. RAW- Rob Van Dam
9. SmackDown!-Billy & Chuck
10. RAW-Booker T
11. SmackDown!-Edge
12. RAW-Big Show
13. SmackDown!-Rikishi
14. RAW-Bubba Ray Dudley
15. SmackDown!-D-Von Dudley
16. RAW-Brock Lesnar
17. SmackDown!-Mark Henry
18. RAW-William Regal
19. SmackDown!-Maven
20. RAW-Lita

In terms of wrestling skill, I'd give a slight edge to SmackDown! mostly because of the awesome skills they've got (Edge, Benoit, Angle, Rock). RAW seems to have gone more in the direction of big men (Bubba, Show, Kane, nWo, Taker). However, they also pulled in some good wrestlers and some with incredible potential (Regal, Lesnar, Booker, RVD). SmackDown!, to its detrement, chose a few question marks (Henry, Rikishi, Hogan). But I am shocked that the WWF came up with 20 of its best or most popular Superstars to draft (excluding the five above), and Lita was on the list. That truly surprises me.


NOTE: Just to make sure the WWF doesn't send us another open letter or anything, I would like to say here that I am expressing my opinion about an unconfirmed rumor that has significant evidence based on World Wrestling Federation programming. There. Don't sue us. Please.

I find it absolutely revolting that Steve Williams (real name, not misprint) would complain about the direction of his character, or the booking of his matches, or anything else like that. It truly sickens me. This man has been in the business for 12 1/2, going on 13 years now. Ever since the late great Owen Hart broke his neck, Austin has been wrestling on borrowed time. Granted, Stone Cold Steve Austin can still have a great match with the right person. On a good night, he can carry a bad person to a good match. Hell, if he were motivated, Steve Austin could pull 2 stars out of a fatal four-way with Big Show, Undertaker and Bossman. But to change the ending of a match that supposedly had great impact on set storylines, and then to not show up to Raw or SmackDown! since WrestleMania is just wrong. The WWF can live without Stone Cold Steve Austin. The WWF can thrive without Stone Cold Steve Austin. And if (and that's a big IF) Austin does come back, he needs to start thinking about passing the torch, so to speak. Which segways beautifully to...


There is a large list of candidates here. Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho, Edge, Booker T, just to name a few. But I think that it would be best if Austin passed the torch on to a man who has beaten him relatively cleanly in the past. A man who almost beat him in a Triple Threat match to win the WWF Title (It was still disputed back then). Stone Cold Steve Austin should pass the torch to the only man to hold two college degrees, neither of them with his brain. One portion of this man's anatomy studied at Harvard, while the other chose Yale. Both graduated with high honors, each near-validictorian status. Ladies an gentlemen,

Rob Van Dam.

Stone Cold should come back. In fact, he should win the title at Backlash. Or maybe Judgment Day. Anywho, SCSA should hold the belt until SummerSlam, where his one-time protoge, one-time usurper of his authority, one-time deliverer of a *****Frog Splash to the Texas Rattlesnake himself, will rise even further up the ranks and defeat arguably the greatest WWF Champion of all time-cleanly. Damn that would be good!


This is going to be a recurring theme, folks. Anywho, here goes. With his DQ loss to Kurt Angle, Rob Van Dam is 2-1-0. Also, after much deliberation, I decided to rule William Regal vs. Rikishi a no contest. BTW, I'm not counting Jakked, because evantually Parry Staurn would have the best record in the WWF. Also, the Dudley Boyz end their tag-team careers 0-2-0 on this year, as Kane is rapidly becoming a man you want to have on your team. He is 2-0-0 in tag matches, both with different partners.


Not much scheduled for right now. I'll probably do one over the weekend recapping the stats and stuff.

Adios muchachos,


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