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No, they're not a new tag team, but they are the leaders of the American League East! So what if they've only played nine games? They're 6-3, 1/2 game ahead of the Yankees after taking the first two of a four-game set. Wakefield goes Sunday against Mussina, and Grady Little is saying that Derek Lowe will get the Patriots Day start for the Sox.


Well, here it is, Saturday the 14th, and I can't remember a bloody thing about RAW. A quick check of the [slash] tries to jog my memory. UT & Austin fighting for a match at Judgment Day. Got it. UNDERTAKER versus ROB VAN DAM was an absolutely incredible match. Something makes me think that Johnny Ace had a lot to do with that one. Just a fantastic match that truly makes me realize that they ARE pushing RVD after all. A few months ago, UT squashed him for the Hardcore Title. But now, he needs the assistance of LATINO HEAT just to get the job done at all. Bravo for all involved. BTW, somebody needs to tell KIRK ANGEL that it's ang-eye-na, not ann-gi-na. That's just stupid sounding. WHAT? versus SCOTT CORRIDOR was an OK match as well, but it looked pretty much like WrestleMania, which is yet another reason that Stone Cold should have swallowed his pride and done the frickin job (YARTSCSHSHPADTFJ). Do you think that'll catch on? Me neither. SPIKE DUDLEY using the knux to beat THE BESMIRCHINATOR was pretty funny, too. Now if they could just find a way to NOT turn this into a match at Backlash that I don't want to see, I'll be pretty happy. Also, in what is likely to be my final RAW note, BROCK DOESN'T EVEN HAVE A GASTLY (go read the RAW report) will probably have a PPV squash match against the CHEATY BOYZ. That could be a fun match to watch, seeing the Hardyz try so hard to cheat and then just get absolutely obliterated, despite their rule-breaking ways.


I didn't see SmackDown! this week. I haven't seen a full episode of SmackDown! since the Thursday before the draft. And, I don't like to go to other sites that bombard me with pop-up advertisements and errors of type 3 requiring that I restart my computer. So, I have no bloody idea what the hell happened on SmackDown!. My notable stats will show that. Speaking of whichÉ


After making such a big deal about Rob Van Dam being undefeated, he loses. That really sucks. Anyway, there haven't been many changes to the stats. Undertaker and Stone Cold both got their first 2002-2003 match Monday, X-PAC has jobbed in a singles match, and KANE still never jobs in tag matches. By participating in (but not losing) the Hardcore title match with BUBBA RAY DUDLEY, BOOKER T has become the first man to earn himself 2 draws this year. Also, GOLDUST is now 0-4-0, becoming officially worse than MR. NOWHERE NEAR PERFECT.


More Sox updates, old SmackDown! thoughts (I hope), and more notable stats, all coming next weekend. Till then,


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