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Jeff Harris




  • Live from New Orleans, Louisiana in the New Orleans Arena

  • Commentary by Jim Ross and Jerry "the King" Lawler

  • Old School WWF Tag Team Title Match: The Dudley Boyz vs Edge and Christian©. A video package shows Edge and Christian giving the Dudleyz concussions. Bell rings and match starts.

    The Duds both whip Edge and Christian, and they bail. Duds bring them back. D-von and Edge start. Edge reverses a whip and tries a clothesline. D-von ducks and hits a neck-breaker for 2. Knee shot and a club to the back by Edge allows a tag to Christian, who gets a hiptoss from D-von. Whip and a spinning-reverse elbow by D-von for 2. Tag to Bubba. Double-whip and a double-shoulderblock by the Duds. Elbow-drop by Bubba gets 2. Bubba pounds on Christian in the corner. Whip and a body press drop. Christian comes back with a head scissor takedown, but Bubba pops up and nails Edge. Bubba sideslams Christian for 2. Tag to D-von.

    Knee shot by Christian and a tag to Edge. D-von comes back with a powerslam for 2. Edge reverses a whip to allow Christian to bonk D-von's head. Edge stomps on his head and gives D-von a backdrop suplex. Tag to Christian. Whip and a gut shot by Christian sets up a side-Russian legsweep. Christian starts to slam D-von's head to the mat. Edge chokes D-von in the corner while the ref is distracted by Christian. Edge goes in without tagging. Hangman's neck breaker by Edge. Bubba breaks the count. Christian, the real legal man, comes back in. Christian continues to work over D-von's concussed head. Tag to Edge. Snapmare takedown into a reverse-chinlock by Edge. D-von gets up to a vertical-base and elbows out of the hold. Edge counters with a gut shot and a swinging neck-breaker for 2. Edge tells Bubba "I'm breaking him like a twig." Double-axehandle by Edge and a tag to Christian.

    Christian distracts the ref while Edge puts the boots to D-von. Tag to Edge. D-von counters a piledriver with a double-leg takedown into a catapault. Edge gets knocked into Christian. Waistlock-rollup by D-von gets 2. Edge and D-von both hit each other with a clothesline. D-von makes a blind tag so he's stuck in the ring. Edge and Christian miss the con-chair-to, and D-von nails a double-flying clothesline. Tag to Bubba. Clothesline to Edge, another one to Edge. Jabs and a whip to Christian sets up a back body drop. Bubba nails a big hotshot on Edge and a full-nelson bomb on Christian. Scoopslam to Edge sets up the Whassup head butt. Duds go for the tables. Christian stops it. Whenever the Dudleyz go for the tables, they never get to use them. Edge gets in the ring with a tag title belt. Bubba ducks the shot and gets a schoolboy for 2. D-von stops the Unprettier to Bubba, and its 3-D time. Edge stops the move with a Spear to Bubba, and a DDT out of mid-air by Christian on D-von. Edge gets 2 from the Spear. Edge and Christian go for the Whassup head butt. Bubba counters with a rollup on Christian. D-von pushes Edge off the top, and he head butts Christian. Christian rolls out. Dudley Death Drop on Edge. Bubba covers. 1...2...3! Duds get the match and the titles at 10:00.

    ***. Pretty solid opener here. Match was rather formulaic though, but still good nonetheless. Good to see the Dudleyz getting a tag title reign after doing nothing as lame, jobber faces for almost a year. The clean finish is also appreciated.

  • Outside. We see Drew Carey entering the arena.

  • We see a clip aired on Sunday Night Heat earlier tonight. Vince McMahon says the physical provoking was unintentional. Austin will be in the Rumble, and HHH will still face Kurt Angle.

  • Time for As McMahon Turns. HHH doesn't want Trish Stratus and Stephanie to interfere in the match. Stephanie says she will be there to make sure that won't happen. Drew Carey comes in to the room. Drew wants to talk to Vince about his Improv All Stars pay-per-view. Stephanie tells Drew Trish is a big fan, and takes him to her.

  • Now we go to the APA Office. The Acolytes show each other their numbers in the Rumble. Crash Holly quickly comes in and says he will kick their butts if they get in his way.

  • Old School WWF Intercontinental Title Ladder Match: Y2J Chris Jericho vs. the "Crippler" Christ Benoit©. A video package shows clips of their, thus far, disappointing WWF feud, and a clip of Saturn and Benoit messing up Jericho's arm with a ladder on WWF Smackdown! The IC title belt is already hanging above the ring. Jericho enters first. How come this match isn't the main event? Benoit enters, and the match is on. Bell rings.

    Brawl to start. Whip and a reverse elbow by Jericho. Running clothesline by Jericho, and he chops and kicks Benoit in the corner. Benoit reverses a cross-corner whip, but gets a boot. Benoit goes for the crossface. Jericho rolls out of it and gets a double-leg takedown. Benoit kicks Jericho off. Forearm shot and a gut shot by Benoit, and he tosses Jericho shoulder-first to the post. Shoulder-breaker by Benoit. Benoit goes for it again, but Jericho falls behind Benoit and clubs him in the back. Benoit reverses a whip, but Jericho counters with a flying forearm. Jericho goes for a spring-board cross body. Benoit ducks, and Jericho falls to the floor. Benoit goes for the ladder, but Jericho clubs his back. The Crippler then slams Jericho shoulder-first to the post. Benoit puts the ladder on the apron and dodges a baseball slide dropkick. Jericho gets a gut shot and slammed shoulder-first to the post for his troubles. Benoit brings the ladder to the ring.

    He sets it up. Benoit climbs, but Jericho comes in and nails an electric-chair fall-away slam to Benoit. Chop by Jericho followed up by a corner clothesline. Jericho grabs the ladder and rams it to Benoit's head. Chop by Jericho, and he slams Benoit's head to the corner. Jericho slams the ladder to Benoit's gut ala Shawn Michaels. Jericho lays the ladder on the top rope, and hammers Benoit in the corner. Cross-corner whip reversed by Benoit, and Jericho goes into the ladder, over the top, and to the floor. Nice bump. Benoit going for a tope suicida. Jericho slams a chair to Benoit's head in mid-air! That was simply disgusting, and it makes me cringe whenever I see it. Kick to the gut, and Jericho front-suplexes Benoit on the wall. Y2J goes on the apron and rides down the ladder. Benoit moves, and Jericho hits the wall ribs-first and bounces off. Benoit runs the ladder to Jericho's head, and chair shots Jericho's spine.

    Back in the ring. Whip and a nice clothesline by Benoit. Benoit stands the ladder in the corner. The Crippler stomps on Jericho and snake-eyes him to the ladder in the corner. Benoit tries it again, but Jericho falls behind Benoit and pushes him into the ladder. Low-dropkick by Jericho, and Lawler calls it a "high-dropkick." Jericho stands the ladder up in the corner and puts Benoit leg first in a high rung. Club to the back, and Jericho climbs up behind Benoit and pulls it all down. Neat spot. Jericho picks the ladder up, but Benoit dropkicks it into his face. Big backdrop suplex by Benoit. Benoit lays the ladder on the top rope. Jericho reverses a whip, and Benoit hits the head of the ladder. Jericho gets on the apron and see-saws the ladder over the ropes, and it nails Benoit's head. Y2J climbs climbs up to the top rope, tosses Benoit the ladder, and missile dropkicks him. Jericho goes for the gold, but Benoit clubs the back and backdrop suplexes Jericho off the ladder, over the top rope, to the floor. Benoit goes for the belt. Jericho comes back in, but Benoit kicks him down. Jericho climbs back up and introduces the Liontamer on tope of the ladder! Jericho lets go and drops Benoit down. Benoit is able to push the ladder down with his feet, and Jericho bounces neck-first off the ropes. Jericho gets up and runs the ladder to Benoit's chest. Jericho goes for the title again. Benoit sneaks up on Jericho and catches him in the Crippler-crossface. Jericho taps, but submissions don't count!

    Benoit slams Jericho to the post again, but Jericho comes back with a hotshot to the ladder. Jericho runs the ladder to Benoit in the corner. He sets it up and climbs. Jericho goes for a super-plex over the top of the ladder. Benoit pushes Jericho off to the floor and stands on the very top of the ladder. KAMIKAZE HEADBUTT!!! Jericho moves! Benoit eats canvas! Jericho sets up the ladder over Benoit and climbs. Benoit pushes the ladder up, and Jericho falls to the ropes and rolls out. Jericho comes back in with a chair while Benoit climbs the ladder. Benoit no sells 2 chair shots to the spine and kicks away Jericho. Jericho runs off the ropes and pushes the ladder down. Benoit bounces off the ropes to the floor. Jericho climbs, and Benoit can't get back in. Jericho grabs the belt, wins the title, and the match at 18:45.

    *****. Benoit and Jericho's longest match in WWF to date. Glad Regal vs. Test was cancelled, because that match would've sucked, and it would've taken time away from this match. Kudos to both men for having an old school WWF ladder match with fluidity and psychology. One that wasn't like all the stunt men shows and TLC's we see today. Two clean finishes in a row.

  • As McMahon Turns continues. Drew Carey is hitting on Trish. Trish explains she's involved with someone. Drew wants to "step up." Here comes Vince. Drew wants advice on how to promote his Improv All-Stars pay-per-view. Vince talks Drew into being in the Royal Rumble. Vince gets payback.

  • "The One" Billy Gunn talks to Chyna. Billy is worried about Chyna's match with Ivory. Chyna tells Billy to worry about himself...and not breaking any necks in the Rumble tonight.

  • Time for a chat with Michael Cole and the new IC champion, Chris Jericho. Jericho explains Benoit is a tough bastard, but he "proved him wrong."

  • Video plug for Divas in Hedonism on pay-per-view.

  • Old School WWF Women's Title Match: Ivory© with Stevie Richards vs. Chyna. We get a video package of the dreaded RTC spike piledriver on Chyna. We see footage of Chyna saying her career is over, then coming back two weeks later saying she is better. Also the mock interview with Ivory and Val. Blah blah blah, yackity shmackity. Chyna comes in and clotheslines Ivory. Bell rings and match starts.

    Another clothesline by Chyna, and she beals Ivory by the hair. Chyna whips Ivory around like a doll and snapmares her off the top rope. Chyna tosses ivory to the floor, and Ivory tries to bail. Chyna press slams Ivory back to ring side. Front power slam by Chyna. The she-male brings in Stevie and clotheslines him. Chyna tosses Stevie out and goes for her handspring elbow on Ivory. Chyna hits it, but crumples to the floor. Ivory covers Chyna for 3 and retains the title at 3:30.

    DUD. After the match, Lawler and Billy Gunn go to the ring and check on Chyna. Chyna is taken away by the paramedics. Is her career over again? I think that rating is pretty generous. Chyna sucks, women's wrestling sucks, and the RTC sucks. After the WWF pushed the RTC so much and Chyna as well, where are they all? WWF had to slowly kill RTC b/c they f'n suck, and Chyna quit. Great job bookers.

  • XFL promo. Yeah that was a big success.

  • Shopzone ad.

  • More of As McMahon Turns. Stephanie enters the hairdresser room, and look. There is Trish. Stephanie says she will have no trouble touching Trish if she gets involved in the title match. Trish says she has her own affairs to worry "aboot." The drama!

  • Now to the locker room. Harvey Wippleman gives Drew Carey togs for the Rumble. Drew butts head with Kane. Carey introduces himself, but Kane isn't amused and walks off. Drew says, "what a grouch."

  • Lo Down argues over who will compete in the Royal Rumble. Vince comes in and explains he replaced the spot in the Rumble for Lo Down with Drew Carey. "Who's Drew Currey?"

  • WWF No Way Out ad.

  • WWF New York fans give varied opinions on who will win the WWF title match tonight.

  • In the back. HHH looks at himself flaring his nostrils in the mirror. He gets scared and promptly runs away.

  • Kurt Angle, WWF Champion, is walking down the hall. Is it possibly for a wrestling match? What the hell is a wrestling match?

    -WWF Title match video package.

  • Old School WWF Title Match: Kurt Angle© with Trish Stratus vs. Hunter Hearst Helmsley with Stephanie McMahon and Motorhead music. Heel vs. Heel matches suck. Angle keeps the straps off tonight. This is Hunter's first match in six weeks. Anyone know what happened with the Kurt Angle and Chris Jericho feud before this show? Bell rings.

    They lock up. HHH with a full arm dragon twist. Another one, and Angle flips over and gets a fireman carry takedown on HHH. Angle applies an armbar. HHH gets it to the neutral corner for a break. Side-headlock into a shoulder block by HHH. Angle comes back with a hiptoss, and clotheslines HHH out. Angle sucks chants. Does that make HHH face? They lock up. Knee to the gut and a right by HHH. Another right and a head to the corner. Angle reverses a corner whip and hits a back body drop. Full arm dragon twist into a knuckle lock takedown by Angle. Wristlock by Kurt. HHH goes for a backdrop suplex. Angle flips over, gut shots Hunter, and hits a vertical suplex. Two consecutive more get a 2 count. HHH rolls out and favors the back. Angle is acting like the face, HHH the heel, and the crowd is for HHH...I think.

    Angle goes out and hammers HHH. HHH whips Angle to the wall and slams him on the steel. Pickup and a snake-eyes on the wall for Angle. HHH breaks the 10 count and slams Angle on the steps.

    Back in. Rights and a charge by Angle. HHH gets a drop toehold. Step-over toehold by HHH, and he snaps back on Angle's leg. HHH stomps on Angle's left knee. Dragon screw leg whip to Angle. HHH works on the leg, but Angle counters with an enziguri for 2. HHH works on Angle's knee in the corner, but gets flipped over the top rope to the floor. Hunter grabs Angle's legs, but Kurt pulls HHH to the post. Angle whips HHH to the steps.

    Back in. Angle misses a charge to the corner. HHH goes out and wraps Angle's knee around the post. Stephanie distracts Earl and HHH slams a chair on Angle's knee. HHH picks up Kurt and drops his bad knee on the steps. Back in. Chopblock by HHH. Another one. HHH sets Angle's leg on the ropes and elbow drops the knee. One more time. Hunter legdrops the bad knee and applies an Indian-Deathlock. Angle punches HHH to break it. Rights and a whip by Angle. Angle ducks, and HHH hits the chin-breaker for 2. HHH slams the knee to the canvas. Hunter uses the ropes for leverage and knee drops Angle's left knee. Spinning-toehold into the Figure-Four leg lock by HHH. Angle's shoulders go down for 2. HHH uses the ropes, and Trish comes into help.

    Stephanie pulls her out, and it is catfight time. Vince comes into break it up to no avail. He carries Trish away. Stephanie goes after Trish again. They all fight to the back. Is this tonight's climax of As McMahon Turns?

    What happened to the title match? Oh there it is. HHH goes for the Figure-Four again, but Angle counters with a small package for 2. Lariat by HHH, and he elbow drops Angle's knee more. Angle kicks off a toehold, and they have a punch fest. Knee to the gut by HHH. Angle gut shots Hunter off the ropes and gets a DDT for 2. Rights in the corner by Angle and a Manhattan drop. Good German suplex with a bad bridge by Angle for 2. Side-Russian legsweep by Angle, and he climbs the ropes. HHH gets a low-blow and hits a crucifix bomb off the second rope. Cover gets 2. Another one gets. One more time for 2. HHH is frustrated. Gut shot, and its Pedigree time. Kurt counters with a double-leg takedown. HHH kicks Kurt off but Kurt collapses and head butts HHH's groin. Angle goes up top and nails a moonsault. I thought he had a bad wheel. Angle favors the knee more. Cover gets 2. HHH tosses out Angle.

    HHH jumps off the apron and inadvertently hits Earl. HHH whips Angle to the post. Angle gets tossed back in, and HHH goes up top. Angle runs to the corner and armdrags HHH off the top rope. Wait, I thought Angle had an injured knee. Cover but no referee. Angle revives Earl outside. HHH goes out and knocks Angle into Earl. They go back in, and HHH brings the belt. Angle gets a gut shot and a belly to belly suplex. Angle goes for a belt shot, but HHH counters with the Pedigree. No referee to make the count. Austin comes out and beats up HHH. He knocks HHH bloody with the WWF title belt. Austin puts Hebner in the ring and gives HHH a Stunner. Angle covers, and Earl does a slow 3-count. Angle retains at 24:13.

    ***3/4. Crowd is silent once again. That was a lame and anti-climatic finish. No kudos for the WWF for not having the balls to book a clean finish. Angle messed up the psychology in the match with a couple of spots. The cat fight and the appearance of Austin was really the only times the crowd gave a reaction to this match. This proves that heel vs. heel matches suck. Angle held the WWF title longer than anyone else in 3 years, and he was a very lame duck champion. He hardly had any clean or credible wins, and he didn't even main event all the pay-per-views as world champion. Anyway this match was a lot better than their crap fests on RAW and Unforgiven.

    -Rumble participants like Rikishi and the Undertaker are seen warming up.

  • XFL cheerleader promo.

  • Time for a chat with Kevin Kelly and the Rock. I saw Kevin in person at WWF Axxess, and he is really fat. Rock pumps up the crowd with his shtick. Rock is going to kick Undertaker and Kane over the top rope. Rock says he will win.

  • Royal Rumble video package.

  • Howard "the Fink" Finkel gives the introduction for the Rumble.

  • Old School WWF Royal Rumble. Jeff Hardy starts things out as #1 and Bull Buchanan is #2. Jeff gets head scissor takedown, and Bull comes back with a clothesline. Military press drop by Bull. They try to get each other out, but here is Matt Hardy at #3. The Hardyz double-clothesline him out. Now it's Hardy on Hardy. Backdrop suplex by Matt. Jeff comes back with a sit-down jawbreaker. Jeff tries to get Matt out, but here is Farooq as #4. Farooq double-clotheslines the Hardyz and tries to throw out Matt. He blocks the poetry in motion and dumps Jeff on the apron. Jeff saves Matt from the Dominator, and Matt nails the Twist of Fate. Swanton bomb from Jeff on Farooq. They toss out Farooq, and Matt tosses Jeff on the apron. The Hardyz rip off their shirts and exchange punches. Jeff gets a corkscrew moonsault before #5, Drew Carey, enters. Second rope gulliotine legdrop by Matt. The Hardyz brawl on the apron as Drew enter the ring. Hardyz eliminate themselves, and Drew remains.

    Here comes #6, Kane. Kane does his pyro. Drew tries to shake hands, and then offers Kane money. Kane goes for a choke slam, but #7, Raven, comes in. Raven saves Drew, and Drew eliminates himself. Crappy sideslam by Kane. Raven rolls out and squirts Kane with a fire extinguisher. Raven tosses trash cans in, but Al Snow appears and hammers Raven. The buzzer rings, and Al is officially #8. Al beats them up with a trash can lid. Al brings a bowling ball in, and hits a strike to Raven's groin. Kane retaliates with a big boot to Al. Raven and Al double-team Kane. Kane gets a double-drop toehold to a trash can. Here comes Perry Saturn with Terri at #9. Saturn works over Kane's leg and applies a leg lock. Kane gets a dropkick to the knee from Saturn, but Kane gives him a military press slam in return. Saturn, Raven, and Al all bring Kane down. Steve Blackman, #10, is here. Steve beats people up with his sticks and does his stick assisted suplex on Saturn.

    #11 is out, and it is Grand Master Sexay. Kane eliminates GMS using a trash can. The Big Red Machine tosses out Blackman next. Kane knocks Al out. Raven gets a big boot out from Kane. Kane tosses out Saturn. Kane has cleaned house! #12, it is the Honky Tonk Man! GOD HELP US! Honky says he's going to sing his song and he does. The Crowd is silent. Kane grabs his guitar and whacks him with it ala Jeff Jarrett. Kane tosses out Honky Tonk Man, and the Rock enters as #13. That is an unlucky number. Rock hits a flying clothesline, but he can't get Kane out. Rock gets a big boot from Kane. Goodfather is in as #14. Rock ducks a short arm clothesline and punches Goodfather out. Kane gets a big vertical suplex on Rock. Sideslam by Kane. #15 is Tazz. Kane makes short work of him and tosses out Tazz. Rock tries to scoop Kane out. Kane stops it with an eye gouge. Rock gets a Samoan drop.

    Bradshaw is in as #16. Rock gets a Rocky clothesline on Kane, and Bradshaw clotheslines Rock. Rock gets a spine-buster on Bradshaw, and Kane lariats Rock. Albert comes in at #17. Bradshaw and Kane knock down Albert, and Kane clotheslines Bradshaw. Bradshaw big boots Albert, and #18 is Hardcore Holly. Bradshaw and Holly work on Rock. Albert gets his scissor kick on Kane. K-Kwik is out as #19. Bradshaw powerbombs Kwik, while Kane powerslams Rock. Val Venis is in as #20.

    Kane has been in for 30 minutes. Val goes for Kane, but Kane gets a pickup and a spine-buster on Val. Rock gets a whip and a powerslam by Kane. William Regal comes out as #21. Regal goes after Kwik and gives him a backdrop suplex. Rock gets a spine-buster on Val. Bradshaw gets a clothesline from Hell on Val. Test is out as #22. Test tosses out Regal. Here comes #23. The Big Show is back from OVW! And he is 60 pounds lighter...excuse me, 60 pounds heavier! Big Show clotheslines Test out. Kwik gets press slammed out by Show. Show choke slams Bradshaw, Albert, Val, Holly, and Kane! Wight goes for the Rock, but Rock low blows out of a choke slam. Rock is able to clothesline Show out! Show is pissed and pulls Rock out. Crash Holly is in as #24. Show choke slams Rock on a table outside. All men in the ring go for Kane. The Undertaker is in at #25. Taker saves Kane and throws out Bradshaw. Kane throws out Crash. Albert gets thrown out by Kane. Taker throws out Holly and then Val. Kane and Taker have a big stare-down.

    Scotty Too Hotty is #26. Kane and Taker double-choke slam Scotty and throw him out. Stone Cold Steve Austin is finally in at #27. HHH sneak attacks Austin. Hunter beats up Austin, and Rock is back in the ring. The brothers work on Rock. "The One" Billy Gunn clocks in as #28. Austin is busted open from HHH's attack, and the officials escort HHH out. In the ring, Taker gets a jumping DDT on Rock. #29 is Haku...or is it Meng? It is Haku. The crowd is silent for Haku. #30 arrives, and it is Rikishi. Rikishi won the 30 spot after beating the Taker, Kane, and Rock in a four-way on Smackdown! Anyone notice number 30 never wins?

    Austin wakes up and goes into the ring with Rikishi. Austin clotheslines Haku out. Taker is able to choke slam Rikishi. Rock almost gets tossed out by Undertaker, but he holds on and rolls back in. Kane big boots Austin, and Rikishi super kicks Taker out. Rikishi gives Rock a big thump and goes for the Banzai Drop. Rock low blows him and punches Rikishi out of the ring. The final four are Rock, Austin, Kane and Gunn. Gunn pushes off a Stunner and gets a Fame-asser. Austin is able to toss Gunn out. Rock DDT's Kane. Austin and Rock stare-down each other. They brawl. Austin blocks a Rock Bottom and hits the Stunner. Austin and Kane go at it, and Austin gets a Thesz press. Rock is able to get a Rock Bottom on Austin.

    Rock tosses Kane out between the ropes. Kane is still in. More Austin brawling with Rock. Rock tries to scoop Austin out. Kane knocks them over, and Rock hits the floor! Rock is gone! Kane choke slams Austin. Austin low blows Kane down. Kane goes out and gets a chair. Austin knocks it away. Stone Cold escapes a Tombstone piledriver and gets the Stunner. Austin whacks Kane in the head 3 times with a chair and clotheslines Kane over the top and OUT! Austin wins the Rumble at 61:55.

    ****1/4. Pretty good Rumble here. Major props to Kane and even the Rock for staying in it for so long. Austin won the Rumble for the third time. It could actually be the second or even fourth if you want to get really technical. I don't like how Austin won, and he was in the ring for less than 10 minutes. It sucked that no one with matches earlier were not in it. I think Benoit, Jericho, Edge, Christian, and the Dudleyz should have been in it.

    OVERALL: This was a great pay-per-view, and it ended the streak of lame WWF ppv's since Fully Loaded 2000. The back stage skits were too much and dumb as well. Does anyone except me think the McMahon's should stay off TV? Ending to the WWF title match was lame. The Women's Title match was lame, and some of the Royal Rumble participant choices were lame. Anyway usually the WWF RAW shows in between were pretty crappy. Paul E. Dangerously soon comes in and helps cause a lot of great stuff and some bad stuff.

    PAY-PER-VIEW BROADCAST TIME: approx. 2:53:00

    BELL-TO-BELL TIME: 2:02:23

    Jeff Harris
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