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-Live from the Raleigh Entertainment and Sports Center in Raleigh, North Carolina.

  • Commentary is by Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler.

  • The Right to Censor vs. Rikishi "I am" Fatoo and Too Cool with Mandy and Victoria. Stevie cuts his usual RTC promo when they come out. Too Cool enters with the Godfather's ex-hoes. Last time I checked, prostitution was illegal. However, this is the WWF. Another thing, I want to know why everyone loves Rikishi so much. He can't wrestle worth crap. Bell rings and match starts.

    Both teams brawl to start. Scotty and Bull will start things off. Scotty misses a moonsault off the top rope but lands on his feet. Scotty climbs to the top and gets a flying crossbody for 2. Tag to Grandmaster. Double-vertical suplex by Too Cool, and Scotty moon walks back to his corner. Bull sneaks in a punch and tags in the Goodfather. Irish whip, Sexay ducks a clothesline, Goodfather misses a savate kick, and Sexay back drops him out. Goodfather knocks down the hoes. This seems to upset JR. Does JR have a soft spot for prostitutes?

    Back in the ring. Irish whip and a sloppy big boot by Goodfather. Goodfather punches Sexay and tags in Bull. Double-irish whip and a double-big boot to Sexay for a 2 count. Pickup and a rib breaker by Bull, and Stevie gets tagged in. Stevie-bomb gets 2. Scoopslam and Stevie climbs up top. Sexay crotches him. 2nd-rope superplex by Sexay. He goes for a tag, but Stevie holds on to his leg. Enziguri to Stevie, and Fatkishi is tagged in. At least his cousin Yokozuna had the deceny to wear pants! Fatu goes for the Rikishi driver, but Bull and Goodfather step in. Because, you know that inverted piledrivers and tombstones are illegal right? Rikishi gets a double-clothesline, and Stevie gets tossed out. Stevie tries to leave, but Victoria sends him back in.

    All 3 RTC members get stacked in the corner, and each member of Too Cool gets a big thump on Goodfather, Bull, and Stevie. Fatu goes for a stinkface to Mr. Richards, but he intercepts the Goodfather into a Samoan Drop. Bull nails an axe kick on Rikishi. Scotty pushes Bull down face first to the ring and goes for the worm. That wasn't a f'n bulldog. Stevie comes in and delivers a horrible looking Stevie Kick on Scotty for the 1...2...3 at 5:12.

    *. I think that was a pretty generous rating. I am not a big Too Cool or RTC fan. I think its pretty ridiculous, but that is just my opinion. However, they did a good job of finally getting morons like Bull over. Oh wait a minute none of them are even on television anymore. One last thing, SCOTTY WASN'T LEGAL!!!!!!!

  • We are blessed with a recap of Kurt Angle and Stephanie McMahon entering the building.

  • Time for a Shane-O-Mac interview. Steve Blackman comes in and chases Shane off. WWF Hardcore title match later!

  • Road Dogg vs. X-pac in a winner gets the stash match!!!!! Well, this will be...interesting. Dammit Sean! What the hell happened to you? Bell rings and match starts.

    Double-lockup into a side-headlock by X-pac, into a hammerlock. Reverse double-leg takedown by X-pac, and Sean spins on top of Dogg's back. X-pac pushes off a side-headlock, shoulderblock by Road Dogg, leapfrog by X-pac, and Dogg kicks him to the outside.

    X-pac back in. Dogg pushes off a side-headlock, X-pack ducks a clothesline, and both block a hiptoss. X-pac flips out of it and goes for a roundhouse kick. Dogg blocks it and gets a lariat. Dogg misses a charge in the corner, and X-pac starts kicking. Dogg gets out of the way of a bronco-buster and goes to the outside. Crowd is pretty dead. Back in, whip by Dogg, Xpac reverses, and hooks on a sleeper. Dogg powers out, ducks a clothesline, and a leg lariat. Boring chants can be heard. X-pac is able to get the bronco-buster on Road Dogg. Ross says the crowd is mixed. Yeah that's right J-Arr. Dogg comes back with his dancing forearm. Shake, rattle, and roll kneedrop gets 2. X-pac blocks the pump handle slam, and goes for the X-factor. Dogg turns it into a small power-bomb. X-pac gets a low blow and hits the X-factor for 3 at 4:42.

    DUD. Why the hell did this match get time on pay-per-view. I had to frickin' pay for this! After the match, X-pac tries to make-up. Dogg gives X-pac the pump handle slam and walks out.

  • In the back. We see "Latino Heat", Eddy Guerrero, butter up Chyna. Eddy says he doesn't mind if Chyna wins the title. Chyna says they could both get lucky tonight. All I can say is "BLEARGH!"

  • We see Trish Stratus and Val Venis in their locker room. Trish wants to know if she can be a better center-fold than Chyna. I COULD BE A BETTER CENTER-FOLD THEN CHYNA!!!!! Instead of giving Trish the easy answer of "yes", Val is pacing around thinking about the match. He is pretty annoyed by Trish.

  • Inter-gender tag-team match for the WWF Intercontinental title: Val Venis (c) and "That Witch", Trish Stratus vs. "the Former Man", Eddy G. and that gym teacher from "Scary Movie,"...hold on...that's Chyna. This is the first title match of the evening. You could've fooled me Chyna, you she-male you! Ok, here are the rules for the match. Whoever gets the pin fall is the Intercontinental champion. So, if Trish gets pinned, Val loses the title. Injuries and the WWF wrestling style seemed to have deteriorated Eddy a bit.

    Eddy and Val starts things up. Double-lockup gets Eddy on the ropes. Val breaks it and starts to chop Eddy. Eddy comes back with some rights. Knee-to-gut by Val into a side-headlock. Eddy pushes it off, but gets shoulder-blocked. Val gets tripped by the downed Eddy. Kicks and an Irish whip by Eddy. Eddy body blocks his back into Val. Bridged-northern lights suplex by Eddy gets 2. They start the 15 minute sell less than 2 minutes in. Val reverses an Irish whip and tilt-a-whirls Eddy into a power bomb position, but Eddy flips off and ducks a clothesline. Val delivers a reverse elbow and follows it up with an elbow drop. Val gets a kneedrop for 2.

    Back-breaker by Venis. Eddy ducks under Val after an Irish whip, and he catches a kick from Venis. Chyna comes in and clotheslines Val. Double-Irish whip and a double-pancake slam on Val. Chyna covers and the referee counts even though Chyna isn't legal. 2-count on Val. Chyna kicks Val in the corner and whips him to the opposite one to send him down. Chyna falls down after the whip. Val gets a knee to Chyna's gut and scoops her up. Chyna flips behind him and rebounds with a wussy reverse elbow. Val gets another knee to Chyna, but Chyna coutners with her weak clothesline. Trish gets a cheap shot on Chyna so Val can get the back hit. Backdrop suplex by Venis. Standing vertical suplex to Chyna, and Eddy breaks the cover.

    Scoopslam by Val. Val goes to the second rope, and an elbow drop misses. Val keeps Chyna from tagging. Eddy tries to get in, and the ref keeps him out. This allows Chyna to cheat, and hit a low blow on Val. Chyna goes for a powerbomb, but Val gets a back body drop. Chyna comes back with a gut kick and a DDT. Now Eddy is tagged in. Clothesline to Val. Another clothesline to Val. Irish whip and a shoulder back toss by Eddy. Knuckle-lock into a spring board hurricarana gets 2. Eddy charges Val in the corner, but Val throws him over onto the top turnbuckle. Val hits the Blue Thunder. Both men run off the ropes and forearm each other to signal THE DOUBLE KO SPOT!!!!!! *sigh*Val is able to get a tag to Trish. That was real smart Val! Trish starts kicking at Eddy, but Eddy trips her and tags in Chyna.

    Clothesline to Trish. Another clothesline to Trish. Scoop and a slam by Chyna. Val comes in and takes Chyna down by the hair. Eddy pulls Val outside. Trish tries to clothesline Chyna, but she bounces off her and falls down. Military press slam by Chyna gets 3 and gives her the title at 7:13.

    -**. Match was *, but I took off 3 stars because Chyna is a 3 time IC champion. Geez, I hate Chyna. She is just another ugly she-male to me. She can't wrestle, she's ugly, but the fans love her! Why? My brother says she is a role model for women. Yeah, like the white trash on Jerry Springer. And where is Chyna now? I think everybody knows. Anyway, I still haven't seen Eddy in one great match in the WWF yet. And yes I have seen all his WWF pay-per-view matches, so >=op...However I have not yet seen his UK PPV match with Jericho at Insurrextion.

  • In the back we see Stephanie and Janet. Janet wants to know about Stephanie's kiss with Angle. Stephanie says Kurt is a good kisser. Stephanie, you rascally woman you.

  • Jerry "the King" Lawler vs. Tazz. We start with a video recap of this feud. You know, this IS Summerslam! I want a good match! Tazz comes out acting like a blind man with a cane and wearing a Jim Ross -esque hat with a Tazz logo on it. Tazz goes to the announcing table and pretends he can't see JR. Lawler decks him. Bell rings and match starts.

    Some rights and a dropkick by Lawler. King follows it up with a lariat. Lawler chokes Tazz with his foot. Scoopslam by Lawler sets up a second rope fist drop. Fist drop by Lawler. Another second rope fist drop misses. Tazz hammers on King and clotheslines him. You know, I remember a time when Tazz could do more than a clothesline. Tazz rakes the eyes and tosses Lawler out. Tazz says hi to JR and Lawler lays Tazz out with a right.

    Back in the ring. Tazz gets a scoopslam because he is the human scoopslam machine. Tazz climbs to the top and misses a senton bomb. King hits Tazz with a piledriver, but Tazz just pops right up. Tazz pushes Lawler into the ref to KO him. Lawler gets the Tazzmission. JR gets up and hits Tazz with his candy jar allowing Lawler to pin Tazz at 4:24.

    -***. Well, so far WWF is 0 for 4 tonight.

  • In the backstage area. Lillian Garcia tries to get a word with Shane McMahon. Steve Blackman chases him off towards the ring area for the match.

    -Hardcore title match: Shane-O-Mac(c) vs. Steve Blackman. Blackman enters with a trashcan and a Singapore cane. Bell rings and match starts

    Blackman gives Shane the cane, but Shane tosses it back to him. Blackman lays it on the ring and turns his back to Shane. Shane grabs it and tries to hit Blackman. Blackman blocks the shot and grabs the stick. Shane retreats to the outside. They go into the crowd and Blackman nails Shane with the trashcan. Shane starts climbing the stairs in a seating area, but Blackman lays him out. Steve gives Shane a choke with his boot.

    Steve tosses Shane back to the ringside area, over the barricade. Blackman jumps off the barricade with the Lethal Kick to Shane. Steve tosses Shane and some trashcan lids into the ring. Blackman places a trashcan over Shane and pummels him with his dueling sticks. Steve gets a strap, and raps it around Shane's neck. Blackman applies a half crab and pulls on the strap. T&A make their way to the ring and break it up. Hey I remember Test. Everyone was busting a gut how great WWF was for putting him back into the storylines with HHH and Stephanie. Too bad it only lasted for all of but half an hour.

    Albert gives Blackman a double-handed chokeslam. Test puts a lid on Steve and then nails him with the big elbow drop. Shane grabs a chair and gives Steve a spinning chair shot. They drag Blackman outside and try to push a speaker on him. Steve gets out of the way. Blackman takes out T&A with the cane. Shane sneaks in a clothesline on Shane and starts to climb up the Titantron structure.

    Blackman follows as well. They both get to the top and Blackman hits Shane off the structure into a gimmicked structure below! Steve climbs down a bit then jumps off the structure with an elbow drop. 1...2...3. Blackman gets the win and the title at 10:03.

    *1/2. Look I am not a big fan of either of the two or hardcore title matches in the WWF. To me the match was boring with 2 suicide spots in it. That is not enough to me (and I emphasize ME) to give it a better rating. At least WWF finally got Blackman over, by Blackman finding his niche in the hardcore division. But then again Blackman isn't even on television anymore either.

  • In the backstage area, we see the paramedics tending to Shane.

  • Stephanie is in her dressing room. She is worried about Shane. Angle comes in, and tells Stephanie he wants to talk to her. Angle says Shane just got the wind knocked out of him, and he comforts Stephanie with a hug. So, is Angle cheating on his wife? Foley catches them in the hug. The commissioner says Shane landed on his "kisser" and that he is taking Stephanie to see Shane. That was a good one Foley.

  • We get a recap of the Benoit/Jericho feud. Please WWF, don't blow this match.

  • Best of 2 out of 3 falls match: Chris Jericho vs. Chris Benoit. Okay, here is the deal. After Fully Loaded, Jericho and Benoit's programs with HHH and the Rock were totally dropped. The WWF decided to reheat this feud even though it would probably do nothing for either man. I also note that Jericho has been on a huge losing streak in singles matches and pay-per-view matches at this time. So are Jericho and Benoit finally going to have the 4 star plus, 20 minute plus match we should've gotten at Judgement Day? If we do, I will be pretty happy. You know they can have a pretty long match here, considering how much TV time is left for the pay-per-view. Bell rings and match starts.

    Extended brawl sequence to start. The referee tries to break it up in the corner, but they all fall outside. Jericho charges. Benoit catches him and hotshots Jericho to the ring post. Back in. Jericho Irish whips Benoit, but Benoit reverses it and takes down Jericho at the legs. Benoit goes for an STF, but Jericho blocks it. Jericho follows it up with a single-leg takedown and goes for the Lion Tamer. He can't turn Benoit over, so he catapaults him to the corner. Jericho follows it up with a release German suplex. Y2J covers Benoit for 2. JR calls it a belly to back suplex. Jericho chops Benoit and tries a tombstone. Benoit reverses it and gets a shoulder breaker. Jericho flips over a backdrop suplex and runs off the ropes to hit a face buster on Benoit. Jericho goes for the Lionsault, but Benoit gets the knees up. Arm-breaker takedown into the Crippler-Crossface! Jericho can't make the ropes and taps out at 3:15. Benoit wins the first fall.

    Benoit breaks the hold and reapplies it. Jericho is eventually able to get the ropes this time. Benoit whips Jericho bad-shoulder first to the corner. Scoop up by Benoit, and Jericho gets the tree of woe. Benoit gets out of the ring and pulls on Jericho's shoulders. Benoit gets back in and tosses Jericho shoulder first into the ring post. Benoit gets a 2-count on Jericho. The Crippler starts slamming Jericho's bad shoulder to the corners more. Right hand and stomps to the shoulder by Benoit. Jericho comes back with a right and a running forearm. Benoit ducks a clothesline and nails a German suplex. Benoit holds onto the waist-lock, but Jericho Victory rolls under Benoit to get out of it. Jericho hooks on the Lion Tamer, but Benoit tries for the ropes. Jericho pulls him back to the middle, and Benoit taps out! Jericho wins the second fall at 8:25.

    Jericho kicks at Benoit's back and nails a backbreaker for 2. Benoit gets chops from Jericho in the corner. Whip to opposite, and Jericho nails a running reverse elbow. Jericho climbs to the top, and he comes down with a flying reverse elbow for 2. Irish whip, and Jericho ducks. Benoit goes for a powerbomb, but Jericho reverses it. Jericho goes for a powerbomb, but Benoit back drops Jericho and holds on to the bridge. Jericho rises up and goes for a backslide. Benoit counters with a full nelson into a bridged dragon suplex for 2. Legdrop to Jericho, and Benoit calls for the kamikaze head butt. Jericho crotches Benoit on the top rope and climbs up there. Big hurricarana off the top by Jericho. Jericho hurt his bad shoulder after the move, but he is still able to cover Benoit. That gets 2. Irish whip and a flying forearm by Jericho. Running clothesline to Benoit. Repeat by Jericho. Jericho gets a leg lariat and covers. Benoit gets a foot on the ropes. Benoit reverses a whip, but Jericho nails a reverse elbow. Lionsault hits this time, but Jericho hit his shoulder again. Jericho starts to knee Benoit in the gut. Benoit reverses a whip, but Jericho gets a schoolboy. Benoit turns it over after 2 and grabs the bottom rope. 1...2...3. Benoit wins the second fall and the match at 13:02.

    ***1/2. I was pretty disappointed here. They got less than 15 minutes. What makes me even angrier is that there was a whole half hour left for TV time after the ppv went off the air.

  • We see HHH arrive into the arena.

  • Tag team Title feud recap. I was hoping it was just going to be the Hardyz vs. Edge and Christian, but the Dudleyz were added in there. =46oley made the match a Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match. So basically it is a WrestleMania rematch.

  • TLC Match for WWF Tag Team Titles: The Dudleyz vs. the Hardyz vs. Edge and Christian. This is basically a ladder match. Or a table match with chairs under ladder match rules. The teams get into a brawl. Bell rings and match starts.

    Christian jumps off a chair and cross-bodies D-von in a corner. Edge does the Raven drop toe hold on D-von onto a chair. Buh-Buh slams a ladder into Edge and DDT's Christian. Hardyz double-powerbomb Buh Buh off a ladder. D-von brings in a second ladder and Jeff and D-von climb. Edge gets between them and delivers a double-side russian legsweep off the ladder onto Jeff and D-von.

    Christian and Buh Buh climb, and Buh Buh nails a full-nelson bomb off the ladder onto Christian. Edge pushes Matt off the ladder onto another ladder. Jeff ducks Edge and Christian double-chair shot and Buh Buh rams a ladder into all 3 men. Scoopslam by Buh Buh. Buh Buh holds the legs of Edge and does the wazzzzuppp bit. D-von does the Dudleyz diving headbutt off the ladder onto Edge. Christian then gets a Dudley Death Drop through a table. Dudleyz stack up 4 tables outside. Edge wacks them with a chair. Matt comes in and gets the Twist of Fate on Edge. The Hardyz set up a ladder in the corner. Matt climbs it and does his signature gulliotine legdrop off the ladder onto Edge. Jeff climbs to the top rope and does the leap over the ladder into a gulliotine legdrop on Edge.

    Edge gets put between a ladder and Matt body press slams Christian onto him. Jeff stacks Buh Buh on 2 tables outside and climbs a ladder. Jeff misses a senton bomb and goes through the tables. Christian and Matt climb a ladder. D-von and Edge climb the other side. Christian is able to give Matt a fall forward reverse DDT Matt off the ladder. D-von and Edge fall onto the ropes on the other side. Buh Buh climbs the big ladder but Edge pushes the ladder down and Buh Buh falls onto the 4 stacked tables outside.

    Edge and Christian climb ladders, but Lita comes in and pushes the ladder Edge and Christian are on down. Edge and Christian get crotched on the top rope. Matt climbs the ladder, but D-von pushes it down and Matt falls through 2 tables outside. Edge spears Lita when she checks up on Matt.

    D-von and Jeff climb and grab onto the belt cords. Edge and Christian push the ladder out from under them. Jeff and D-von hang and then topple to the ring. Edge and Christian then climb the ladders and get belts at 14:51. ***1/2. Please don't lynch me for that rating. I just thought this match was just an overbooked suicide, spotfest. I don't like those type of matches. Besides how did it elevate any of those teams? The Hardyz were just closer to being paralyzed before they are 25 and the Dudleyz are still watered down face jobbers. God forbid the Hardyz and Edge and Christian just could've had a wrestling match like they did at No Way Out. Especially considering that match was the best tag team match in a long time in the WWF.

  • In the back. HHH wants to know why Stephanie kissed Kurt. Stephanie said she had no idea what happened and that Kurt took advantage of her. HHH told her to stay away from Kurt.

  • Stink-face match: The Kat with Al Snow vs. Terri with Saturn. Saturn is still the European champion at this point. I don't think I need to explain the rules. Bell rings and match starts.

    Scoopslam by Kat and she goes for a stink-face. Perry pulls Terri out. Al tosses Terri back in. A "cat fight" ensues. Kat spanks Terri and gives her a bronco buster. Perry pushes Kat down and Terri nails a crappy facebuster. Kat comes back with a clothesline and a scoopslam. Terri gets out of the way of a Kat butt drop. Ms. Runnels goes for the stink-face, but Kat kicks her into the ref's groin. Kat nails Terri with the Head doll and gets the stink face for the victory.

    -*****. Yeah these two ladies are hot, but I paid money for good wrestling matches. I can watch this stuff on Cinemax with real nudity without paying 30 bucks. But the redneck, porn addict WWF fans like this stuff on WWF tv.

  • We get a recap of the Kane and Undertaker feud. That's right they are fighting again. You know when guys turn so much, I stop caring. It is even worse that these guys are sub-par wrestlers.

  • Kane vs. the "American Fat ass," The BlunderTaker. Kane comes out in his new tights. There was clearly an opening bell to the match. All the guys who reviewed this show didn't want to give it a rating because it sucked so much.

    They brawl a bit. Taker tries to pull Kane into the ring, but Kane gets a reverse gulliontine. They brawl a bit more. This is exciting :( Taker is able to rip off part of Kane's mask. The paint Kane puts around his eyes can be clearly seen. More brawling and Taker hits Kane with the steel steps. Kane gets busted open. EVEN MORE BRAWLING!!!!! Taker this time rips off all of Kane's mask. And then I get a small, quick shot of Kane's face...hey that looks kinda like ITS GLENN JACOBS!!!!!!! UNDERTAKER'S BROTHER IS GLENN JACOBS?!!!!! WHAT DOES IT MEAN?! leaves the area and I guess he gets counted out at 6:28.

    -**. Crap, crap, crap.

  • Kurt tries to phone Stephanie who is in the locker room with HHH. Stephanie pretends she is talking to Linda. HHH wants to talk to Linda, and Stephanie gives him the phone. Kurt hangs up. MIND GAMES PEOPLE!!!!!

    -3 way match for the WWF Title: HHH vs. Kurt Angle vs. the Rock(c). Angle gets a microphone and says how he is not ashamed of what he did to Stephanie and how he gave her a lot of passion. More than HHH ever could. HHH makes his way out and just beats the crap out of Angle. He goes for a pedigree on the announce table, but the table breaks. Angle supposedly gets a "concussion." Rock finally comes out. Rocky rushes HHH in the ring. Bell rings and match starts.

    Running elbow shot by Rocky. Fireman carry into the Samoan drop by Rock. HHH tries to reverse a whip, but Rocky pulls him into a reverse elbow. Outside the ring. Rock pulls off the top of the announce table. HHH pickup and a snake eyes onto the table by HHH. Emt's are checking on Angle's "concussion." Back in the ring. Irish whip and a reverse elbow by HHH. Angle is being put on a stretcher. Rock comes back with some rights, but gets dumped to the outside. Emt's are wheeling away Kurt. HHH runs towards the stretcher and starts hammering Angle. Yeah, that concussion Angle had was really, really bad. Rock goes after HHH. HHH goes for a pedigree on the floor. Double-leg takedown by Rocky and a catapault into the Summerslam set. HHH reverses a whip to the ring apron, but Rock rebounds with an elbow shot and a low blow. Stephanie comes out to check on Kurt. Is Stephanie deaf or stupid? Kurt gets stretchered to the back. So now its just another Rock and HHH match. Excuse me while I frown. >:o(

    Snake eyes onto the security barricade by HHH. He follows it up with a running clothesline. Back in the ring. HHH tells her she shouldn't be here. Hunter obviously doesn't realize yet that he married a stupid skank. Rock ducks a clothesline, but HHH gets a knee lift. HHH tells Stephanie to get the belt. Wait I thought HHH didn't wanter her there. Stephanie slaps the timekeeper and brings the WWF title belt to the ring. Rock ducks the belt shot, and Stephanie hits HHH. Rocky covers and gets 2. Stephanie retreats to the back after HHH tells her to go. HHH sends Rock down with some rights. Irish whip by HHH. Rock comes back with a flying forearm. HHH ducks a clothesline and gets a fall behind neck-breaker. Helmsley brings in a sledge hammer and rams it into the gut of Rocky. Earl Hebner takes the hammer away and dumps it out. HHH starts stomping the gut of Rocky. He puts the Rock in the corner and gives him some shoulder thrusts. Rock goes for an Irish whip and ducks. HHH gets the knee-to-face buster for 2. Hunter stomps Rock to the outside. Pickup and HHH rams Rock's back into the ring post.

    Back into the ring. HHH stomps the gut of Rocky more. Irish whip by HHH, but Rock gets a swinging neck-breaker. HHH reverses a whip and gets a kitchen sink knee lift. Hunter climbs to the top rope. Rock crotches HHH and climbs to the second rope. Superplex by Rock. In the back Stephanie begs Kurt to go out and help Hunter. Kurt says he will help Hunter for her. This is...interesting...ahh is stupid. Back to ring action. Rock drapes an arm over HHH for 2. Rock and HHH get into a slug fight. Belly to belly suplex by Rock gets 2. Hey, Rock actually pulled that move off correctly for once. Stephanie starts pulling Kurt out by the hand. Another slugfest. HHH whips rock and Angle trips him. Pedigree to Rocky! HHH covers, but Angle pulls Hunter off and slams him into the ring steps. Yeah, look at Angle helping Helmsley, Stephanie!

    Angle goes in and covers Rock for 2. Irish whip and a reverse elbow by Kurt for 2. Irish whip and a belly to belly suplex by Angle gets 2. JR calls it a "belly to belly throw." Rock comes back with a whip and a crappy belly to belly suplex. Rock follows it up with a DDT for 2. HHH gets on the apron, but Rock whips Angle into him. Helmsley gets knocked to the barricade. Uranage to Angle and Rock covers. HHH pulls Rock off right before 3. HHH fights Angle. Angle ducks a right and HHH hits Steph. Sledgehammer shot to HHH. Rock breaks up the cover. Angle gets punched to the outside. People's elbow on HHH. 1...2...3. Rock wins and retains his title at 20:09.

    **3/4. Match wasn't that bad, but damn the booking was horrible. WWF just can't book good 3 ways. Not to mention everything we saw here, we have seen on Smackdown, ppv, and Raw millions and millions of times before. After the match, Rocky poses on the Summerslam set with the belt, and Angle drags the knocked out Stephanie away. Still don't know what happened after that.

    10 matches

    PAY-PER-VIEW BROADCAST TIME: approx. 2:31:00

    IN-RING BELL TO BELL TIME: approx. 1:29:33

    OVERALL: I was very disappointed. I mean the TLC match and best 2 out of the 3 falls match were good, but there was just so much crap here. Some people had the nerve of calling this the best Summerslam of all time. In my opinion WWF was still on cruise control here, and the bookers totally suck for booking crap like this. Thumbs down. However if you like the WWF, you will probably like this pay-per-view. I think I am the only person that didn't like it.

    Jeff Harris
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