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Jeff Harris




  • June 23, 2001

  • Live from the Continental Airlines Arena.

  • Commentary is by Jim Ross and Paul Heyman

  • Diamond Dallas Page comes in through the crowd. He had to buy a ticket to be there. That new music he has sucks. DDP lets the Undertaker know that he has arrived. Page says he has a "personal collection" of the Sara footage. DDP is going to beat Taker in his own yard. He's in the front row with a sign that says "Make Me Famous". You know I didn't pay for this ppv to watch interviews, which I see about 6 hours worth every week on WWF television.

  • WWF King of the Ring semi-final match: Kurt Angle vs. Christian. No one has ever had a repeat win at King of the Ring. Christian comes in and starts to brawl with Kurt. Bell rings and match starts.

    Christian stomps a mud-hole into Kurt. Angle comes back with a tilt-a-whirl slam. Kurt stomps on Christian in the corner. Corner-whip and Angle runs to the buckle. Gut shot and a swinging neck-breaker by Christian. Christian gets 2 and applies a choke. "Angle sucks" chants break out. Angle reverses a whip. Christian gets a sunset flip, but Angle rolls out. Christian blocks the Angle-lock and hammers Kurt. Christian blocks a belly to belly suplex, but Angle counters with one. Angle knocks Christian to the outside. Kurt stomps on him outside and slams Christian on the announce table. Christian is able to slam Angle's head to the ring steps. Angle gets tossed in, and Chris climbs up top. Kurt pushes him off, and Christian flies into the wall on the outside.

    Angle rolls Christian in and gets a two count. Gut wrench slam by Angle. Backdrop suplex by Angle gets 2. Chris comes back with some rights but Kurt gets a kitchen sink-knee lift. Vertical suplex by Angle gets 2. Christian blocks another one with a small package for 2. Angle gets up first and hits another vertical suplex for 2. Christian reverses an Irish-whip, Angle ducks a clothesline, but Christian nails a leg lariat. Shane McMahon makes his presence known to Kurt at ringside. Angle misses his moonsault, and Christian covers Kurt for 2. Christian's inverted DDT into a backbreaker gets 2. Angle rakes the eyes and gets a waist-lock. Standing switch and Christian goes for the Unprettier. Angle gets a reverse single-leg takedown and applies the Angle-lock. Christian fights to the ropes.

    Kurt pulls him up and goes for an Olympic Slam. Christian blocks it and nails the Unprettier. Christian covers. Shane pulls him out before the ref can hit 3. Christian is on the apron. Kurt Olympic slams Christian over the ropes and into the ring for 3. Angle wins and advances to the finals at 8:15.

    **1/4. Decent enough opener, match should have been longer. So Shane wants Angle worn out for their street fight later.

  • Jonathan Coachmen wants some words with Stone Cold Steve Austin. Austin wants to know where Vince McMahon is. Coach tells Austin if Benoit or Jericho win the main event tonight they are going to WCW. Austin is speechless.

  • Now we get a video package of DDP and the Undertaker. Question, are these guys every going to have a match or what? This feud has gone on for months and all that has happened is Page getting beat up and Taker getting pissed.

  • Heyman interviews DDP. DDP says he has balls for going after Taker in his backyard of New Jersey. Isn't DDP from Jersey and Taker from Houston? We cut to footage of DDP at a restaurant. DDP is pissed he is being stalked because he is supposed to be the stalker.

  • King of the Ring Semi-Final Match: Edge-head vs. Rhino. The deterioration of team WRECK continues. Edge enters first followed by Rhino. Bell rings and match starts.

    Rhino spits in Edge's face, and Edge answers with some rights. Rhino gets a whip, but Edge reverses it and gets a leg lariat. Edge lays it in the corner. Corner whip by Edge, and he gets a reverse elbow from Rhino. Rhino whips Edge and charges. Edge backdrops him over the ropes, but Rhino lands on the apron and tries to slam Edge's head to the corner. Edge blocks it and slams Rhino's head to the corner. Rhino gets a dropkick from Edge and falls to the floor.

    Edge goes outside and clubs the back of Rhino. Edge is able to crotch him on the security wall and clotheslines him off. Rhino gets whipped by Edge back-first into the wall, but is able to come back with a hotshot on Edge to the security barricade. Edge gets slammed to the wall, and Rhino goes back in. Rhino pulls of the middle turnbuckle pad and whips Edge ribs-first into the metal bolt. The rookie monster works on Edge in the corner and whips him to the opposite. Running shoulder-thrust to the corner by Rhino. Rhino rams the knee to Edge's face and gets a two count. Irish-whip and an abdomen punch by Rhino. Rhino applies a body scissor hold on Edge. Edge's shoulders go down for 2. Edge gets out of the hold, but Rhino gets a kitchen sink knee lift on Edge. Sit-down front powerslam by Rhino. Rhino goes up top and nails a Big Splash on Edge. Only gets 2.

    Edge comes back with a boot in the corner and a hotshot on Rhino. Manhattan drop by Edge, and a clothesline. Edge with a fall behind neck-breaker. Edge is really favoring the ribs, but goes up top anyway. Rhino crotches him and goes for a super-plex. Edge punches Rhino and gets a sit-down sunset flip powerbomb off the top for 2. Rhino reverses a whip and gets a spinebuster and is ready for the Gore. Edge gets up. Rhino goes for the Gore, Edge goes for his spear. They both hit each other and get knocked out. Rhino stirs up after a 6-count and drapes an arm over Edge for 2. Edge gets a waist-lock into a rollup for 2. Rhino goes for the Gore again, but Edge dodges it and slams him to the exposed bolt. Edge nails the Impaler and gets 3. Edge wins and advances to the finals to meet Kurt Angle at 8:50.

    **. Decent match. Why do I have a feeling the WWF is going to screw up the tournament yet again? Edge is still favoring his hurt ribs quite heavily.

  • We see an interview aired earlier on MTV's Sunday Night Heat with Spike Dudley and Molly Holly. Spike congratulates the Dudleyz over their tag team title win on WWF Smackdown! Spike challenges them in a tag team title match for tonight at King of the Ring. Spike leaves to go find a partner.

  • Now Spike and Molly are at the King of the Ring set live. Spike says he has found a partner, and he won't reveal it until later. Bubba and D-von approach Spike and mock him. D-von calls him a disappointment him in the family. Bubba tells D-von they should leave because they are in a whole lot of trouble.

  • Time for an interview with Chris Jericho conducted by Tazz. Tazz wants to know what is the deal about the rumors about Benoit or Jericho jumping to WCW if either of them win tonight's main event. Jericho says he is aware of those rumors, but he was not aware that Tazz knew. Jericho says he is going to "shut the hell up" about it.

  • WWF Tag Team Title Match: The Dudley Boyz© vs. Spike Dudley and ????? A clip is shown of the Dudleyz winning the titles on Smackdown! Wait here comes the WWF Intercontinental Champion, Kane with Spike! He's Spike's partner. Spike runs into the ring and the Dudleyz attack. Bell rings and match starts.

    Kane comes in and double-clotheslines the Duds. Kane knock D-von outside, and Spike Frankensteiners Bubba out of the corner. Kane gets a running clothesline on Bubba, and Spike lays the rights into him. Bubba and Spike will start things out. Bubba reverses a whip and military presses Spike. Kane comes in and catches Spike. Kane cross body blocks Spike into Bubba for 2. Kane gets a big boot on Bubba, and Spike covers for 2. Bubba tags in D-von. Spike gets a drop toe hold, and Kane tags himself in. D-von ducks a clothesline and gives Kane some rights. Kane misses a clothesline but gets a powerslam and an elbow drop for 2. Kane works on D-von in the corner, and Spike tags himself in.

    D-von fakes a hurt knee to distract Spike and gets a back hair takedown. Tag to Bubba. Bubba works on Spike in the corner and tags in D-von. D-von whips Spike into a sideslam by Bubba, and D-von goes up to the second rope. Gulliotine legdrop off the second rope by D-von. Kane breaks the count after 2. Tag to Bubba. Whip and big back body drop by Bubba. Spike goes for a sunset flip. Bubba blocks it and misses a butt splash. Bubba comes back with a reverse monkey flip. Snap-mare takedown into a reverse chin-lock by Bubba. Spike gets out of it, but Bubba nails a big sit-down powerbomb for 2.

    Tag to D-von. Scoopslam to Spike. D-von goes to the second rope and goes for a diving head butt. Spike moves out of the way. Spike is able to make the hot tag to Kane. Kane comes in and back body drops Bubba. Right to D-von and a corner clothesline to Bubba. Clothesline to D-von and a neck-breaker to Bubba for 2. Kane gets a hip-toss on D-von and a sideslam on Bubba for another 2. Kane tosses D-von out and gives Bubba a front powerslam for yet another 3. Ref doesn't count the 3. Ross says Bubba got a shoulder up but he clearly didn't. D-von wasn't able to break it up in time. Kane punches D-von and Bubba out.

    Kane brings in Spike up and tosses him to the outside on the Duds. Spike tosses Bubba back in, and Kane gives him a flying lariat. Spike covers for 2. Bubba reverses a whip and is able to nail his Acid Drop. D-von is able to knock Kane into the ring post and is barely able to break Spike's cover before 3. Kane comes in, but the Duds are able to double-vertical suplex the Big Red Machine. Kane gets the wassup diving head butt and rolls out. Spike hits a double-missile dropkick on the Duds. D-von blocks an Acid Drop. The Duds nail the 3-D for 3, JR called it a DDT. Duds retain at 8:32.

    *1/2. Basically just an extended RAW match here. After the match the Dudleyz bring a table into the ring and set it up. Kane comes in and powerbombs D-von and choke slams Bubba into the table. Kane loses the title two days later at the Smackdown! tapings to Albert. That's right Albert to anyone who forgot. Kane wasn't much of an IC champion though either. The Dudley Boyz lose the titles a couple weeks later to the APA who are never even on television and never defend the tag team belts.

  • Video plug for Chris Jericho: Break Down the Walls on pay-per-view.

  • Edge is working on his bad ribs in the locker room. Christian comes in and wishes Edge luck. Too bad cooler heads didn't prevail, and we were unable to see Christian vs. Edge for the finals.

  • Now we see a clip of DDP getting into his car. DDP is irritated and yells that Taker should cut it out.

  • Now we go to WWF New York to have some words with 1999 King of the Ring winner, Billy Gunn. Gunn is pissed he is stuck in New York and not being in the tournament. Gunn says he doesn't give a crap about who wins and only cares about himself. He says the tournament is pathetic. What's pathetic is now all that Billy Gunn is parody of how crappy a wrestler he is. Now that is pathetic because he sucks so much as a wrestler.

  • WWF King of the Ring Finals: Kurt Angle vs. Edge-head. Angle's second time at the King of the Ring tournament finals. Edge comes out favoring his ribs, which got hurt earlier in his match with Rhino. Angle gets on a microphone and apologizes to Edge. He says he doesn't want anything to get in they way of their friendship. Angle explains there is no way Edge can win, so since he has a street fight with Shane, Edge should forfeit the win so he can be fresh in the street fight. Edge answers Angle by knocking him down with a right.

    Whip and a pancake slam by Edge. Edge stomps on Angle, but Angle punches and stomps on Edge in the corner. Angle ducks a clothesline, but Edge gets a leg lariat. Whip and Edge ducks. Angle football kicks Edge. Edge ducks a clothesline, but Angle belly to belly suplexes Edge over the top rope to the floor. Angle goes outside and whips Edge's ribs to the steel steps. Edge gets his ribs stomped on the outside, and Angle rolls him back in. Angle goes in and backdrop suplexes Edge for 2. Angle clubs Edge's back and gives him a vertical suplex for 2. Angle applies a reverse chin-lock. Edge gets back up to a vertical base and fights out of the hold. Angle is able to crotch Edge back first on the top rope. Edge elbows Angle away and rolls off the top, behind Angle, and into a schoolboy for 2.

    Angle reverses a whip and gets a belly to belly suplex for 2. Snap-mare takedown into another reverse chin-lock by Angle. Edge gets out of the hold, but Angle tosses him to the outside. Angle punches Edge and front-suplexes him onto the security wall. Angle rolls Edge back into the ring and climbs up to the top rope. Edge dropkicks Angle, and Angle gets crotched. Edge climbs up and delivers a top rope franken-steiner to Angle for 2. They fight to their feet, and Edge gets a lariat. Edge gets a running clothesline and a back body drop on Angle. Angle reverses a corner whip, and goes for a dropkick. Edge holds onto the ropes and dodges it. Edge catapaults Angle to the corner and pulls him down for 2.

    Angle goes for the Olympic Slam, but Edge blocks it and goes for the Impaler. Angle blocks that and gets a reverse single-leg takedown and goes for the Anglelock. Angle grabs both legs, and Edge gets a body scissor rollup on Angle for 2. Edge ducks a clothesline and gets a sit-down back hair takedown. Christian runs out to the apron and distracts the referee while Edge has Angle covered. Edge breaks the cover to see what is up, and Angle surprises him with a waist-lock into a rollup. Edge barely kicks out at 2. Angle whips Edge to the corner but gets a boot. Edge goes for a lariat, but Angle ducks and he knocks out the referee. Angle kicks Edge down by the legs and applies the Anglelock. Edge taps, but the ref is knocked out. Angle tries to revive the ref, but Shane comes in and Spears Angle. Both men get up, and Angle walks into an Impaler by Edge. Edge gets 3 and wins the 2001 King of the Ring Tournament at 10:21.

    **1/2. What is the name of this pay-per-view again? Anyway WWF steamrolled over the tournament in favor of the street fight. If they were going to have team WRECK as the final men in the tournament I think the final match should have been Edge and Christian. I also think they could have had a better tournament then team WRECK, and Angle SHOULD NOT have wrestled 3 matches tonight because it put him out of the ring for a couple of weeks.

  • Now we jump to the King of the Ring interview set. Benoit and Tazz are watching Edge's victory over the monitor. Tazz wants to know if there is any truth to the rumor that if Benoit or Jericho win that they will take the title to WCW. Benoit asks what kind of question is that, and responds by saying it is "a pretty good one." The only place Benoit is jumping to is a stretcher.

  • We see DDP looking very irritated and impatient at his seat.

  • Jonathan Coachmen is in the locker room talking to the 2001 King of the Ring, Edge. Edge says he "wreaks of royalty." Christian comes in and congratulates Edge, and says he just went out to the ring to help. Christian goes out to get balloons to celebrate. Edge says "so begins the ERA OF AWESOMENESS!" Can we say he Billy Gunn'd it yet?

  • Tough Enough preview. It is Survivor but with wrestling.

  • Angle is whining and walking around in the hallways. He starts going up to random staff people talking about how Shane helped him win so he would have an extra match. Angle says Shane is going to pay. And if anyone from WCW interferes, Angle is going to have them kicked out of the federation.

  • WWF Light Heavyweight Title Match: Jeff Hardy© vs. X-pixel. Whatever happened to X-factor? They just seemed to disappear. This is the first WWF Light Heavyweight Title defense on pay-per-view since Backlash 2000. That is right, over a year folks! I didn't think it took so long to "get serious" about giving a lightweight title match 7 minutes on pay-per-view. JR gives a short plug for Fully Loaded 2001. Too bad the presses had already announced it was Invasion. Bell rings and match starts.

    X-pac gets an armdrag takedown on Jeff to start. He applies a side-headlock into a hammer-lock. X-pac goes down and gets a reverse double-leg takedown and taunts Jeff. X-pac gets another side-headlock. Jeff pushes it off, but X-pac hits a running shoulder-block. Jeff leapfrogs over X-pac and gets an armdrag takedown into an armbar submission. X-pac gets up to a vertical base and reverses a whip. Jeff counters with a spinning head-scissor takedown, and X-pac rolls out.

    Jeff goes out and runs up on the security wall. Jeff nails a flying clothesline off the wall into Edge. They go back in. X-pac reverses a whip to the corner, but Jeff springs up to the top and goes for a corkscrew moonsault. X-pac moves out of the way, and Jeff hits the canvas. They move toward the ropes, and X-pac applies an abdominal stretch. X-pac starts to grabs the ropes for more leverage. Jeff is able to reverse it and apply an abdominal stretch on X-pac. X-pac quickly grabs the ropes and is able to hiptoss Jeff over the top rope and to the floor.

    X-pac springboards off the second rope and hits Jeff outside with a cross body. X-pac goes bac in. Jeff goes on apron and gets a should block through the ropes. He jumps back in and runs into a roundhouse kick by X-pac. Cover and 2 for X-pac. Reverse chin-lock by X-pac. Jeff gets up to a vertical base and elbows out of the hold. Slugfest. X-pac reverses a whip and gets a leg lariat for 2. X-pac gives Jeff a jumping back kick in the corner and goes for the bronco-buster. Jeff moves out of the way and X-pac hits the turnbuckle. Hardy ducks a clothesline and gets his falling back dropkick. Jeff gets a neck-breaker drop. X-pac reverses a whip but misses a dropkick. Jeff grabs his legs and gives X-pac a double-leg drop. Jeff charges him in the corner, but X-pac goes for a Thesz press. Anyway the spot gets totally messed up and Jeff falls on his face. Yuck.

    X-pac whips Jeff to the corner, but this time Jeff hits his springboard dropkick for 2. Jeff goes up top and gets a flying cross body. X-pac uses the leverage and rolls over on Jeff for 2. Jeff takes X-pac to the corner and rips off his shirt. Jeff tries the 10-punch, but X-pac rakes the eyes and pushes him off. X-pac hits the X-factor. Jeff gets his foot on the bottom rope before 3, but the ref counts it anyway. The ref says no before the bell can sound. X-pac thinks he won. He explains to X-pac what happened. X-pac gets pissed and goes for another X-factor. Jeff reverses it into a sit-down jawbreaker. Jeff climbs up top, but X-pac hits the ropes and Jeff is crotched. X-pac goes for a super-plex. Jeff pushes X-pac and nails his Senton Bomb. Jeff gets 3 and retains the title at 7:10.

    **. Decent match that was like most matches tonight, way too short. Jim Ross always says they are going to get serious about the Lightweight divisions, but they never do. And these matches are certainly not up to the lucha-libre stuff of WCW, which the WWF wrestlers cannot even dare compete with, utilizing the crappy WWF wrestling style.

  • To the commissioner's office. William Regal tells Tajiri he can't wait until Shane McMahon gets his. Austin comes in and starts dialing a cell-phone. It doesn't work, so Regal tells Austin to use his office phone. Austin talks to Vince and tells him about the WCW rumors. He gets Regal on the phone and says he is telling the truth. Austin says he needs Vince at the arena.

  • Ad for RAW Magazine and the Lita cover story.

  • DDP is still in his seat, and we see clips of DDP getting out of his car and going into the arena. DDP gets fed up and goes into the ring to call out the Undertaker. We see more clips of DDP being stalked. The stalker turns out to be Sara, Undertaker's wife. Sara says it is time for DDP to become famous. Here comes the Limp Bizkit music and the Undertaker. Meanwhile, DDP is doing yoga in the ring. Undertaker puts on his working gloves. Anyway Undertaker goes in and just totally whoops DDP. Remember this is a physical confrontation, not a match. Undertaker just kicks DDP's ass for a while. These two have been feuding for months and they have never had a match. Sara comes to ringside and starts to film the mess. DDP eventually gets tired of his ass being kick, and leaves through the crowd. Yeah this was worth the price of admission.

  • Austin is pacing around in a parking garage, waiting for the arrival of Vince McMahon. Stone Cold asks a staff person how long it takes to get from here to Greenwich. The staff person says an hour and a half. Austin explains he is expecting Vince McMahon, and when he tells the staff guy when Vince gets to the arena, to go to Austin's dressing room and tell him. Austin walks off and is obviously panicked.

  • Recap of the Shane McMahon and Kurt Angle feud.

  • WWF Street Fight Match: Kurt Angle vs. Shane McMahon. No props to WWF for screwing what could've been a good tournament in favor of this match. So if I don't rate this match 5 stars like every other Shane McMahon match, don't be surprised. Shane does his stupid dance to the ring. The young McMahon might be able to pull of some nice high spots and bumps from time to time, but a coherent wrestler he is not. Angle is wearing the straps for this one. Heyman is upset Angle didn't win the tournament. Jim Ross doesn't have a problem that Edge has a tainted win. Angle spears Shane. Bell rings and match starts.

    Angle gives Shane a waist-lock takedown. Another one. Shane gets to the ropes for a break, and Angle clubs his back. Backdrop suplex by Angle. Irish-whip and a kitchen sink knee lift by Angle. Repeat. Shane grabs Kurt's left leg and gives him some rights. Dragon screw leg whip by Shane. Mexican armdrag takedown by Shane. Waist-lock into a side heel-trip by Shane, and he starts to taunt Angle.

    Angle gets in a mounted to bait in Shane. Angle rolls over and clubs Shane's back more. Gutwrench slam by Angle. Belly-to-belly suplex on Shane. Angle's face is dripping with blood. Another belly-to-belly suplex by Angle. Angle goes for a mahistrol cradle, but it gets messed up and Shane falls on his face. Angle starts to slap Shane in the corner. Angle gets in the mounted position again waiting for Shane to strike. This time Shane kicks him in the get and lays in the rights. Irish-whip and a flying reverse-elbow by Shane. Shane gets a weak pair of clotheslines on Angle, but Angle comes back with another waist-lock takedown. Shane is able to maneuver the hold and toss Angle out. Angle's pisses off, and he starts chasing Shane around the ring. Shane jumps onto the security wall and flies into Angle.

    Shane stands on the wall behind JR and Heyman and flies into Angle again. Skippy grabs a Singapore cane and whacks Angle with it. Angle goes for a clothesline, but his arm hits the ring post. Shane clotheslines Angle over the security wall. Kurt grabs Shane by the head, but Shane snap-mares him back to ringside. Shane sends Angle's back to the apron and then armdrags Angle into the security wall. Shane repeats the spot and sends Angle's head into the ring steps. Kurt gets shoulder-blocked by Shane into the ring steps, back-first.

    They roll back in. Shane covers, but Angle bridges up after 2. Shane covers again, but Angle bridges up again after 2. One more time, but Angle matrix bridges up yet again. Shane elbow drops Kurt. Shane goes under the ring and brings in some trash cans, street signs, and a board. He whacks Angle with a street sign. Whip and a spinning shot to the head by Shane. Shane covers for 2. Angle rolls over and slaps at Shane's head. Shane ducks an enziguri and applies an Ankle-lock, and a darn crappy looking one at that. Kurt quickly kicks out of it. Kurt misses a charge to the corner and Shane gets a bad float-over into a DDT. Shane tries to apply a Scorpion Death Lock and screws it up by falling flat on his face in mid-move. He cinches it on and yes, it looks worse then when the Rock does it.

    Angle is able to crawl to the bottom rope. Ref doesn't make Shane break after he pulls Kurt away from the ropes. Angle grabs the Singapore cane and whacks Shane with it to escape the hold. Shane starts to jab at Kurt, and knocks him down. Shane covers and gets 2. He grabs a trash can and starts to smash it on Kurt Angle. He lays it on top of Angle and climbs up top. Shane goes for the Seven Year Itch! Angle moves, and Shane lands on the trash can. Kurt drapes an arm over Shane for 2. Angle gets a fireman-carry takedown on Shane. He picks up Shane in a fireman's-carry and dumps Shane over the top rope to the floor.

    They fight down the aisle. Shane blocks a suplex, and gives Kurt a vertical suplex on the floor. Kurt grabs Shane and slams him into the KOTR set. Angle trips over some wiring and falls on the concrete. Now here it is. Kurt tries to suplex Shane through the glass part of the KOTR set. Shane just falls head first to the floor. So what do they do? Try it again. Kurt does it again, and Shane breaks through this time. Angle's shoulder is busted open now from the glass. They are inside the set now, and Kurt wants to suplex Shane through the glass out. It doesn't work. Let's do it again! Kurt tries it again, but he just can't do it. Angle just picks Shane up and rams him through the glass this time. That segment was sick and ridiculous at the same time.

    Angle covers Shane, but it is not falls count anywhere. Kurt tries to pull Shane, but he just falls flat on his back onto all those little pieces of broken glass. Angle is a bloody mess and so is this stupid match. Angle grabs an equipment box and stacks Shane on it. JR thinks he is going to use it to run Shane over. Angle rolls Shane back to the ring, when it should just be stopped immediately. At this point when I'm writing this I get a call, and I'm told "HAVEN'T YOU EVER HEARD THE SHOW MUST GO ON?!"

    Kurt rolls Shane in and covers him for 2. Shane gets a low blow and is able grabs a trash can lid. He smashes it into Angle. Shane is able to get up and Olympic Slam Angle. Shane gets an arm over Angle for 2. Angle grabs Shane's legs and catapaults him into the corner. Kurt sets Shane up on the top rope and starts whacking his back with a board. He lays the board on the top rope and climbs up on it. Kurt picks Shane up and Olympic Slams him off the mess! Yuck. Angle is able to turn over and cover Shane for 3. 26:00.

    ***. Well props to both men for going through this sickening match. But why should I give this match 5 stars? It moved very slowly because of the blown spots those two had to go through, and Angle shouldn't have had to wrestle in the tournament and a brutal street fight all in one night. This match puts Angle out of the ring for a couple of weeks, but he is ok. I say to WWF, they are wrestlers, let them f'n wrestle. Anyway after the match, some officials assist Shane in leaving the ring. Heyman and Ross think it will be Shane's last pay-per-view performance, and I hope it is.

  • Another plug for WWF Fully Loaded 2001. Speaking of which, I attended Fully Loaded last year in Dallas and it was truly amazing. Better than Backlash and Summerslam (very overrated ppv's), and a card that didn't suck top to bottom. If you can ever get your hands on it get it.

  • Chris Jericho is on his way out for the tonight's main event.

  • Benoit is psyching himself up for the match.

  • Meanwhile, Austin is still worried about Vince's arrival in the garage. Austin tells the staff person we saw earlier when he sees tell him to come to the ring. Well now it is go time.

  • WWF Triple-Threat Match for the WWF Title: Stone Cold Steve Austin© vs. The Crippler, Chris Benoit vs. The Lionheart, Chris Jericho. Was it the smartest thing for Benoit to be wrestling when he knew he would soon have to leave and get surgery? Just making a point. We get a video package of the feud, and Linda making the match. The longer we don't see Linda on television, the more painful her next appearance will be. Benoit enters first, followed by Jericho with his modified music and new TitanTron video. Austin screwed the two out of the tag team titles at the last Smackdown! Austin enters and keeps looking behind him to see if Vince is there. Benoit and Jericho rush out of the ring and beat on Austin. They all go into the ring. Bell rings and match starts.

    Austin rolls out and climbs over the security wall into the crowd. Jericho and Benoit get the drop on him and toss him back to ring side. Austin goes into the crowd again, but still gets attacked by the Canadians. Jericho charges, but Austin is able to back body drop Jericho over the ropes back to ring side. Benoit tosses Austin over the wall and into the ring we go.

    Austin gets the drop on Benoit and puts the boots to him. He slams Benoit's head to the turnbuckle and gives him some chops. Jericho comes in, and the Canadians double-chop at Austin in the corner. Austin falls down, and they both stomp on him. Heyman is pissed the Canadians are making this a handicap match. Double-Irish whip to Austin, but Austin football punts Benoit. He whips Jericho, but Jericho hits a flying forearm. Cover by Jericho, but Benoit pulls him off after 2. Austin knocks both of them, and gives Jericho some rights on the ropes. They all brawl in the corner. Austin whips Jericho chest-first to the corner and clubs him in the back. Jericho gets his head slammed to the turnbuckle by Austin. Austin goes for a backdrop suplex. Jericho flips over and pushes Austin into a right from Benoit. The Canadians trade rights on Austin, and kick at him in the corner. Jericho goes for a leg lariat, but Austin ducks and Jericho hits Benoit.

    Jericho stomps Austin and puts Benoit in the corner. Austin rips off a top turnbuckle pad to expose a bolt. Jericho and Austin stomp on Benoit in the corner. They kick Benoit out, and now Austin gives the rights to Jericho. Whip by Austin, Jericho ducks a chop, and Austin goes for a Thesz press. Jericho counters with a double-leg takedown into the Lion-tamer. Benoit comes in and breaks it, and he backdrop suplexes Jericho out of the ring. Replay shows Jericho hitting his head on the edge of the ring on his way down. Ouch. Benoit gets Austin in the corner and stomps into him. Whip to the opposite corner by Benoit, but Austin gives him a boot to the face. Austin charges, but Benoit takes him down by the arm and goes for the crossface. Austin grabs the ropes for a break before Benoit can lock it on. Benoit stomps on Austin's head and gives him a snap suplex. Irish-whip and a reverse elbow by Benoit gets 2. Benoit covers again for a two count. Forearm shot to Austin's head. Austin reverses a whip and tosses Benoit out of the ring. Austin rolls outside.

    Stone Cold slams Benoit's head to the ring steps, and grabs the WWF title belt. He starts to yell "See that it'll never be yours!" Austin slams Benoit's head to the steps again and rolls him back in. Austin grabs Benoit's legs and kicks him in the abdomen. He rubs his knee brace into Benoit's face chops him down. Austin hits a knee drop off the ropes for 2. Austin mounts Benoit and punches his head. Benoit is able to hook Austin's shoulders down using his legs for 2. Austin recovers and grabs Benoit head and covers him for 2. Jericho is up on the ring apron. He picks Benoit up and throws him into Jericho. Jericho falls back to the floor. Austin uses the ropes to choke Benoit. He runs off the ropes and pounces on Benoit like Kevin Nash. Big stomps by Austin onto Benoit. Austin knees Benoit in the gut and flicks him off. Stunner maybe? Austin gut shots Benoit and goes for the Stunner. Benoit pushes Austin off into referee, Earl Hebner. Benoit with a gut shot and a Stone Cold Stunner on Austin! Benoit covers, and Earl revives himself to make the count. Austin barely kicks out at 2. Benoit goes outside and brings in the WWF title belt. He nails Austin with it and covers him again. Earl counts, but Jericho finally comes in and hits Benoit's head to break the count.

    The Canadians go outside and have a slugfest. Benoit charges, but Jericho hotshots Benoit into the ring post. Jericho dives in the ring and covers Austin for 2. Austin reverses a whip and gets a double-leg takedown. Now Austin is trying to apply the elevated-Crab. Jericho is able to power out and knocks Austin down. Jericho gets a double-leg takedown and goes for it. Austin grabs the bottom rope before Jericho finishes it. Vertical suplex by Jericho gets 2. Forearm shots to the head by Jericho. Austin reverses a whip and nails a sidewalk slam on Jericho. Austin covers Jericho for 2. Austin kicks Jericho in the gut and rakes the leg braces into Jericho's face. He starts to the knee to Jericho's abdomen and nails a side-Russian leg-sweep. Austin covers for 2. Irish-whip and a sleeper hold by Stone Cold. Jericho fights his way out and nails a backdrop suplex on Austin. They get on their knees and battle to their feet. Jericho whips Austin to the corner and nails another flying forearm. Jericho gets a pair of running clotheslines on Austin. Benoit gets on the ring apron. Jericho hits him with a second rope springboard dropkick. Austin gets whipped to the corner by Jericho, and Jericho hits him with his face crusher. Jericho goes for the lion-sault, but Austin gets the knees up to block it.

    Austin flicks Jericho off. Gut shot, but Jericho pushes off Austin to prevent a Stunner. Austin runs off the ropes and gets a crappy Thesz press on Jericho. Fists of fire by Austin. Benoit comes in with a chair this time. He goes for Austin, but Austin ducks. Benoit whacks Jericho in the head with the chair. Austin ducks a swing from Benoit and nails the Stone Cold Stunner. Benoit rolls out. Austin covers Jericho for 2. He sets Jericho up on the top rope. Austin climbs up to the top. TOP-ROPE SUPER-PLEX!!! Austin sets Jericho up on another top rope and climbs up to the top. Another top-rope super-plex by Austin. Can anyone remember the last time Austin did that, twice in a row? Austin covers Jericho, but only gets 2 again.

    Austin puts Jericho on the top rope again. Benoit runs in and clubs Austin's back. Waist-lock into the German suplex! Benoit holding on, and a second one! Benoit going for three, and he nails it! The Crippler is still f'n holding it on. There is number four! Crap, Benoit going for five, and he gets it. Going for six maybe? No, Austin breaks the waist-lock with a mule kick. Austin goes after Jericho, but Jericho gets a double-leg takedown into the Lion-Tamer! Wait, Benoit wakes up and applies the Crippler Cross-face as well! Austin taps! Earl says it can't work like that, so match continues. Benoit is able to get Jericho in the Crippler Cross-face. Jericho rolls out of it and goes for the Lion-Tamer. Benoit kicks him off. The Canadians start trading chops. Benoit stops it with some kicks to the gut and a snap suplex for 2. Austin is outside, going for a chair. Benoit sees it and baseball slide dropkicks the chair into Austin's face. Jericho whips Benoit and goes for a clothesline. Benoit ducks, kick to the gut and a front face-lock to Jericho. Jericho lifts Benoit up and front-suplexes Jericho out of the ring.

    Wait, someone's attacking Austin on the outside. It's the WCW World and United States Champion, Booker T! Booker gives Austin the axe-kick. He picks Austin up and awkwardly slams Austin into the Spanish announcing table. Booker T leaves through the crowd. Back in. Benoit applies a waist-lock on Jericho and nails a German suplex. The Rabid Wolverine holds on and nails a second one. Jericho reverses the waist-lock with a body scissors into a victory roll. Jericho is able to hook on the Lion-Tamer on Benoit. Benoit is able to crawl his way to the ropes. Jericho stomps on Benoit. Benoit reverses a whip and rams Jericho shoulder-first into the ring post. Jericho flips over a backdrop suplex attempt and pushes Benoit into the exposed bolt. Jericho goes for a face crusher. Benoit goes behind and applies a waist-lock. Jericho elbows him off. Benoit kicks at Jericho and scoopslams him back to the canvas. Benoit calls for the head butt and goes up top. Jericho gets up and press slams Benoit off the top to the floor. Benoit gets the face crusher from Jericho. Jericho runs to the ropes and goes for the lion-sault. He poorly executes it and covers for 2. Jericho chops at Benoit on the ropes and whips him to the opposite side. He charges into Benoit, and they both fall outside.

    Jericho grabs the top of the announce table set and rams it into Austin's back. Jericho rolls Austin back into the ring and climbs up top. Jericho with a moonsault off the top rope! Benoit gets in and pulls Jericho off before 3. He kicks Jericho out of the ring and climbs up to the top rope. KAMIKAZE HEADBUTT!!!!! Benoit is quickly able to cover Austin. 1...2...and Jericho pulls the ref out. Benoit's pissed. He sets Jericho up on the tope rope and climbs up. Benoit with a top rope backdrop super-plex! All three men are down. Austin is able to roll over and cover Benoit. One...two...three. What the hell? Austin wins and retains his title at 27:55.

    ****. That finish was messed up. However this is the first WWF main event I can think of in a long time that had no outside interference. A couple of spots were noticeably blown, and Benoit was obviously working way too hurt. Much like Angle in the street fight. Anyway that move from Booker T broke 3 bones in Austin's back and his hand. Austin was unable to really compete for about 6 weeks. His match against Angle at Summerslam is the first WWF title defense in eight weeks after King of the Ring. After the match, Austin takes his belt and leaves the area. We see replays of Booker T attacking Austin. Austin raises up his belt, and that is the end of the show.

    7 Matches

    PAY-PER-VIEW BROADCAST TIME: approx. 2:55:00

    IN-RING BELL-TO-BELL TIME: approx. 1:27:01

    OVERALL: Well the ppv didn't suck. But it was disappointing. If the bookers gave more time to the tournament and just didn't brush it off it could have been better. The mid-card matches were way too short, and overall it was pretty weak. You can't have an entire ppv of crappy mid-card matches and just try to end best at the end. And you can't just have a strong mid-card and a weak end. In the end its not the best for business.

    Jeff Harris
    from the ezboard

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