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Zach Hershman




Hello everybody. My name is Zach Hershman and this is my view of what has happened so far with wCw and what I would do in the future.

First off we see Lance Storm who in my opinion will be a main eventer in no time. Him coming out on Raw like that was perfect. Raw was in Canada and the crowd was already hot that night because of the Canadian Chris's.

Second we see Hugh Morrus. Hugh Morrus? Come on. This guy might be a great worker and a great guy backstage, but the fans were never really behind him in wCw. Whoever thought he would make a splash must have been drinking that night. He got a pop because he is from wCw. Let's face it. If Kwee Wee ran out in a Stone Cold match he would even get a pop because of where he is from.

Third we get the ever so fine Stacy Kiebler. Ok I have no problem with that. Everyone knew who she was and nobody in their right mind would change the channel when she came out. She will be a star with the WWF promotional machine behind her.

Ok now we get into who's next. And no that wasn't a reference to Goldberg. I would make my next splash big. Ok picture this.

It is Raw coming to you live from wherever we are this week. The fans were teased last week about a wCw invasion and all they got was Shane, so this week they are really on the edge of their seats. Vince arrives at the arena and sees the wCw limo and he is pissed. We go to commercial break and when we come back we are greeted with "No Chance". He storms down to the ring and starts to call out Shane. Next we here that Siren with the wCw logo on the screen. It's Shane in the production truck. Before he starts to talk you here Vince yell "You know where he is! Now go get him!". Shane and Vince are just talking about how they hate each other. Shane is about to leave, but Vince is stalling.

Next the camera switches to Kurt Angle running. It seems he is headed towards the production truck. Shane then says that Vince shouldn't have been stalling, because he is ready for Angle. Vince gets one of those shocked / worried looks on his face. The camera switches to the back where you see Angle laid out. The camera then pans up to show Lance Storm standing over him with a steel pipe.

Now Vince is really scared and sends security out there to get Shane and Lance. Shane is now jumping into the limo with Lance and is about to take off. But first he pops his head out of the sun roof and tells Vince there is one more thing. The music hits "Self High Five". The crowd erupts and out from under the ring comes DDP with a diamond cutter. Shane takes off and a few minutes later you see him pulling around to the other side of the building where DDP is at.

Next time it get's even bigger.

Well those are my thoughts. Give me some feedback with some of your thoughts. My thanks to CRZ for letting me get some things out of my head. Till next time. Hopefully. Any feed back is appreciated. Email me at

Zach Hershman

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