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Hello everybody. It's Zach again. Here comes the next step in the Invasion (well at least in my opinion).

Last week I wrote about how I would have DDP come out. I wasn't picturing him as the stalker though. As I see it he is not the greatest person as the stalker. Because if anybody even watches wrestling they know that DDP is married to the beautiful Kimberly. As for saying he wants to be more famous. I see that as a put down of wCw. What you have to wrestle someone in the WWF to become famous? What were the writers thinking when they wrote that one? I also see why they went with DDP as the stalker. They have no one else who fits the "bad boy" image. They wanted to put wCw to the front, but I think they did it in a wrong way.

Now for the next step in the Invasion angle. At the PPV I would have people like Lance Storm and Booker T show up in some capacity. Something that you will notice is that I am a huge Lance Storm "mark". Just a little background on me. There are only a couple other people that I really mark out for. First off is the greatest wrestler of his time Shawn Michaels. I'll probably take some heat for that one. The other two are Rob Van Damn (who reminds me so much of Shawn Michaels) and HHH.

Ok back to the Invasion thing. At the King of the Ring I would have Lance Storm interfere in the Shane McMahon Kurt Angle matchup. That could set up a match between the two of them at the Invasion PPV. These two are great in the ring and they would deliver a great match.

Secondly I would have Booker T get involved in the Stone Cold matchup. We all know that Austin isn't going to lose his belt so why not let everyone keep there heat and build up a match between Jericho / Benoit and Booker T / partner to be named later. I would not make it a mystery partner because that would end up being a huge let down. The fans would be hoping for someone like Goldberg, Sting, or Steiner. That is not going to happen, so I would build it up over weeks to where it would become a tag match. This would be a good spot to bring in someone like Buff Bagwell or Rob Van Damn. I am hoping by this time Eddie Guerrero will be ready to return to cost the Canadian Chrisses the match. Guerrero would be a great addition to wCw. He just keeps getting lost in the shuffle in the WWF.

I also scenario for the Stone Cold matchup, but this one is a little out there. I don't believe the WWF would ever do this and I am not sure I would want them to. If they did this it could make wCw more powerful than the WWF. I would have the Booker T interfere and beat down Stone Cold and the Canadian Chrisses. Next you here the Rocks music. They get face to face and get ready to fight, but instead they give each other a hug. This would be one of the biggest surprises that they could come up with and the crowd would be in shock. I know this will probably never happen, but this is just my huge imagination running wild.

Next there should be some mid carders getting involved. I suggest Sean O'Haire or maybe even (god forbid) Hugh Morrus. Sean is a tremendous young worker and could start a good feud with someone like a Rhyno or Edge. All three are future superstars.

As for people like Test or the Big Show. I hope they don't send either of them over to wCw. Test could be someone someday, but he isn't right now. If they send him there now it will make wCw look like a minor league program. I think to make wCw big they should send one of the top notch wrestlers over. Who that would be would depend on the current storyline. Right now I would send the Undertaker over. Before you jump all over me let me explain. I know it would be weird to see him on wCw tv since he has been in the WWF for so long. But it seems lately in his career he has been trying anything to prolong his career. He will probably be retiring in the next two years anyway. He would be a huge name there and would give the heavyweights over there even more credibility. And about two or three months before he plans on retiring he could jump ship back over to the WWF. That way he could retire where "he belongs".

I would also like to see Raven and Tazz in wCw because the WWF has shown they don't know how to push them. I know it is still the WWF, but there will be a couple new people there who might know what to do. The WWF will be fine without these guys because in a month or so they will be getting the Rock back and HHH will be back sooner or later.

Stay tuned till next time when my mind will run even wilder, since it will be right after the King of the Ring and most of the big storylines will already be taking shape.

Well those are my thoughts. Give me some feedback with some of your thoughts. Till next time.

Any feed back is appreciated. Email me at

Zach Hershman

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