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Hello everybody. Zach Hershman here again with this weeks thoughts.

First topic this week is Buff Bagwell. FIRE HIM!!! HE IS A CANCER THAT IS ALREADY STARTING TO AFFECT OTHERS. Well that's all I want to say about him.

Next thing now. Booker T, I don't know what you have been doing for the last couple of months, but I can tell it wasn't anything to do with wrestling. You are looking like a rookie out there. Piece of advice, start off by warming up for an hour in the ring before Raw or Smackdown so you can get rid of some of that ring rust.

Third thing is Lance Storm. He is an awesome worker and the fans like him. If you put him in the match against Booker T or maybe set him up for a feud with Kurt Angle. You could even have a small sub plot with Justin Credible and the rest of X-Factor coming out to cost him a match. People who followed ECW would mark out for this. Lance Storm will be huge one of these days.

Now for this upcoming RAW. The wCw vs WWF angle is starting off really really slow. I know with Angle and Austin being injured it has been hard to get them involved. But there needs to be a huge moment and it needs to be soon. So here is my suggestion.

RAW starts off with McMahon in the ring like usual. He is going through his normal rant when suddenly the lights go out. About 10 seconds later the lights come on and Vince is laid out and over the mic is someone laughing. We go to commercial break and when we come back we see the APA and the mid card express talking. They are blaming this attack on the mole and they go on a witch hunt. They go around questioning every mid carder, but come up empty handed. Bradshaw goes to the bathroom and when he walks in all you here (Whoops, there's that funny "hear" word again ;-) - CRZ) is what the hell are you doing here. Next thing you here is a fight break out and Bradshaw flies out of the bathroom, hits his head on the door, and is knocked unconscious. The camera goes into the bathroom, but no one is there. When we get back Bradshaw is being helped up by the rest of the mid carders and says he doesn't remember what happened or who attacked him.

For the remainder of the show Farooq and the mid card express continue there man hunt. The main event is here now and you have match between say Jericho and Angle with Austin as the special ring side enforcer. Mid way through the match the lights go out and when they come back on Austin,Angle, and Jericho are laid out with two masked men standing over them. The whole WWF locker room empties, but they aren't entering the ring because the two men have steel pipes. McMahon comes hobbling back out and demands they unmask themselves. First mask off is Edge and he gets on the mic and cuts one of his great promos about why he did it and how he has been held down in the WWF.

We are getting ready to go off the air as the other man is taking off his mask. It's the ROCK! Hit his music, show McMahon's face, show the Rock's face and now we are off the air.

Now that would be a huge moment. Everyone would mark out and be shocked. This would give wCw some star power and it would give the Rock the storyline he needs to get back in the mix. The Rock could actually disappear again for a couple weeks except for maybe a taped interview on why he did it. That way he could still get his vacation that he is wanting.

Well those are my thoughts. Give me some feedback with some of your thoughts. Email me at Till next time.

Zach Hershman

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