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Hello everybody. It's Zach again. I wasn't happy with my last column (quick question to myself: what's up with the masked gimmicks 2 weeks in a row?) so I decided to write another sooner than usual. Sit back and relax you might like this one.

Tonight we are live in Atlanta GA. The skits between Austin/Angle/Vince over the last couple of weeks have been hilarious and tonight they will continue. The show kicks off with Vince still in his bad mood and the Austin/Angle duo are trying to cheer him up. They bring up the street fight between Shane and DDP and get Vince to sit down and watch it. The street fight is very brutal and they keep showing Vince who is loving every second of it. It makes it's way outside where DDP's gang ends up jumping Shane. Shane is getting the crap kicked out of him, but there is the Undertaker and Kane to save him.

We switch back to Vince and he is furious that 2 of his WWF boys helped out Shane. Vince is throwing stuff all over the place, so Angle comes up with an idea and whispers it to Austin. They both calm down Vince so he can listen to the idea. Austin tells Vince that he has the perfect plan to cheer him up and they will go for a car ride. Vince agrees and starts walking while the camera is showing Austin and Angle arguing over whos idea it really was.

After a couple matches they show Vince's limo pulling up to a very large building. The limo stops and Angle, Austin, and a blindfolded Vince get out. They walk in front of the sign of the building and take off Vince's blindfold. Vince gets a shock look on his face as he reads the sign that says CNN. They are at Ted Turners CNN building. The very same building that DX invaded a couple years back. All three started laughing until Angle brought up the fact that Turner is out of the wrestling business for good. This just reminds Vince that his own son outsmarted him and bought wCw out from under him. Austin then says that Angle is an idiot for this idea. They then both go back and forth about whos idea it really was. Vince decides to break it up and they decide to go back to the arena.

They get back to the arena to find out that while they have been gone wCw has taken over the whole show. They go straight to ringside and beat down Arn Anderson and Scott Hudson and retake the show. Vince goes into one of his 15 minute rants and says that there is no way in hell that wCw will have any more matches on his tv shows. Of course the next thing you hear is Linda's music. She comes out and threatens that if he doesn't show wCw matches then she will go after more than half of his assets. She basically blackmails Vince into showing more wCw matches.

We get back from break and we see Vince destroying his locker room again. Austin and Angle huddle up off to the side and decide they need to come up with something to get Vince's mind off of everything. They both decide to send him on a trip to Panama City, Florida.

Later on in the show they give Vince the ticket. He asks what he is suppose to do with this. Angle tells him that there are a lot of pretty girls down there. This makes Vince really happy. Angle than tells him about all the great clubs down there and this gets Vince thinking. He is grinning like a 16 year old boy at an all girls school. Then suddenly he rips up the ticket and starts throwing things again. This has Austin and Angle confused. Vince calls them idiots because he just remembered that that is where Shane showed up and announced that he bought wCw. Angle says that it was Austin's idea and Austin says it was Angle's idea. Vince doesn't want to hear it and tells them to shut up.

It's the main event and it is Booker T vs Lance Storm for the title. The match is going back and forth. They cut back to the back where Vince is and he orders Angle and Austin to go attack them. They beat down Storm and Booker T with chairs. Right before the show goes off the air they cut back to Vince saying "finally something goes my way". He goes to leave his locker room, but when he opens the door standing in front of it is Ric Flair. He backs Vince into the locker room and beats the crap out of him. And we are off the air now.

Well those are my thoughts. Till next time. Any feed back is appreciated. Email me at

Zach Hershman

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