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I've got a couple of different things on my mind right now that I would like to vent a little about.

First off we have the internet writers who think the WWF is going to lose or should lose at Survivor Series. What have you lost your mind? There are so many things wrong with this. Do you actually think that Vince McMahon has been hit in the head that many times to where he would end his own companies existence? I know he owns wCw, but that is not the WWF. Then you have the fans that only know of the WWF and don't care about wCw or the Alliance. The WWF name alone sells people on its product. Think of it this way. You've got two identical shoes except for the fact that one is a K-Mart special and the other is made by NIKE. People will spend $60 more just because it is NIKE, same goes for the WWF.

Then you would also run in to many legal problems. All of its sponsors paid to be seen during WWF shows, not Alliance or wCw shows. Also you have the 50,000 plus people who just bought tickets to WWF Wrestlemania. It would be a really stupid business move if Vince McMahon tried it because he would fail miserably.

Second thing I would like to vent about. Everybody keeps complaining about how the McMahon's are on tv too much. I agree, but that is not the problem with the WWF. Their problem is lack of creativity on the creative team. WOW! Did I just say that? I am someone who is a huge fan of Paul Heyman and his many skills (hence my name), but I think Paul has realized that there is nowhere else for him to go, so he has been keeping his mouth shut. I could be way off base in saying this, but I think Paul Heyman has become one of those ass kissers who don't open there mouth. Either that or he has lost his touch. The WWF has put an ad out in which they are looking for a new writer. This will do absolutely no good as long as Vince lets his annoying (good looking) daughter still head up the creative team.

Last thing for today. I was just over at where I was reading a real good interview with Hardcore Holly. I suggest you go read it. He speaks his mind in this article.

Well that's all for today. Hit me up with some feedback. Till next time.

Yours truly,

The Kool-Aid Supplier

Zach Hershman

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