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Zach Hershman




OK I am going straight into my rant today. I am not going to have one of those catchy opening paragraphs.

Everyone of late seems to be bashing the WWF for many different reasons. They are bashing them for the storylines, the hazing, and any other little tidbit they can find.

For everyone that is bashing the current storylines. STOP! It hasn't been no where near as horrible as everyone has being saying it is. First off everyone says they want drastic changes in the storylines. To do that they had to mix things up a lot. There is no way they could have explained all the recent events clearly unless it was done over time. That would have probably been better, but no you were bitching saying you wanted drastic changes. They are giving it to you and you still bitch. Do you people just not have a life and the only thing you do is bitch. If so find a life and stop bothering the true wrestling fans.

Now about the hazing. Many people are crying foul and some people have a legitimate gripe. Some of the things that were going on don't need to be. The illegal transportation of alcohol across the border and the taping someone up and telling them you are going to rape them is going way to far and stuff like that needs to be stopped. The hazing of the WCW refs for not having to help in setting up the ring like the the WWF refs is somewhat expected. Some of the WWF refs have been in this business for a really long time and if they have to do it then the WCW refs should have to do it. The fact that the WWF refs can't do anything about it probably frustrates them and this is the only thing they can do about it. I believe if they do hazing it should only be for a couple weeks and it shouldn't be anything major. Heck Charles Robinson went through it and now he respected by many people backstage. I have also seen reports that Charles Robinson is actually part of the WWF ref "clique" now and helps out with setting up the ring and other things. If that is true I have even more respect for the guy.

As for the unwritten rules. I don't care where you work or what you do there are unwritten rules. The only way you find out about these unwritten rules is by either breaking one or being a witness to someone breaking one. Don't complain about these just learn from them. If you break them once be smart enough not to break them again. Life is full of unwritten rules, so don't bitch about them just follow them.

That's all for today. Hit me up with some responses. Till next time.

Zach Hershman

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