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Ok, so the game isn't coming out until November, but I got my hands on a copy so allow me to review for you.
Features: C-

The Season: Typical season mode that you will find on any handheld wrestling game. WM2K for GB had the exact same season system. Vince says that theres no chance in hell that you'll win the WWF title. You face everybody else in the game to prove him wrong.

Additions of Royal rumble and King of the Ring make it a little different.

Gauntlet: Face everybody in the game. One right after the other! Scintilating stuff really as you'll get quite bored, quite quickly...More in a bit...

Exhibition: Standard stuff. Singles, Tag, Triple Threat, Handicap or Cage.

KOR: Standard one on one type stuff but in a tournament.

Iron Man Match: Standard one on one type stuff, but with multiple falls in a time limit.

Royal Rumble: Just like it sounds. Have fun trying to knock people out though.

PPV: Several Different matches. One game.

MultiPlayer: I don't honestly know. It's there, but I don't have anyone with whom to link.

For a hand held, a few years ago this would have been top notch. But Fire Pro Adv. just blows this away in terms of features.

Customization: D

There's no CAW which is really too bad. You can mess around with difficulty and change the ring apron to KOR/RR/Summerslam/RAW/Smackdown and WM but nothing else there really. Nothing you can't see anywhere else. You can make the match hardcore just by changing the Count Out to "Hardcore" which is about the extent of customization.

Selection: C

You can be Austin, Rock, HHH, Taker, Kane, Angle, Jericho, Benoit, Billy G, Rikishi, Edge, Christian, Matt, Jeff, Buh Buh Ray, D-Von, Farooq, Bradshaw, Eddie Guerro, Tazz, Raven, Regal, X-Pac, or Hardcore Holly. Some interesting choices for the undercard guys, but whatever.

Sound: D-

Standard Midi themes downloaded straight off The only one that struck me is that they digitized Eddie saying "Latino Heeeeeat". But then again, the extent of his song is him saying that over and over and over again. Ref sounds seem ripped straight from Fire Pro, and wrestlers sounds are represented by "oofs".

Graphics: B

I've got no problems. HHH looks NOTHING like HHH, but whatever. For GBA, the graphics look more like GB Color, but still ok. The entrances are pretty good clear shots of the wrestler on the Titan Tron as the wrestler comes out and strikes his generic pose. Regal's entrance video is especially nice.

Gameplay: F

This is just soooo bad. I have Fire Pro, and this, my friends, is no Fire Pro. Everyone has the same generic set of a few moves kick, suplex, piledriver, bodyslam, whip, 4 different punches, and a two generic submissions. Everyone comes equipped with a finisher, but it rarely does any more damage than any other move.

The only thing setting anybody apart is that "light weights" like Jericho, Benoit, and Guerro use the 'Rana counter as opposed to the powerslam.

Overall: D

What do you get when you combine fair graphics, terrible gameplay, and horrible themes with a small roster of people with Undertaker's moveset? Why a WWF Gameboy game of course, and one that shouldn't even be bothered to call itself "Advanced". Do yourself a favor, go out, Buy Fire Pro, and change the guys names to whatever the hell you want.

If you really liked WWF WM2K for the Game Boy or just want to fill out your collection of WWF games, whatever, but don't say I didn't warn you.

Matt Hocking
from the ezboard - Excalibur05

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