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Man. I take a week and a half away on a business trip and the entire Internet community does a complete 180 with it's stance on the WWF. What a difference a week makes, eh?

I'd like to take this moment to attempt to get the entire Internet Wrestling Community (IWC) to learn something from this past week. Ever since Wrestlemania, everyone has been complaining about the lack of direction in the WWF, Austin's botched heel turn, the glass ceiling, HHH being Supreme Overlord of All Things Mat-Related, etc. The vast majority of the IWC was preaching that the WWF was entering Armageddon: hellfire and brimstone, end of the world, that kinda stuff. Now, after the past Raw/Smackdown, everyone is praising the WWF on their wonderfulness. While I'm glad everyone is happy with Papa McMahon again, I want you to learn something from this:

Next time, before you start spewing at the mouth, use a little common sense.

Vince has been here before, remember? He's proven time and time and time again that, as long as you're patient with him, he will eventually do pretty good. Maybe not perfect, but better than we could ever hope to see. That's why the last few weeks have been so interesting to watch for me: to see how (and when) Vince is going to get the ball rolling again. What happened the last few weeks was simply downtime. You simply cannot put on edge-of-your-seat shows week after week after week for months and years at a time. Every now and then, you have to put the truck on cruise, take a stretch, and figure out where you wanna go next. I'd say that at this point, they've figured out where they wanna go. And it should be one hell of a ride getting there.

When the IWC has been flaming the WWF, it really appalled me to see the lack of common sense that was being used. If everyone had used some common sense, everything would have been very apparent. This wasn't Vince Russo we were dealing with. This wasn't the Turner hierarchy we were dealing with. This was Vince McMahon -- someone who has proven he can do the right thing and make new stars (as well as push them properly). The UT-Kane/SCSA-HHH feud was nothing more than a time killer to buy the WWF some time while they decided on the way to go from there.

So now, we have Jericho and Benoit at the main event level. With HHH shelved for six months, it looks like we have Angle re-entering the top heel picture with Austin (and maybe a heel Rocky as well on his return, to battle a face HHH?). We were given, on free TV, one of the best tag team title matches in history along with an incredible TLC match. Since they've been nice enough to come through (again), can you do something for them please?

Next time you want to whine about how stale it's getting, think back to now. Think back, and try to use some common sense please.


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