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Wrestlemania is finally here and many of us are in a state of despair. There is almost unanimous agreement across the web that the poison that will kill the WWF isn't the nWo, but Stephanie McMahon and - to a lesser extent - Vince McMahon himself. Many formerly loyal WWF views would have already jumped ship to watch rival wrestling programming but, aw crap, there isn't any. Given this one option fans who are disappointed with the product are either tuning out entirely or continuing to watch in the desperate hope that something improves.

With this situation in mind, many net fans are anxiously awaiting the rumoured split of the WWF into two factions. It is generally thought that the split will essentially bring back the WCW vs. WWF rivalry that brought in new fans by the bucketfull. There is also the fevered hope that the split will also bring about a wrestling show where there is no trace of Stephanie McMahon.

I say, why stop there? Two major feds would be a vast improvement over what we have now, but wouldn't three be better? The upcoming split may be the biggest landmark in professional wrestling since Vince bought out WCW, and has so much potential to change North American wrestling for the better. This is why the thought occured to me that the split should bring back not only WCW, but ECW as well!

Now, the key here is that each federation would have it's own creative team, it's own bookers and it's own talent and titles. Of course, Vince would still own everything, but he could concentrate entirely on making the WWF his family's personal playground. That seems to be where he's heading right now anyway. Each fed would have its own storyline owner, who is in essentially the head booker, and commissioner, who is the TV "face" of the administration. Vince can concentrate on the WWF, but still reap the profits of the other two (count 'em, two!) feds. It's win-win for everyone here, folks.

Of course, if it was just three versions of the WWF running around, we'd have all the same problems we have now. So here's how I'd pull it off:

The WWF would be the World Sports Entertainment Federation, with heavy emphasis on skits and storylines and many of the same type of matches we see today. Most - if not all - of the women's matches would take place here since most people associate T&A with the WWF anyway. Shows would be about the characters of the wrestlers in the WSEF and all their friends, with all conficts - no matter how minor - eventually leading to the ring.

WCW becomes a federation for fans of the technical styles of wrestling who look for things like psychology in their matches. In other words, the web fan's wet dream. Shows would center on each wrestler's attempts to get ahead and get the gold in the fed. And of course, the cruiserweights.

ECW becomes... well... ECW. A more extreme alternative with those who are bored with what the WWF and WCW have to offer. Shows would be a celebration of the no-holds-barred style that got ECW attention in the first place.

Each wrestler would be placed in whatever fed suited their talents the best. I'll also be creating the rosters based on who the WWF has under contract right now. Placement of other talent is left as an exercise for the reader. Behind the scenes people are those that help come up with storylines and improving individual wrestlers. They can show up on TV if they really want to.

I should tell you at this point that I'm not at all concerned with where these shows are going to find TV time, PPV slots and whatever else. I can't think of everything.


OWNER: Vince McMahon
COMMISSIONER: Shawn Michaels
BEHIND THE SCENES: Stephanie McMahon, Vince Russo, Jim Ross
ANNOUNCERS: Jim Ross, Jerry "The King" Lawler
ROSTER: Albert, Big Show, Billy Gunn, Bossman, Bradshaw, Chris Jericho, DDP, Faarooq, Godfather, Goldust, Hollywood Hulk Hogan, Ivory, Jaqueline, Jazz, Kane, Kevin Nash, Lita, Mark Henry, Molly, Rikishi, The Rock, Scott Hall, Stacy Keibler, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Test, Terri, Torrie Wilson, Triple H, Trish Stratus, Undertaker, Val Venis, X-Pac


OWNER: Ric Flair
BEHIND THE SCENES: Arn Anderson, Terry Taylor, Jim Cornette, Dean Malenko
ANNOUNCERS: Scott Hudson, Bobby "The Brain" Heenan
ROSTER: Billy Kidman, Booker T, Chavo Guerrero Jr., Chris Benoit, Christian, Chuck Palumbo, Crash, D'Lo Brown, Edge, Funaki, Hurricane, Kanyon, Kurt Angle, Lance Storm, Maven, Mr. Perfect, Shawn Stasiak, Taka Michinoku


OWNER: Paul Heyman
BEHIND THE SCENES: Shane McMahon, Tommy Dreamer
ANNOUCNERS: Joey Styles, Michael Cole
ROSTER: Al Snow, Bubba Ray Dudley, Bull Buchanon, Dvon Dudley, Haku, Hardcore Holly, Hugh Morrus, Jeff Hardy, Justin Credible, Matt Hardy, Mike Awesome, Perry Satrun, Raven, Rhyno, Rob Van Dam, Spike Dudley, Steve Blackman, Tajiri

Once this is done crossover shows - if used sparingly, maybe only at Wrestlemania - would be huge money. Until then there's something there for everyone, and all Vince has to do is let go a little bit, and then start rolling in cash money.

Nah, all the split is going to do is let Vince pretend to destroy WCW again. But it would be nice, wouldn't it?


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