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WrestleMania X8 is fast approaching. Right here in my home town of Toronto. But am I excited? No. Am I even going to see it at the SkyDome? No.


It's simple, yet complicated. I, as a wrestling fan, have become very jaded & cynical over the years. There was a time when I loved going to live events. I loved seeing the action right in front of my eyes. I loved the noise. I loved the pyro and the whole spectacle of it all.

But, after a while, something happened.

Toronto, as a fan base, is full of some of the greatest crowds around. But, I've also come to realize that Toronto is also home to some of the biggest assholes on this planet. The last five live events I've gone to (including Smackdown tapings in late 2001 at the ACC Centre) were all ruined by some jerk (or jerks).

I'll never understand why, if someone doesn't go to a live event to have fun and enjoy themselves, then why do they bother going at all?

Twice, I've had signs ripped from my hands.
Twice, I've gotten into verbal altercations with someone because they didn't like that I wasn't rooting for their hero. This one really got to me, everyone has their favorites - so why should I have to cheer for yours?
Three times, I've almost gotten into physical altercations with people (if not for security). One of those times was the result of some jerk, at least 20 years old, actually shoving my nephew (almost to the ground) when we were exiting the arena after the show. Shoving a kid? For no reason other than he might not be walking as fast as you'd like. He's a kid! Do I even have to explain why this didn't sit well with me?

Sure, maybe these are all isolated incidents. I find it hard to believe, in all my cynicism, that crap like this managed to happen at the last five live events that I've attended just via coincidence.

Maybe the wrestling fates are out to get me.

Maybe I'll give the live shows another chance some day soon. But, for now, I'm going to stick to my television and for WrestleMania X8, I'm going to stick to the Paramount Theatre here in Toronto.

If anyone else has any horror stories about their experiences at house shows (not necessarily held in Toronto), I'd love to hear them.

Random Thoughts:

  • No matter how many times the Underseller gets his persona and appearance retooled, he's always going to be the same slow, over-rated slob that he's been for the past few years. His most recent change (that being his haircut) makes him look like a taller Rick Steiner and being referenced to Rick Steiner can never be a plus. EVER.
  • Chris Jericho impresses me more and more with his heel schtick as the weeks go on. I love how he uses classic Jericho (from his heelish WCW days) mixed with the cockiness of HBK and the heel mannerisms of Randy Savage. Even though it's probably a given that he's going to drop the title to Roid Rage 2 (Triple H, Roid Rage 1 being Scott Steiner) at WrestleMania X8, I honestly hope he stays in the immediate title hunt after the fact.
  • So, after all the begging and pleading done by Stephanie to get Vince to forgive her for all that Alliance bullshit, it takes a renewal of her wedding vows to do it? Man, these writers need to stop watching daytime TV.
  • Goldust. He's lost the weight and has gone back to his original persona. Or has he? Sure, there's no references to Dustin Runnels (on TV) like there were in the remaining days of his original stint. But, to me, Goldust will never be the same without the blatant "psych your opponent out with homoeroticism" gimmick. It's way more entertaining than Chuck & Billy and their lame take on the Ambiguously Gay Duo. I mean, the stuff that Goldust would pull on Razor Ramon was classic. Or even the Undertaker. The time Goldust had Mankind knock the deadman out on RAW so he could pretty much feel him up was brutal, and it meant that much more when the Taker sat up and wrapped his hand around Goldust's throat. Now, he's just feuding with Rob Van Dam for the sake of feuding? Because RVD is a "rising star" and Goldust is jealous of the attention. *shakes head* Sorry, but in my opinion, this feud can take it's place along side "Moppy Too Hotty" in the bin labeled: "I could give a shit."
  • The Godfather is stale. He has nothing to go on anymore. They took away his catch-phrases in favor of "legitimizing" him. Does this have something to do with advertisers or the PTC? Honestly, I don't even think a return to the original Godfather would help. I think he might need to go back to his roots. Yep, we're talking Papa Shango. Sure, it was another of Vince's lame supernatural-like gimmicks. But then again, while there is a spiritual side to voodoo, there is also a serious mental & physical side. So, if need be, it could be made very believable. Of course, if that fails, we could always have Papa Shango, the Voodoo Priest Pimp. Pimpin' zombie hoes, Haitian wide!
  • Taz & Spike are entertaining champions, but I long for the days when Taz was an unstoppable wrecking machine. I long for the days when he didn't wear stupid jogging pants and a button-up shirt with the sleeves torn off. I never understood why they didn't follow through with their original plan. They had the Tazmission built up as such an illegal and brutal chokehold when he first used it on Kurt Angle. They should have had him choking out giants like the Big Show & Kane the next night on RAW, but the ball was dropped.
  • Stephanie McMahon hired an actor to play the doctor. Well, as stupid as it is, I'm glad that was the final decision. Why? Because it kills the pregnancy angle right away. *whew* No one needs to go through another one of those.

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