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So, what can I say?

I was impressed with the actual three-on-one nWo beat down that the Rock received on Monday night. It was way better than the one-on-three beat down that Austin almost gave them on Sunday at No Way Out. I mean, at least they had the sense to make it believable this time, right? Right? Oh, then there was that ambulance thing. Ugh. Okay, okay. So it wasn't that bad. We still had some nice monster heel heat building on the nWo as a result. Cut to Thursday night where all of that monster heel heat was pretty much taken away, recycled into chicken-shit coward heat and given back to the nWo.

What the hell is the point? Why even bother touting these guys as a "force to be reckoned with" when they outnumber Steve Austin three-to-one, but are scared because he has a tire iron?

So this is where we enter fantasy-booking land. How I would've done it. Now, I'm no expert but I like to think I know what the average wrestling fan likes. I've been watching "this fine sport" since 1978 and have stuck with it throughout all the ups and downs, and regardless of what happens I'll probably stick with it until the day I die. So, here we go. My smart ass opinion on how the nWo "angle" should've taken place prior to and on Sunday, Monday & Thursday.

  • First, let's get something clear. People clamoring for the nWo to be hated by all, including the heel announcers (ie: Lawler) aren't going to get what they want. This is a different time and a different circumstance. When the nWo first came to WCW, they were portrayed as "invaders" or "guys without contracts." This time around, Vince has hired them. He's contracted them to wreak their special brand of havoc in the WWF rings and locker rooms alike. So, guys like Lawler are always behind Vince, it only makes sense for them to be behind Vince's henchmen. Besides, it's kind of hard to believe that the heels even care about Vince "killing the WWF" when they still buddy up to him on a daily basis (ie: Taker, Angle). I honestly don't think that it would be a good thing to have the whole Federation against them. That's how all that nWo red and nWo white crap started in WCW. They were so outnumbered that they eventually had to let pretty much anyone join just to even the gaps. We definitely don't need the Bossman back in the nWo. No sir.

  • I thought about having them debut one at a time prior to the No Way Out PPV, culminating with the addition of Hogan at the actual PPV. But decided that is way too similar to the original circumstance of how they were introduced to WCW. No. We already know who they are. We know when they're arriving. That part is A-OK.

  • No Way Out: Since the WWF heels are generally aligned with Vince, the nWo will only target faces, obviously. This makes it easier for the fans to pick who they cheer & boo. The face promo at the beginning of the show would have to change. They sounded way too sincere for my liking. A little sarcasm would've been perfect in that one.
    • Austin vs. Jericho - I would have had these guys lay their beats down in a major way. We're talking Jackknife, Razor's Edge, Hogan Leg Drop. Not some lame punch, punch, kick beating. Austin should have gotten no offense in whatsoever. None. Nil. Nada. What's the mystique about an "unstoppable" force if one man with two bad knees and to quote Austin himself, "the neck of a 63 year old", can hold off all three of them

  • RAW: The next night.
    • Austin should be at RAW, selling injuries. He wants his damn revenge on the nWo right off the bat. Screw the whole pointless segment where Angle had him arrested. The nWo should have come out again and beat the living crap out of him again sending him away with EMT's. One major baby face down. Two to go.

    • Keep the exact promo that the Rock & Hogan cut. That was gold. I loved it. Keep the beating. I loved that too. Trash the ambulance smashing segment. If you really need a reason to explain the Rock's upcoming absence, I think a frikkin' hammer to the skull is good enough! Rocky is carted away by EMT's. Two major baby faces down. One to go.

  • Smackdown!: Thursday night.
    • Austin is back and seeking revenge yet again. He has to get a measure of revenge on Scott Hall to set up their program for WrestleMania X8. Granted, it definitely should not be the ridiculously boring and drawn-out "revenge" that he actually did get. No, instead, Austin would attack Hall when he was on his own, getting a bite to eat or a drink from the vending machine. Something sweet and simple. Austin doesn't need to use the nWo's tactics against them. What's the point in that? They're supposed to be the only guys who act like that (spray paint people, etc). If everyone else starts doing it, it garners about as much heat as the Spear gets these days (ie: who doesn't use the spear?).

    • Later on, Austin cuts a promo with an announcer in tow. The nWo attack. Only this time we have a save! Not the Rock, obviously. Triple H doesn't need to be involved in this as of yet. I'd also keep from putting Kane into any program that might result in a Kane vs. Kevin Nash match. No, I think this is where we need to elevate someone else. Why not Edge? His boring feud with Regal is just ridiculous. Why not RVD? Sure, he's eventually going to be going after Regal, but who says one can't be in two feuds at once? Hell, even the Hardyz! If they're going to be staying as a tag team, then give them something new to do other than fight the Dudley Boys a million more times. I'm sure they could carry even Nash to a respectable looking contest. The bottom line is, is that the save is made. Security and not a bunch of referees break up the fight. Both teams live to fight another day. The feud stays hot. I don't get bored or pissed off in the process. All is good in fantasy-land!

  • I can't stress enough that throughout all of these shows the nWo should have some sort of interaction with Vince. They're his "poison" yet we haven't seen them in the same room once! Whether it's in the ring, or in the VIP room, I don't care. But Vince should be backing his charges, not taping pre-recorded crap that only references them.

  • I also can't stress enough that Scott Hall should not be made a mockery of because he had/has a drinking problem. How classy is that? Not very. It's actually pretty damn offensive if you've been there yourself, or at least know someone who has. But, maybe he's agreed to everything that's being said on air. Who knows? It just doesn't sit well with me on a personal level. Nor do I think it lends any credibility to the nWo (storyline wise) if the fans think of the founding member as a drunken buffoon who's not to be taken seriously.

So. That's my take on it. I know not everyone will agree with it. But I'd love to hear your ideas on how things went and how you think they should have went.

In the meantime...

I am officially sick and tired of hearing about all the "backstage chaos" in the WWF. I'm sick and tired of people harping on Scott Hall non-stop. I'm sick and tired of news boards and dirt sheets posting all of this "insider info" as if they were there themselves to see how it all went down. No one knows for sure. We hear that Scott Hall told the Dudleys that he couldn't wait to kick out of the 3D. For all we know it was a joke, and all three men laughed it up. I just don't understand why people care so much about this kind of crap. I think it's funny because he seemed to sell everything that Austin gave him on Thursday night. So much for that...

But, that's just my opinion.

The Instigator

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