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Jay in Tampa



Dear CRZ,

I have a scoop on Eddie Guerrero...this is an eye witness account with two other witnesses there with me.

I'm just reporting the facts...I'll leave speculation up to the experts. But the recent rehab reports might get your minds working when you hear this.

On Wednesday (June 6) I had lunch with two friends at a small, family-owned Mexican restaurant near the airport in Tampa. While we were there, we saw Eddie Guerrero come limping in with a friend. Me and one of my friends (avid WWF fans) were all excited and talking it up to our other friend who isn't into wrestling at all.

As soon as they arrived and took a table, Eddie limped into the bathroom. My non-wrestling friend (a very lovely girl by the way) thought it would be nice to go get me an without saying anything to me, she did. Not really knowing which one was Eddie, she went to the table and got the guys autograph. He signed it "Best Wishes, Spyder - WCW". She said he was very nice and conversational. Anyway, she came back and gave it to me and I said, "Thank you but that's not Eddie".

Now here's the interesting part...Eddie is still in the bathroom the entire time...a good 10-15 minutes have passed. We're joking at our table about what someone could be doing for that long in the bathroom (must've been unloading some of that Latino Heat)...which I hyped up by making remarks about the drug rehab stories I had read recently. Anyway, Eddie finally comes limping out to the my friend goes back over to the table and shortly returns with his very scribbled autograph. His said, "Best Wishes, Eddie Guerrero - Latino Heat - WWF".

But here's the good part...she said he was hardly coherent and that he was sniffing and rubbing his nose uncontrollably. He then apologized to her for the sniffing by saying, "Sorry honey...I have a booger". He could hardly talk and she said he attempted a wink that totally failed to happen. She felt confident that he was on something, mainly because he had a painful looking limp but showed no evidence of pain.

Now here's the humorous part, she noticed some powder on the table, and being as intelligent and quick-thinking as she is pretty, she slid her hand over to retrieve the autograph back from him and then slid it back across the tabletop...then thanked him and walked away. I say this because when she got back to the table, she turned to me and said, "Hold out your hand". When I did, she used her finger to dust off her hand into mine and said, "What is that"? Now, I'm not a drug person...but after a sniff and a taste I can report that the substance was definitely.....SUGAR. Sorry to let you down after that suspenseful build-up...but that really happened so it's kinda funny.

After lunch, as we were walking out, Spyder called my friend over to their table again, so my other buddy and I walked outside. She came out a few minutes later laughing and saying that Spyder had asked her for her phone number...for the record, she didn't give it to him. She also added that Eddie was in better shape that time and was talking on the phone in an understandable voice.

So...that's my scoop. Questions?

1) Why was Eddie in the bathroom so long?

2) Why was he sniffing and rubbing his nose uncontrollably and hardly able to speak or keep his eyes focused?

and finally, 3) Who in the bloody hell is Spyder?

As for me, I'm an optimist. I have no evidence and am perfectly prepared to believe that he had a cold or sinus infection. That sort of thing has been going around this Spring. I can also believe he was on pain medication because he was limping badly in a way that looked painful but didn't show it on his face. If he's in's the kind where you don't get admitted to a hospital or he's already out but that's fine too. I'll leave the speculation up to you experts...I'm just reporting the events as they occurred. Besides, I'm an Eddie fan so I'll hope good things about him.

So that's my story.

On a side note...Test lives in a house about 2 blocks from me. I've seen him there a few times when I've gone walking in the evenings...I also saw Val Venis there one evening as well. But there's no story to report on that one yet.

Jay in Tampa

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