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My name is Elmer Jortikka

And I'm newest guest coloum writer here at slash wrestling. For my first column I decided to write how I see wrestling, and tell you (readers if any) why. I'm Finnish (Finland is in Europe) and I think that might give me a "unique" point of view, although smarks are all over the world the same. But at least I'm a European smark.

So what wrestling is to me:

Entertainment at the best, I love it. (in a non-prison movie type of way) I was always a huge ECW mark, so I don't like the WWF's "young & restless" touch. btw backyard wrestling is for idiots(read really stupid hicks).

So what kind of wrestling I like:

Everything that gets a good reaction out of me. I don't count boring as a good reaction.

So what gets a good reaction:

Hell in the Cell, TLC, Benoit vs. Jericho Ironman, RVD & Sabu vs. The Eliminators, Yosihiro Tajiri, good workers, guys who give always 110% just for the fans. etc..

So what gets boring reaction:

Hulk Hogan syndrome.

So who's my favorite wrestlers:

  • Yosihiro Tajiri So unbeliavbly unique. A guy who's atlethic gifts are incredible, every time when he's in the ring something cool happens.

  • Ted Dibiase One of my all-time favourites. Great worker, had one of the best gimmicks ever. Money, Money, Money..

  • Mick Foley Do I have to really say something?

    Then there are still Benoit, Jericho, Triple H, E&C, Hall, RVD and so many others.

    So who don't I like?

    Hogan, Bagwell, Gunn, Nash, Sid etc..

    So already ending?

    I hope you all know now where I'm coming from. I come from a place where wrestling is a joke, I come from a place where a people don't respect the guys, I come from a place where people don't watch wrestling, because it's "fake".

    I'll try to write a new column every week.

    Vetäkää vittu päähänne.

    PS. If someone has any ECW videos from years 1995-1998 or WWF footage from 1989-1996, and you would want to practice some charity, I would be more than interested. Mail.

    Elmeri Jortikka
    [slash] wrestling

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