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Last year, I went with my friends Dave and Kerry to a WWF live event. You can read about it at [slash] Wrestling. ( This was largely considered to be a stupid idea, since the show was in Calgary and we live in Saskatoon, thus requiring a fifteen-hour round trip. Still, we had fun - we saw The Rock, the worm, Triple H, T&A, those damn Dudleys, and dog-eatin' Dean. (

With that in mind, it was pretty much a sure thing that we'd be going back this year. When it was announced that this year's Alberta shows would consist of Raw and Smackdown tapings (in Calgary and Edmonton, respectively), it was made official. Soon, on a Saturday morning, Dave and I were manning our respective phones and Internet connections in hopes of getting tickets. He got Raw tickets, I got us to Smackdown.

A few weeks before the trip, Kerry (who is Dave's fiancée) went and got herself a new job. It was feared that she wouldn't be able to go with us, and as it turns out, she couldn't. And then there were two - with one extra ticket to sell.

In the days before the trip, I did a whole bunch of laundry, I made a tape to trade with a friend there, and I arranged for free lodgings in Calgary's luxurious Chateau De Grandparents. All the usual stuff. The tape was actually kinda cool - It had Strangle-Mania 2, IWA King Of Death Matches, and Heroes Of Wrestling. As a special bonus feature, it had "Macho Man" Randy Savage in a gruelling match against Harvey, "Weird Al" Yankovic's pet wonder hamster.

All that, and I bought little chocolate cookies for the road!

Day One

With the open road calling our name, Dave picked me up at noon on Sunday, May 27. We immediately set forth and headed for the highway - with a brief stop for gas and 7-11 snacks, of course.

The brief stop turned out to be more than we had in mind. Our first attempt at finding a 7-11 and a gas station was foiled when the gas station was closed for construction and the 7-11 parking lot was filled to overflowing. Dave exclaimed that this was a sign, and even if we did stop at that 7-11, everything else would go wrong. Say, the Pepsi wouldn't work, or something.

Of course, when we stopped at the next 7-11, the Pepsi didn't work. I found this to be about the funniest thing I had ever seen, but I think I was the only one laughing.

In the end, we bought Coke (because of the Pepsi malfunction), iced tea, gum, and chocolate and we were finally able to escape the city. What followed was about five and a half hours of very boring highway. When you're driving from Saskatoon to Calgary, there's about a half-hour stretch of awesomeness around the Badlands in Drumheller. The rest of it is nothing but flat fields.

We stopped in Drumheller for dinner and to refuel the car. This was uneventful, except that when we stopped at McDonalds, I was served by someone who was more than ten years younger than I am. It was the first time this had ever happened, and it made me feel so very old.

Back on the road, we found Calgary - and more specifically, my grandparents' place -with no problems. My grandparents had never met Dave, and they were very hospitable, spending upwards of three hours doing nothing but offering us food. Of course, we had just eaten in Drumheller, so we weren't hungry and didn't want anything, but they didn't let that stop them from asking. And again. And again. And again....

Day Two

When I woke up on Monday morning, my grandparents immediately started trying to feed me again. I told them that I wasn't going to have anything until Dave woke up, but they didn't let that stop them from asking.

You know that scene in Monty Python's Meaning Of Life, where Mr. Creosote eats the mint ("Monsieur, eet ees only wahfair-theen") and he explodes all over the restaurant? My grandparents would be poking the soggy remains with sticks, asking them if they wouldn't maybe want a hot dog. Or a steak. Or some toast.

Eventually, we had breakfast and I started calling friends of mine in Calgary. Brian wasn't home, but Wes was, and we made plans to meet at the show. Wes used to train at the Hart Family school in Calgary, and so he knows all sorts of interesting people. For example, he got backstage at Canadian Stampede because of his good friend Brakus (I saw pictures). He also knows the new guy who got hired on with the WWF creative team. You may doubt me, but it was through this friend-of-a-friend that I learned the truth... Tazz would not be at Raw.

After some wandering around Calgary (and discovering that Shift Magazine is still in existence, much to my delight), it was time to walk down to the Pengrove Saddledome, site of Raw Is War!

We got there about 4:00pm, and the doors were supposed to open at 6:30. There was already a pretty big crowd when we got there. We entered the building to check out the first souvenir stand, and I must admit, I was kinda disappointed. No Kaientai shirts, no red Edge & Christian shirts, no Kurt Angle shirts, no WWF logo ball caps, no WWF logo shirts. It seemed like a pretty weak selection, so I didn't buy anything.

With lots of time to kill, we decided to walk around and check out the place, and hopefully sell that extra ticket. We wandered out front to find a bunch of scalpers, none of whom were having any luck moving tickets. This wasn't a hopeful sign, I thought. The Saddledome had essentially sold out in an hour, but that was because everyone who wanted tickets got them right away. We decided to walk around some more.

Somewhere in here, I think I saw Scott Keith, but I wasn't about to go up to him and say "Hey, you look like a guy I saw a picture of on the Internet once... wanna buy an extra ticket?"

While we were up on the catwalk overlooking a rear entrance to the Saddledome, a bunch of fans on ground level let out a big cheer. I peeked over the edge - and it was none other than WCW's Lance Storm making his entrance. Dave was able to snap a picture of Storm before security made us move on.

Back around the front of the Saddledome, some chick was handing out free samples of Trident cappuccino gum. I took one, and I would like to offer a Special Bonus Gum Review:

Trident cappuccino gum tastes like shit. It's the only gum in the world where if you chew it, it makes your breath smell worse. They may as well make tobacco gum next.

There was also this guy wearing what looked to be six fanny packs at once. Inside each one was a Game Boy Advance. I've been hyped for the GBA for a while now, so it was cool to finally try one. I played F-Zero: Maximum Velocity, and I must say, it exceeded my expectations. I liked this guy much more than I liked Gum Girl.

Eventually, Dave was able to hock the extra ticket to a scalper for about $20. It was a $50+ loss for him - him being Dave, not the scalper.

Oh yeah, there was wrestling, too...

After much killing of time and waiting in line, we finally got inside the Saddledome. We grabbed drinks and met up with Wes, who brought me a lovely tape of Stampede matches from the past year.

Finally we were off to our seats. We were sitting on the lower level, on the opposite side of the arena from the TitanTron. This gave us a great view of the ring and the big screen, but we were far enough back that we wouldn't make it onto TV.

It was neat to watch things being set up, to see the big Raw set (which, incidentally, looks a lot smaller in person), hell, I thought it was cool when The Fink introduced Lilian Garcia. She didn't even mess up the national anthem.

Somewhere in here, this girl shows up and sits next to us. She had traded her old tickets to the scalper for this better seat. I guess that's the thing to do if you're gonna fly all the way from Brandon for the show...

Anyway, after all this, it comes down to:

Ali Something v. Andre Something

Let the dark matches begin! Ali Something was a big fat foreigner who kinda looked like the bastard child of The Iron Sheik and Bad News Brown. Andre looked like Glacier's head on Kurrgan's body, and didn't quite wrestle as well. At least Ali looked like he was enjoying himself - the same couldn't be said for Andre, who looked upset at his lack of reaction.

WINNER: Andre Something, pin

"Hotshot" Johnny Devine v. Eric Freeze

This was pretty fun, and better than any of the Jakked matches. Devine looks like a smaller Rob Van Dam, and Freeze looks like a bigger David Flair. I don't remember how the match ended, but I know Devine hit a nice shooting star press and Freeze landed a good Asai moonsault.

WINNER: Eric Freeze, pin

Let's bring out Michael Cole and Jonathan Coachman, it's time to tape Jakked!

Edge v. Rick Vain

Edge got a huge pop, but Vain got a lot of offence in. Not that it mattered.

WINNER: Edge, pin, Impaler DDT

Kaientai v. Rob McManus & Greg "Pistol" Pawluk

McManus wrestled in Saskatoon last year at a Stampede show under the name Rob Roy Scott. Pawluk was on that show as well. Kaientai did the voiceover gimmick and it seemed Taka had a new voice this week. A perfectly acceptable squash.

WINNERS: Kaientai, Taka pinned someone, Michinoku Driver

Test v. Bill Yates

Yates also wrestled on that Stampede show - he wasn't any better now. At one point, Test dropped Yates right on his head with a full nelson slam. Yates then tried to jump over a charging Test, but he only got about a foot off the ground. The amusement on Test's face was pretty funny.

WINNER: Test, pin, big boot

Billy Gunn v. Rick Williams

Williams has wrestled as Wildman Austin in Stampede. He had probably the best look of all the Stampede guys, looking a bit like a smaller Rhyno. Of course, he didn't win.

WINNER: Billy Gunn, pin, The One And Only

That was it for Jakked. Looking around the arena, we could see a few beachballs bouncing around the crowd (one kept hitting me in the head). There were also a few people in costume - one guy was wearing a Chyna outfit, and another was dressed as Spike Dudley. There was also a woman who wasn't dressed up as anyone in particular, but... it was just a very revealing outfit, and the guy sitting behind us said "You know, she can't wrestle, but you oughta see her box!" Old joke? Funny joke.

More introductions. Paul Heyman entered to My Way by Limp Bizkit, and Jim Ross entered to a big JR chant and the same music he used at Wrestlemania - I believe it's the Oklahoma State fight song, or something.

Somewhere in here, Stu Hart was wheeled out to his ringside seat. Just looking at him, you knew he had no idea where he was or what was going on. Stu's health has deteriorated greatly in the past few years. It was kinda sad.

First the replays of last week, then WHEEEEEEEEE BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM fireworks - complete with red, white, and blue blasts for Memorial Day. And who should start things off but:

INTERVIEW: Vince McMahon

Vince is welcomed by a hearty chant of asshole. He comes out and basically runs down Canada, no surprise there. This brings out Chris Jericho (wheewow wheewow wheewow... KABOOOOOOOOM) who demands a match with Steve Austin. He gets one with hardcore champion The Big Show instead. This bring out Chris Benoit who demands a match with Steve Austin. He gets one with Rhyno instead. Vince promises that whoever is more impressive in their individual match will get a shot at Steve Austin... tonight!

The Chrises also use this time to air old footage of Vince McMahon singing and dancing at the Slammy Awards from many years ago - this gets a great reaction.

During the commercial breaks, absolutely nothing happens.

When we come back, Howard Finkel introduces Stu Hart, who gets a nice ovation from the crowd.

The Hardy Boyz v. X-Pac & Justin Credible

YO YOU DEALIN' WITH DA X-FACTA and this was a nice little match. Eddie Guerrero grabs Justin Credible's leg, allowing Matt Hardy hit the Twist of Fate on X-Pac, but Credible makes the save (nailing X-Pac in the process). One Swanton Bomb from Jeff Hardy, and this one is over. After the match, Albert tries powerbombing a Hardy, but Eddie Guerrero makes the save again.

WINNERS: The Hardy Boyz, Jeff pins X-Pac, Swanton Bomb

Backstage, Terri sprays Trish with hairspray.

Ad break.

Backstage, Albert demands a match with Eddie Guerrero, and Commissioner Regal approves. After Albert leaves, Regal and Tajiri make fun of the size of Albert's head.

Chris Benoit v. Rhyno

Rhyno gores Benoit's injured ribs early on, and Benoit comes back with the rolling German suplexes and a superplex. Rhyno attempts another gore, but Benoit counters it into a Crippler Crossface (nice!) for the win.

WINNER: Chris Benoit, submission, Crippler Crossface

Steve Blackman & Trish Stratus v. Perry Saturn & Terri

No sign of Grandmaster Sexay, due to his firing for being caught with drugs, but we didn't know that. I like Blackman, but the crowd was dead for this one until Blackman caught Terri, spanked her, and then threw her backwards in a fallaway slam into Saturn's arms - this was a pretty cool spot. With the women on the floor and Blackman down, Saturn looked to be taking control until... STORM STORM STORM HOLY CRAP Lance Storm dropped Saturn with a superkick and took off running! Cool!

WINNERS: Steve Blackman & Trish Stratus, Blackman pins Saturn, superkick

After the ad break, we see Storm celebrating with Shane McMahon, and they take off in a limo. Vince, of course, is livid.

Al Snow was at WWF New York. Meanwhile, Spike Dudley and Molly Holly were backstage, and Kurt Angle punked out Spike, and Molly ran for help, and it was all a big misunderstanding, see, but the Hollys kicked ass on the Dudleys.

The Big Show v. Chris Jericho, hardcore title match

Big Show seems to be getting bigger and slower as time goes on, as he seemed winded by the time he got to ringside. This was decent enough, though, and it made me happy 'cause Jericho dropkicked the ring steps into Big Show's head - one Lionsault later, and I've just seen my second title change in person!

WINNER: Chris Jericho, pin, Lionsault, Jericho wins Hardcore title

Jericho walks up the ramp, celebrating. He turns to leave, and GORE GORE GORE and, well, that makes three. I had forgotten about the 24/7 rule.

WINNER: Rhyno, pin, gore, Rhyno wins Hardcore title

Classic King Of The Ring Moment: A guy we're not supposed to remember is beat up by another guy we're not supposed to remember.

Eddie Guerrero v. Albert

YO YOU DEALIN' WITH DA X-FACTA again, and Albert is a big awesome guy, and Eddie is a little awesome guy, and I like both these guys. Albert goes for the Baldobomb, but Eddie's all sorts of quick and smart and he wins. Lita ran to ringside during this match, but she didn't do much of anything - I think Albert forgot to look at her and get distracted. After the match, Eddie gives Lita a big big hug.

WINNER: Eddie Guerrero, pin, victory roll

After the break, Mick Foley's music starts up and everyone jumps to their feet. Sadly, it was just a clip of an interview with Mick from some talk show. We sat down.

Heyman and Ross are shown on the big screen, but we're interrupted by a view of Sara Undertaker combing her hair as the Black Scorpion narrates.

Backstage stuff: The Hollys threaten to put a Dudley - any Dudley - through a table.

More backstage stuff: Vince McMahon awards the title shot to... Chris Benoit.

Even more backstage stuff: Vince tells Regal that Austin has a great idea for the main event.

The Dudley Boyz v. The Hollys (table match)

As much as I'm digging this feud, I hear this little voice in my head that says "why doesn't Spike just show the Dudleys a tape of what happened?" This match was nothing special, except for Crash flying into the corner and bouncing off a table, leaving a big wet mark. The end kinda came out of nowhere on this one, I thought.

WINNERS: The Dudley Boyz, Hardcore takes 3D through a table

After the match, Molly Holly comes in to check on Hardcore, so the Dudleys set up the table Crash bounced off of. Spike lies down on the table so they won't put Molly through it - so they put her through him as well.

After the ad break, EMTs are still helping out Spike and Molly. Then we get a really long segment about Triple H's knee injury, so the crowd plays with beach balls and does the wave.

Steve Austin v. Chris Benoit (WWF title match)

They make a big deal at the start of the match about introducing Earl Hebner as referee, and Vince McMahon comes to ringside with Steve Austin, so you just know there will be a replay of the Montreal screwjob. And there was, except Hebner got to shove Vince around, cheat for Benoit, and basically try to turn himself face.

It was a great match, but if you want full play-by-play, read CRZ.

WINNER: Steve Austin, "submission," Crippler Crossface, Austin retains WWF title

After the match, Chris Jericho levelled the bad guys, and the show went off the air with McMahon in the Crippler Crossface and Austin in the Walls Of Jericho. Afterwards, Vince and Austin hightailed it to the back while Jericho and Benoit soaked up the cheers. Jericho got on the mic and talked about the Chrises' history in Calgary. He thanked Stu Hart and remembered Owen Hart, which got a great reaction. After a little more talking, the Chrises left and so did we.

Outside the Saddledome, I noticed that my ears were ringing. It really had been a loud crowd and a great show.

We walked back to my grandparents' apartment, stopping at a Subway on the way. The clerk was a prick - when I started digging in my pockets for change, he muttered "oh Jesus Christ" and then got very upset when I put the money on the counter instead of handing it to him. Oh well.

We went back to the apartment, where TSN had just started airing the Raw replay. It was funny to see. The arena looked twice as big on TV, the big screen looked bigger, the pyro didn't seem nearly as loud... it was cool.

Day Three

After breakfast, we said goodbye to my grandparents and hit the road again, this time in the direction of Edmonton. After one false turn, we were out of the city and on the way. Finding Edmonton was actually pretty easy. Finding anything in Edmonton... well, that was different.

It didn't help that our hotel was on a different street from what we had been told. If we had known this, we could have found it in less than three hours. Probably, it was a good thing that we stopped for gas before entering Edmonton.

In the end, we did find the hotel, and it was about as acceptable as a hotel ever is. We weren't left with the most time to get back to the Skyreach Centre, but we did find it, and even had lots of time to stand outside in the rain. Dave probably should have packed long pants.

We snuck off to a side door where we could at least stand around inside. Eventually, the doors did open and we were able to find our way inside.

I stopped at a souvenir stand, where I picked up a Dead Man Inc. shirt and the coveted red Edge & Christian shirt. Unfortunately, the E&C shirt was significantly smaller than the Undertaker shirt (even though they both said they were the same size), so there was no way I could wear it comfortably. I gave it away when I got home.

Wandering around the arena, we stopped for food before taking our seats. Dave got popcorn and a drink, while I had the crappiest $9 hamburger meal I hope to ever have.

Our seats were very similar as the Raw seats, just a few rows higher up. Because the OvalTron is off to the side, it looked round from our vantage point. It also made it easier to watch the actual matches in the ring as opposed to watching them on the big screen.

The night began with two more dark matches to get the crowd going.

"Hotshot" Johnny Devine v. Rob McManus

Not a bad match, but they toned it down from the previous night. At one point, the ref didn't count a pin because he was rubbing his bald head. Then he did a cartwheel. I don't know why. These two looked to be among the best of the local talent, though having seen a Stampede card last year, I can safely say that's not much of a compliment. McManus went for a figure-four, but he got caught and beat.

WINNER: Johnny Devine, pin, small package

Greg "Pistol" Pawluk v. Rick Vain

The ref did a cartwheel again. I still don't know why. The last time I saw a referee in Alberta that I didn't recognize, Scott Keith said it was Stampede legend Jurgen Hermann. I don't think this was Hermann, but I'll say it was because it makes a good story. Vain lost this one when he went for a powerbomb but Pawluk escaped.

WINNER: Greg Pawluk, pin, sunset flip

Next up: the return of Hayes and Coachman, as it was time on Tuesday night for Sunday Night Heat!

Test v. The Big Show

I don't know if Show's made someone mad again, but this was a pretty decisive loss, even if Test missed the big boot by a mile.

WINNER: Test, pin, big boot

Steve Blackman v. Perry Saturn

The women at ringside got a bigger reaction than the wrestlers, but that's no surprise. Malenko interfered, but it backfired, and the faces are 2-0 on Heat.

WINNER: Steve Blackman, pin, Lethal Kick

Jerry Lynn v. Steven Richards

You know the RTC is dead when Lynn kicked out after the Stevenkick. A nice little match, the best one on Heat.

WINNER: Jerry Lynn, pin, tornado DDT

Billy Gunn v. Val Venis

This was about what you'd expect from these two. The faces go 4-0.

WINNER: Billy Gunn, pin, The One And Only

All in all, it was cool to see, but this wasn't an episode of Heat that I'd go out of my way to tape if I didn't want a souvenir from the show.

While the refs rush the ring to change the ropes from Heat black to Smackdown blue, Lilian Garcia stands at the top of the ramp and sings O Canada. After she's done, Michael Cole enters to My Way, the official theme of the less-popular announcer. Tazz, shockingly, entered to Tazz's music.

We get replays from Raw and then BOOMBADA BOOMBADA BOOMBADA BOOMBADA BAM BAM BAM BAM BOOM BOOM BOOM it's Smackdown! It's worth noting that I covered my ears like a little girl during all the fireworks.

INTERVIEW: Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho come out and challenge Austin and McMahon to a tag title match. Vince comes out, refuses the match, and tells Jericho he'll be facing Kurt Angle. He also tells Benoit that there won't be a rematch, since Austin has the night off.

KEE-RASH! His name is Stone Cold Steve Austin and he doesn't need Vince McMahon talking for him. The world championship rematch is on... tonight! Also, we'll be seeing Edge face Kane for the intercontinental title.

On that note, it's Edge on the big screen! He talks about being Canadian, and how he really isn't proud of it anymore, and he promises to take his title home to Tampa, Florida.

Kane v. Edge (i-c title match)

Edge enters first, to little reaction. I don't think anyone really wanted to boo him, even after he told us he didn't like us. BOOOOOOOOOOM here comes Kane and I'm covering my ears because he's in the ring and up go the arms and BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! This was a decent match, but too short to really amount to anything. And that's about all I have to say about it, really.

WINNER: Kane, pin, powerbomb, Kane retains i-c title

Backstage, the Dudleys tell Spike to leave them alone. In the ring, we have...

Bubba Ray Dudley v. Hardcore Holly

I like Hardcore Holly, so it was cool to see The Best Dropkick In The Business, and cooler to see the Warrior/Rude WM5 finish all over again. Go Sparky!

WINNER: Hardcore Holly, pin, suplex reversal

Backstage, Vince McMahon offers William Regal a carrot. Regal declines, and informs McMahon that Shane's limo has been spotted. Tajiri goes for a carrot, but McMahon smacks him away.

Also backstage, Spike Dudley tells us all that he really likes Molly Holly.

Also backstage, Kurt Angle tells us that Canada has no Olympic heroes. Watching the tape of Smackdown later on, they played a different interview with Angle, where he made fun of Ben Johnson.

During the ad break, Shane McMahon comes out into the arena to a big Shane-O-Mac chant. Security clears a path to ringside. Looks like he'll be running out right near us...

Chris Jericho v. Kurt Angle

A nice string of moves leads to the ankle lock, and hey, it's Shane McMahon! Who'd have guessed? We were so busy watching Shane get carried off that we were genuinely surprised to see Spike in the ring, taking out Angle with an Acid Drop and setting up a Jericho win.

WINNER: Chris Jericho, pin, Lionsault

Backstage we go, as an enraged Angle demands a King Of The Ring match with Shane McMahon. Then Angle takes out his frustrations on Tajiri, which seems to amuse Regal.

Rhyno v. Raven, hardcore title match

This was cool. I actually enjoyed seeing all the ex-ECW guys, wrestlers like these two, Spike Dudley, Justin Credible, and Jerry Lynn - guys I didn't think I'd get the chance to see, this time last year. Rhyno gored his way into a trash can and it looked like Raven would take it home, but no - a gore through a table ended that one. Still didn't look as bad as when it was Sandman's wife going through the table.

WINNER: Rhyno, pin, gore through a table, Rhyno retains hardcore title

Hmm, it didn't seem like there was so much backstage stuff as we were watching the show... but backstage, Austin claims that he knows what Debra is thinking with her little red and white stripes on her shirt there. This was very funny and I couldn't tell you why.

Another big segment about Triple H's surgery follows, and the crowd was bored and entertaining themselves. One section over from us, a girl was holding a big Edmonton Sucks sign and dancing around. Some guy started dancing around with a Calgary Sucks sign, which got a nice pop. When the girl didn't take her sign down, everyone started chanting slut at her. Still, she seemed to enjoy the attention, so she didn't sit down until someone grabbed the sign out of her hands and ran away, ripping it into little pieces, getting one of the biggest pops of the night.

Among those chanting at this girl were Jeff Jarrett and The Blue Blazer, making their welcome return from last year's Calgary house show.

This went through the Triple H segment and into the Hardyz, Lita, and Eddie interview, which we all kinda ignored.

The Hardy Boyz & Eddie Guerrero v. X-Factor

YO YOU DEALIN' WITH DA X-FACTA and they actually won! Lita was tending to Eddie on the floor. This distracted Matt, allowing Albert to catch him with a Baldobomb for the win, and I got to hear that music one more time.

WINNERS: X-Factor, Albert pins Matt, Baldobomb

The Black Scorpion is watching Undertaker and Sara ride around on little vehicle thingies, whatever you call them.

Steve Austin v. Chris Benoit (WWF title match)

Easily one of the best matches I have ever seen live, if not the best. Benoit landed a swandive headbutt into the title belt. They traded Sharpshooters in a great reversal sequence. Austin dropped Benoit on his face on the floor. Benoit hit ten rolling German suplexes, each one getting a "holy shit" chant and a louder pop than the one before. Benoit slaps a Crossface on Austin, but Vince McMahon takes out the referee and enters the ring with a chair - Benoit grabs the chair and smacks Vince with it about ten times. Unfortunately, he forgot about Austin during all of this...

WINNER: Steve Austin, pin, rollup, Austin retains WWF title

If you didn't see Smackdown, get a tape of this match. My recap isn't doing it justice at all.

After the match, Austin and Vince took off. Benoit grabbed the mic and called Austin out - he came out, flipped everyone off, and left again. Benoit told Austin to "bring your pussy ass back here" and he did, flipped everyone off, and left again. So it ends.

We left the arena and managed to get back on the road with minimal difficulty, apart from having to drive off a curb. We wanted to stop for dinner somewhere, but all we passed was a McDonalds, and it was closed. It seemed like the best idea to just go back to the hotel, as long as we could remember where it was.

Day Four

We woke up, left Edmonton, and drove home. The end.

James Kalyn

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