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WASSUUUUUUUUUP. This was initially a Delphi post from Seadawg's Most Excellent Forum (don't come visit if you're an anus!) and they made me put it here. I did not revise nor did I add anything but this very paragraph because I don't care about you, Slash Reader. Fuck you! Bring back Justin! We want Ted! Power to the people.

Ugh. Who booked this crap? It seemed like they booked the show during Heat or something. Ugh ugh gay. nWo interview was neat to see them on TV but it didn't really knock my socks off in any other way. WEIRD though how it didn't seem like Hogan was portrayed as HOGAN, you know, how he always was. The crowd reacted to him that way, but it didn't seem to be written like that.

Tag Team Turmoil, I love you so. They should do this every month, it at least creates the illusion of a tag division, and I do believe I sort of predicted the Acolytes winning. Although I certainly don't approve of it.

RVD/Goldust was pretty awesome, Meltzer says style clash but he also said the nWo gave Austin a twelve pack, when it was clearly six.

Tag title match was there as they have been since June or whenever the Spikeriffic bonanza began. I don't care and neither does anyone else.

Edge/Regal was soooo slowwwwww and boring and the angle is atrociously stupid and as much as I like Edge, I hope Regal moves on to something else because it's gotten boring. Their first two matches were worlds better.

Rock/Undertaker I liked and thank God the Rock finally won a freaking match, it's about goddamn time. Rock was all fired up and I loved it but it just makes me so very sad that he is so mistreated by the dumbshit bookers.

HHH/Angle was BUTTFUCKED by Stephanie McMahon and I hate her for it. Not only did she pee all over the match itself, she screwed up the crowd by making them chant for her boobs and then disappearing so they stopped caring. But you think, well, at least she's gone, but she's not, she's back. Their first two MAGICAL matches were a ton better, but I also think Triple H is not entirely un-ring rusted yet, but remember it took Austin a good two months to straighten up and fly right.

I thought the main event started well but trailed off into a hodgepodge of bleh, and boy did Jericho SUCK ASS or what? He was not good, and I say this in a purely objective way, because I've enjoyed his last few PPV matches but tonight he did not have it and that does not fly with this cowboy, because the WWF main event has four bomb ass mofos who go balls out every month and never have off nights, but with Jericho it is hit or miss. Ugh ugh ugh. Not a bad match, not as good as Vengeance, which is pretty fuhreaking surprising, but I guess it gays the bills. The finish was pretty putrid and unimaginative, and why in the hell did the nWo not beat up Jericho as well? What kind of poisonous federation murderers are they? Why didn't anyone help Austin? Paging the Famous Rock, hello. You'd figure the interaction backstage being limited to nWo and Austin and nWo and Rock would hint at something like this but evidently it was not broached in the booking meeting which probably took place next to the water cooler a half hour before showtime.

Anyhoo, I suppose the show was good enough, not as good as the Rumble or even Vengeance, but decent. Shitty booking screwed it.

You know, the more I think about this, the more it PISSES ME OFF that this nWo crap was so underwhelming. WHY OH WHY do you hire three retards who pee on everything they come into contact with, can't work, already killed one promotion, and aren't any better draws than Rock (who by the way keeps getting shit on by the WWF but I digress) and Austin and Triple H if they are just going to run around like it ain't no thang? What was the point of the ten promos a show for two weeks hyping the nWo? You'd think nobody in the WWF locker room had heard until they ran into them backstage. This is not the end, this is not armageddon, this is another day at the freaking office, stupid ass bookers. It's the same gay garbage they did with the Invasion, where there ist his momentous angle and oh ho hum tra la tra la. There were TWO whole weeks of the gay ass Invasion where it was treated as the big deal it was, but otherwise it was crap, and this is starting off the same way. WHY target only Austin, why not jack Jericho as well? Jericho could at least try to fight back, I know he's a whiny coward but come on how else is the angle going to get over, if the angle is, in fact, the nWo trying to kill the WWF as I've heard. Wouldn't Jericho want to prevent that? Wouldn't oh ALL THE WRESTLERS want to prevent that? What the fuck.

I was thinking earlier today that the WCW purchase fucked up the WWF beyond repair, because they were motoring along just fine with Austin, Rock, Angle, Triple H, Jericho, and Benoit as the best collection of main event talent I can ever recall, and yeah in April and May it was crippled by injuries and stupid ass mummy movies, but there was still potential. I can't imagine the things they could have accomplished over the summer without spending so much wasteful time on retarded faction wars that they never consistently put over. I mean they took a huge risk at WrestleMania by STUPIDLY turning Austin as Rock was on his way out (and then not following it up with a HHH face turn) and then they pissed any blowoff for that away when it turned out, to the shock of absolutely no one, that an Austin heel turn was a STUPID IDEA. Such a roll of awesome was bent over and raped by retarded booking and stupid ass angles and gay ass WCW.

And now there's another last ditch opportunity, which is pretty much a last resort considering the hesistancy most in the WWF seemed to have about hiring these guys. So you'd think with this last resort the WWF would go all out and try to book it as best they can, but instead it's more halfass crap and again it will fail and maybe they can hire Goldberg by then and fuck that up as well until finally ten years later they realize they have the fucking Rock and fucking Austin and do something with it because this pillaging of WCW's ashes is getting them nowhere, but I figure by the time they realize that they never really followed up on the biggest show in WWF history the principles will be forty-five years old and retired.

Mike Lavieri
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