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After watching Rawzone (it just sounds bad) and seeing Angle turn it got me thinking. I was watching and wondering what story they'll make up to explain this. Then I started to reflect through some other inconsistencies in the story lines. And that's what this is about in a nutshell. MY opinions on some of the inconsistencies that I remember in the last little bit.

Are the bookers really this inept and think that we will not remember anything from the past. Hell I think most of the announcers act this way. This is what makes Paul Heyman likable to me, he is always bringing up stuff from the past. Mind you this is usually only done when putting over the ECW guys, but it's good to know someone is paying attention. I'm so sick of good ol' JR loving somebody one day and hating them the next, or vice versa. But that is discussion for another day.

I will start with the disaster that was the hummer angle. I don't recall how this turned out but I bet it involved Bischof and/or Hogan. For one I didn't care who drove the damn thing in the first place. Then having the story dangle along for so long with false hopes of closure means I sure as hell don't care how it ended. Of course WCW wasn't really all that well known for their great storytelling (see: Glacier, Wrath, et al). I should stop now because I get the feeling talking about how bad WCW used to be is just beating a dead horse.

Remember the blunder that was Rikishi running over Stone Cold. I'm sure the WWF would have liked you to forget that little piece of history. He ran over Stone Cold Steve Austin. Again, he ran over Stone Cold Steve Austin. Rikishi did it all for the Rock, because they're family or something. But yet Triple H masterminded the whole mess. Why, you ask. Because he is The Game. Or because Rikishi sucked and they thought Triple H could save the angle. This then lead to HHH dying in a car, only to come to life a short time later (me: The next night maybe?).

What about Test and Stephanie? Test likes Stephanie now because she's one mean bitch (or something along those lines). This follows the rule that heels (Test) like mean bitches (Steph). All of this throws out the whole marriage angle were Test was ever so heart broken, which lead to him getting his ass repeatedly handed to him by HHH. The wedding angle happened so long ago that you should forget it ever happened. I know I did and I enjoy the product much more now.

Now on the subject of Austin turning heel. Most people I've spoken to say that this doesn't make sense. I would have to disagree. Austin was desperate and did not think he could beat the Rock. Vince would rather have Austin in his pocket then be against him, remember the corporate Stone Cold. Add the fact that the Rattlesnake was starting to go insane at the time and it makes sense that he would make a pact with Vince to win it. As for Austin and HHH teaming together, the Rattlesnake said H was nuts and he wanted him close. Works for me sort of. Okay maybe not. So there is another hole the writers were too lazy to work around. On the bright side it led to the great tag match on Raw(zone, not at the time) against Jericho and Beniot.

Remember the constant face heel turns in WCW. Bret Hart face, heel, face, heel etc. Sound familiar they also tried this with Flair, Hogan, Luger, Sting, Nash, and others. How's this for another reason WCW was sold, nobody had a clue who to cheer for.

Vince and Linda getting back together, after Vince having her committed among other things. DDP not being a little horn dog anymore, instead a motivational speaker. Spike not really caring if Molly goes with Hurricane. Molly joining Hurricane. Tazz getting punked out by the Alliance one week, hanging with them the next. The big X-Factor Justin Credible blow off match that never was. These and much more, all-recent things never being fully explained. Don't give me some blown out response about if you look deep into it there is meaning. I want to be told what's happening.

This my friends is a big reason ratings are down. Every week the WWF shows new programming. If you miss a week your behind on what's happening. Now what if you don't miss a week and still you don't know what going on. Try to follow me here: Sunday Tazz fights for the Alliance; Monday the Alliance beats up Tazz; Thursday I watch Friends (I'm sorry I still like the show, and Smackdown!'s usually on sometime late here.), meanwhile nothing happens concerning Tazz and the Alliance; Monday Tazz is out with the Alliance. Now if your like me you think you missed something on Smackdown!, when really nothing happened. Imagine this continually happening until you are totally fed up with watching.

How long before through some strange circumstance Edge and Christian end up on the same team again. And we get to hear Heyman say, "Hey weren't the two of them brothers before". Little things and any of these stories could have been finished. Sure most would probably still suck, but they'd be done. We get to see Spike picking up some Ho's and moving on with his life. Justin and X-PAC at least arguing over Justin leaving the team. Molly becoming a super hero. They could have killed these stories off in one segment.

This leads to the mess that is Kurt Angle joining the Alliance. I don't know what his reasons will be, but chances are they will suck. You don't go from feuding with someone to joining him in of matter weeks. Add the whole segment on Rawzone where Austin tried to persuade Angle to join the Alliance to the trash. You see if they can't have continuity through the night, why expect it to continue for months. But I will reserve further criticism in hopes that they have a good explanation. The creative team should build on what is known to be true. Angle still hates Austin, Shane, and Regal. Who does Angle have a pleasant history with? Stephanie, build on that and this could not only work but also make sense. Continuation is that too much to ask?

Scott Lewis
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