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Mon General:

I found the following in my in-box and it deserves a response:


Guys I thought that I should inform you about what has been going on. You may have noticed that some of my points got a little pointed...and negative towards that IWS... the reason being that I got unconfirmed info that those in charge of the IWS, didn't like out little group too much. I should point out that this is unconfirmed, and Manny denies it.

However, recently DEREK (aka Arsenal) has started deleting all my posts. This is a clear personal attack by him. Whether it is just him, or the IWS managment as a whole, that is doing this is not an issue, because Derek is running the site for the IWS. They are responsible for what he does.

I take this very personally, as I have always done a lot to help the IWS. If they did not like the RED ARMY, they could have just said something.

Therefore, I am afraid that I will not be at the show on Saturday. I ask you to cheer FOD and Iceberg for have been good fans and soldiers...


Now, Eric, I don't know how you will feel about me posting this somewhat private letter, and honestly I couldn't give a flying shit! Eric, I like you and I respect you. I think you have a mad genius ability to organize and motivate people that commands respect, but JESUS WEPT, boy...


No offense, but you are being a whiny, door-slamming, hair-pulling, hysterical, histrionic prima donna. And I don't have time for this shit! I was planning on editing my IWS Fringe recap tonight. So, sit down and listen close, because I am only going to say this once.

First of all, they are POSTS on the INTERNET. They mean nothing, they are nothing. If you froze your words as they tumbled out of your mouth, they would have more reality than what we post on the net. Take me as an example. I write about the IWS. I write freaking long and hard about the IWS. I don't do it or you. I don't do it for Manny. I don't do it for Derek. I don't do it for Steve or TNT or Angus or Beef or Skeletor or Stab or Ram Hardy or Elsa or Carol, or anyone in the IWS. I don't even do it for CRZ who publishes my stuff. I do it for ME! I don't do it for a legacy or because I want to leave a mark. I don't do it for the feedback, although I like getting feedback. The articles that I am proudest of have gotten the LEAST feedback. I would have a better chance leaving a mark by writing my recaps on soap bubbles than posting them on the internet. Once I do post them, I relinquish ALL control over them. For all I care, Derek can print out my recaps and use them to wipe his ass after he takes a shit, and honestly I wouldn't be surprised if that is what he does.

Second of all, honestly, the IWS chat board is software-wise, a piece of shit. The Red Army message board is more advanced for fuck's sake! If you want to see a real wrestling message board go to wienerville or in this very ring. The point is that it is entirely possible that in deleting some other messages, he may have deleted some of your messages by accident. It's possible. It's also possible that he did it because he's a prick. Either way it does not matter, because...

Third of all, Derek is a HEEL. And unlike the other heels in the IWS, Derek understands that being a heel requires VIRTUE. Now when I say that, I don't mean that you have to be good to be a heel. VIR is latin for man. VIRTU means manliness or excellence or the excellence of being a man. To me the virtu of the heel is that they must be a heel all the time. None of this tweener bullshit. Do you honestly think that if Arn Anderson ran a chat board, it would be all sweetness and light? Hell, no! Arn would insult anyone who wasn't directly related to Ric Flair, and even some of them wouldn't be safe. You would be lucky if all Arn did was delete your posts.

Being a heel is HARD, especially in a hardcore promotion where the fans like you for being the Sickest Bastard in Chomedey. In the face of constant pressure to conform, to do what the fans want, the heel walks a lonely road. It would be so easy to surrender and instead of abuse receive the adulation of the fans. But to do that would be to deny our true natures and to be less of a man. Derek understands that part of his responsibility as a heel is to attack the fans relentlessly, even those who cheer for him, in fact especially those who cheer for him. To do otherwise, would be to act other than a heel, to act other than a man. So if he deleted your posts by accident, don't expect him to apologize. I would be disappointed if he did. And if he did it on purpose, suck it up and TAKE IT LIKE A MAN, instead of a whiny bitch, because...

You, too, are a HEEL. You cheer for heels. You are the head of a heel faction of fans. You, too, have a responsibility, to be a heel in the face of constant pressure to conform, to fit in. You, too, must walk a lonely road subject to constant abuse. You, too, must demonstrate your VIRTU, and stay constant to your true nature. You, too, must be a man, my son.

Finally, are you seriously telling me that because of a deleted post or two, you are going to give up going to the IWS? Get a grip, dude. We don't control the IWS web-site, but we can influence it. We don't control the IWS booking, but we can influence it. What we do control, and this is important, is our asses. When I plunk down my $12.00 to sit down and plunk my ass down in my seat to watch the IWS, that, that I control. You can drive me away by putting on lousy matches, but the IWS is not doing that. You most certainly can't drive me away by calling me a few names, or by deleting some silly post on a stupid message board. At Scarred for Life, I will be there, notebook in hand. If the IWS doesn't want me there, they can pick me up, chair and all and throw me into the street. Nothing else will keep me away.

What I would suggest to you, Eric, is that you do the same. Pay your $12. Plunk you ass down in a seat. Cheer for who you want to cheer. Chant what you want to chant. If anyone at the IWS doesn't like it, FUCK 'EM if they don't get the joke. If they want you out, make them pick you up and throw you out. Don't make it easy on them, whoever they may be. To do anything else, I humbly suggest, would be to be less of a man. And if you don't mind me saying, Mon General, I expected better of you.

I remain,
Yours VIRTUously,


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