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Welcome to the Friday night Writer's zone!!! In tonight's edition you will be treated to three long paragraphs of crap and many abuses of the word CHIEF! I am your writer this evening, the uncontrollably uncanny user of the letter U, Gregg Mixdorf. Once again coming to you live from the world's most useless Nascar store, Dirt TrUk Circles, here to entertain and possibly enlighten you, no matter how unlikely you find that to be.

Another night here at the racing store, the only bonus is that I get to watch ECW on TNN tonight CHIEF(!). Believe me it is a bonus compared to that dirt track race last week. I might not be grossly over excited about ECW but it still entertains me on a weekly basis. I still tape it when I can't watch it. Case in point, the match last week between Anton and Raven was very good and I was really into it. I enjoyed the psychology that Anton used so he could slap on his finisher. I'm glad I got to watch the show. Now onto more pressing things, like not being overly excited about the direction of wrestling in general.

Today's Pro Wrestling scene is lacking pizaz (not to mention the word CHIEF!). Nobody seems to have that certain sizzle going for them anymore (need I mention CHIEF again? Thought so.). WCW definitely doesn't have it (nor CHIEF). ECW is trying but they don't seem to have the answer either(maybe they should hire the CHIEF!). WWF used to have it but now just seems in one giant holding pattern. The problems with the other two promotions seem to be well documented, but what about the WWF what is their problem of complacency in the product? Part of this problem is the man known as HHH. I know many internet fans out their like to suck on HHH like he is the best thing since Ric Flair. I got some news for you. He isn't. You know how you can tell. How bored are you watching his twenty minute promos night in and night out? I'm pretty bored. I fast forward through most of them now when I have that luxury. It isn't all his fault (being saddled with the continuing to be boring Vince McMahon, Stephanie McMahon and just the McMahon family in general) but a lot of the blame has to fall on his (CHIEF! like) shoulders. Flair on the other hand is a fifty year old man who consistently delivers some of the best promos in wrestling while being saddled with one of the worst promo men around, Vince (CHIEF asshole) Russo, interjecting himself into as many of them as possible. He can keep it entertaining. H(C)H(IEF!)H can't. Why? He continues to rely on the same promo style every time out. He is angry and he takes on all comers in the WWF because he is the Game. You know I don't really care anymore about him being the game or about the other problem in the WWF, his feud.

If I ever have to watch another HHH/Rock matchup again I swear I will watch Nascar willingly. Don't make me do it WWF don't make me watch Nascar because I swear I will do it. I will hesitate but I will turn the channel to watch dimwits drive and rednecks make left turns all day (dimwits crash you see). Although it would probably be more original than another one of their punch, kick,finisher matches. All of their matches that I have witnessed (excluding the iron (CHIEF) man match) have given me an entertainment factor of ZERO. Nothing. In fact I was in great pain when the Iron man match was announced. I must say I was pleasantly surprised by it, but to the contrary of many I believe that it wasn't a classic. It was well booked and all but it does not live up to the other Iron man match in WWF history nor does it measure up to the hour classics that Flair and Steamboat had. It didn't match up because Rock and HHH are not in that class. They are good solid wrestlers but nothing more and nothing less. The hype about HHH currently is absurd. He isn't in the same league as Jericho and Benoit as far as ring work. He is a notch below. Which by the way is still very good he just isn't great.

Oh yeah my three paragraphs of crap . . . um they must have turned into more. You know how crap multiplies. Don't You?


Gregg Mixdorf
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