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Our 2nd Anniversary

Gregg Mixdorf




It was only a year ago that I was waxing poetic on Fuplexes and axing Tony questions (not to mention Chief) and now I'm sitting here writing absolutely nothing about pro wrestling. So me being me (and Chief) I've decided to toss something together for CRZ that promises to be better than my anniversary piece from last year which sucked much donkey balls, gorilla teets, and other nefarious body parts (chief).

Of course this is two days late meaning that I get to talk about well . . . what do I get to talk about? I can blow sweet rose pettled air at the keys and hope that something interesting devolves from that (Chief like roses). Or I can just utter nonsense about wrestling.

Lets begin the nonsense.

You know I hate pro wrestling torch. They suck. The only thing worth going there for is the takes and most of the time they are boring.

I hate people who didn't like Raw from Monday night. What the fuck is wrong with these individuals? Something happened that was incredibly exciting and people are saying that the angle will fail because there are to many plot holes and not enough star power. First off a new angle better have some plot holes that need to be filled in otherwise there wouldn't be a reason to tune in to the next show. Plus the angle was so cool that I don't really care about the fact that some minor things are off. I don't analyze my wrestling that deeply. I just want entertaining TV and good matches. Lately that has been too much to ask for but they delivered both on Monday so I am (Chief) happy. The lack of star power on the WCW/ECW side is fine with me since I like all the guys on that side. I could care less if they weren't stars at the moment. They weren't on my TV and now they are in a prominent role.

CRZ's board is the best on the internet wrestling scene. No elitists just wrestling fans. I dig that (chief is a puro elitist so fuck him). Also go to visit Y-pac and tell him the HHH sucks dick and is a horrible wrestler. That should cause a good long post-al reaction from the Y.

End of wrestling nonsense.

Onto some CRZ anniversary related nonsense.

No one should forget the fact that Jerry Root was the fucking man at slashwrestling way back in the day. Slamming out 3 entertaining columns a week was always an impressive feat. Hopefully he is living happily somewhere.

The digable one and his lista del fuego always was a good read. You can find him just about anywhere on the net minus the lista unfortunately.

Read Kleintime's retro rant of a day in his life. I can't think of anything funny to put here so just go and read it and stuff.

E.C. Ostermeyer is a great great writer and in the few emails conversations I've had with him he seems like a damn fine person. Read his stuff. By the way E.C. I still think the Budweiser frogs could give a better promo than Nash these days.

Well that is all I've really got these days. I left the writing thing due to the fact that I really don't have much of anything interesting to say as proven by the crap above. It isn't like I can be inspired by the man Stevie Ray any more so really what is left in the life of a guy who really wants to write but has nothing that moves him to do it? Maybe I should start taking my inspiration from other places. But really who knows when I will grace this fine website once again. (Only Chief Knows)

Many wishes of greatness to Chris and the fine people who still write here, I hope that you continue on and survive through all the absolute wrestling crap that fills the internet wasteland. Slash Wrestling is far from a wasteland. No matter who tries to tell you otherwise.

Later people

Gregg Mixdorf

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