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Our 2nd Anniversary

Andy Moseley




Wow, two years of the ol' [slash] wrestling... time flies when you're having fun! For those of you who don't remember me, I wrote "The People's Column" as well as "This Week in Wrestling" for a pretty long stretch, then disappeared into the thin blue air. Now I make the occasional appearance on the ezboard (all 15 or so posts that I have). So... what's up? In this little anniversary column, first I'll update you on where I'm at in life, then we'll discuss two years of sports-entertainment.


Nothing drastic in my life has happened since I started writing for [slash] a year or so back, but I am about to make a few huge strides. Way back in the old days in my [slash] beginnings, I was fresh out of high school and working on my two years at Coastal Georgia Community College here in Georgia. Grades could best be described as decent, though I did reign supreme as editor-in-chief of the literary magazine and newspaper for the whole time. Well, those two years are up and now I'm officially accepted at Georgia Southern University up in Statesboro, Georgia, where I'll continue my work towards that journalism degree. I did indeed end up getting a dorm, so I'll get to live the "college guy in a dorm" life, which will probably not be lacking in excitement. I'll be movin' on in on August 18th (with classes starting on the 21st, because it's fun to start classes on a Tuesday) and begin exploring those wide open spaces (to steal a song title from the Dixie Chicks, and who can pass up that kind of opportunity?). I'll still be online all the time and who knows... maybe I'll even find inspiration and start shipping CRZ more columns of mine to have to format.

I still have my little ol' webpage that was advertised at the bottom of all of my columns, Andy Online. Feel free to check it out at - archives of all my [slash] columns and other stuff are there, along with various other things.


I've been looking back at the stuff I've written for this site, and there's been a little bit of the good column and a little of the bad. I think some of the best columns I've ever written are the Owen Hart tribute and the Christmas list I did this past December. As far as the worst... well, I was just determined to have *something* posted on a weekly basis and resorted to some really crappy lists sometimes. Anybody remember the list of wrestlers with animal names? If not, good... I try to block it out as well. That was the column that I Billy Gunn-ed the worst. Whew. My favorite article of all time would be the column I wrote after I came back from the Bash at the Beach last July, maybe just because I was actually there and was able to interact with the wrestlers at the hotel and sit ringside.

The landscape of wrestling has gone crazy in the two years of [slash]. When [slash] started up, who would've thought that the three main American promotions would be, more or less, one big group two years later? Now we can tune into Raw and SmackDown! and see the WWF world champ Stone Cold being attacked by WCW world champ Booker T with Jim Ross and former ECW leader Paul Heyman at ringside calling the action. What has our world come to? Never did I think I'd see the WWF buy WCW. What else have we seen over the last few years? Let's see (excuse me if I go a little out of the two years... I have no sense of time)...

  • We've seen enough stuff from the old WCW to keep Wrestlecrap working hard for years. I feel so lucky that one day, I'll be able to tell my kids that I was watching when David Arquette won the world title. Thank you SO much, Vince Russo.

  • In the same light, we've seen wrestling actually hit the movies, with the *great* "Ready to Rumble" (that was sarcasm) and the (for real) great "Beyond the Mat." We've also seen four books written or co-written by wrestlers land somewhere in the NY Times Non-Fiction Bestsellers list, three at #1. At the same time, the WWF cookbook and WrestleMania books landed on other NY Times lists.

  • We've seen Vinny Mac create his own football league, the XFL, and basically have it arrive DOA (no, not the bikers - dead on arrival) with some help from the media. Well, they got a Sports Illustrated cover out of it.

  • We've also seen the WWF create what looks to be a successful wrestling reality show, "Tough Enough," which has been really entertaining so far. Yeah, slightly cheesy at times, but it's working.

  • We've seen the demise of wrestling on the USA, TNT, and TBS networks for the first time in forever (or since 1995, in TNT's case) while it's debuted successfully on TNN and UPN.

  • We've seen Mae Young's... umm... yeah.

  • We've seen very little from Rena Mero, and I feel fine.

  • We've seen Chyna make it on the cover of the best-selling Playboy of all-time, as well as TV Guide continuing to profit from the occasional wrestling covers.

  • We've seen the beginning and possible end of the return of an all-women's wrestling federation, WOW. Say what you will about it, but it was miles ahead of "Heroes of Wrestling." Three hours of Viscera against the Bushwhackers with Mr. Charisma Dan Severn and Linda McMahon doing color commentary would also fall into the "better than Heroes of Wrestling" folder.

  • We've seen the Undertaker shed the ministry-style character (at least for a while) and just become a motorcycle-drivin', Limp Bizkit-listenin' regular guy who chums with his karaoke performing brother Kane.

  • Oh, and we've had the golden opportunity to see Kane do karaoke, grocery shop, and ride his trusty scooter. That's worth a year alone. Seriously.

  • We've seen the Hardys, Dudleys, and Edge & Christian all but kill themselves to entertain us with matches involving any combo you can think of including tables, ladders, and/or chairs. They've done a fine job of it, too.

  • We've seen Stone Cold go from being the "gimme a hell yeah" good guy to being a top-notch, hilarious heel and bring guys like Kurt Angle and Vince McMahon into the laugh track with him. We've also seen William Regal overcome his problems and become of the best characters wrestling has had in the last few years. Tajiri is slowly getting his chance to shine, too.

  • We've seen Shane McMahon try to commit suicide on numerous occasions, live on pay-per-view.

  • We've seen both Scott Hudson and Mark Madden shirtless, neither of which helped ratings for Nitro at all. Mean Gene also developed a case of the potty mouth, which was pretty darn entertaining in it's own unique way.

  • We've seen The Rock become a movie star, being in the #1 movie in America for a few weeks (though briefly appearing in it) and getting his own multi-million dollar sequel. Not bad.

  • We've seen the gang at create about 900 different websites, between the pay-per-views, superstars, and promotions they've made sites for. well, they did churn out a site for Ms. Hancock before being taken over by the WWF.

    There's no way I can list everything cool and uncool that's happened in the last two years, but it's safe to say that it's been a great couple of years to be a fan. And we've got more to come. While the Internet has ragged all over the WCW invasion so far, I think we should all just sit back and try to watch as fans. We're getting WWF vs. WCW, and as time goes on the product will get better. Just stick with it... it's going to be a ride that truly reeks of awesomeness.

    Thanks as always to CRZ for giving all of us the chance to spread our views to everyone who's wanted to read them, and for giving us some awesome show recaps! If nothing else, I'll see you for anniversary number three. Take care!

    Andy Moseley
    [slash] wrestling

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