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Ross Mowery




I hope all y'all had a wonderful Thanksgiving, as I did. Now that Survivor Series is over, and we have a couple of Raws and Smackdowns in the book, how do you think things shook out?

1. Flair's return was perfect for what the WWF needs right now. They needed a new direction, plain and simple. Flair, as you well know, is absolute gold on the microphone. His character can mesh well with either The Rock or Vinnie Mac, he can be a great face or an even better heel, and when he wrestles again, wouldn't you love to see him in a program with the Rock? And, if they decide to split the companies and try to start a new wrestling organization (highly unlikely, but here's hoping), Flair would be the perfect frontman for it.

2. Less of the McMahon children. They sponge all of the TV time away from people who need the airtime. Hopefully, now that they may be off TV for the next few weeks, we can see some of the characters and storylines get the time they need before Vengeance.

3. The heel turn of Chris Jericho. He has unlimited potential, and his character will produce good heel heat for a while to come--as long as they keep him in the spotlight with some of the other WWF top guys. See point #2.

4. The face turn of Steve Austin. They can ride that storyline from now until Austin retires in a few years, and the fans STILL won't get tired of it.

1. McMahon's butt on TV. 'Nuff said.

1. See point #1 of "The Bad"

1. The heel turn of The Undertaker. What are they going to do, start yet another feud with Kane? Yawn.
2. Punking out Jim Ross to get over a top heel. Please. I respect JR as an announcer, and as an executive. But can't the writers figure out a better way to get a heel over than to trash him? If they were going to get someone over--why couldn't 'Taker chokeslam Linda?

So, the WWF looks like they are headed in a positive direction. Finally.

God bless you, and go Eagles on Thursday!!

"The Right Reverend"
Ross Mowery

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