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Hey everyone.

I go by the handle El Nastio. Inside joke, that. Anyway, for those who don't know, I'm 20 years old, just finished colege, and a proud Canadian. I like technical and amatuer wrestling, although at times I can be a bit of a mark as well. In the case of guys like Beniot, Angle, and Taz(z), it's a bit of both.

Recently I've been posting a little bit more often than I used to on Wienerville, and thought I'd try to do an article with my thoughts on RAW. As Wienerville regulars may know, I tend to make one post with a simpel innitial thoguht, then edit the post a gazillion times as stuff happens during the show. This will follow the same format. Why? Well, because I can't think of any other way to do it, althoguh the format may seem a bit odd outside of the Wienerville Boards. But I feel like using it still. The amount of edits basiclly means something I liked happened or something I didn't like happen. Lots of edits mean it was an eventful show....good or bad, who knows? Either way, something happened.

At least I won't be editing the same post as much as I used to, (*laughs*). Enough of this talk, onward with the show!


Inntial thought;

All I have to say is that heel Flair OWNS. Crowd's chanting ___hole, and he says without missing a beat "quit taking about your mother like that, son". And he knows how to milk the Mapleleafs thing....Leafs fans are ~INSANELY loyal to that team. Looks like he did his homework. Great opening segment.

Then it ends with Hogan vs Flair.


EDIT: Why do I see in that match that either Undertaker turns NWO or Hogan does? Either way, no DQ means someone is turning for sure.

EDIT #2: Non-title usually means that interference will make the champ lose, furthering the heat betwene two guys.

EDIT #3: I know others out there are digging Planet Stasiak. I am one of them.

EDIT #4: RVD's theme is really growing on me. I don't know, I guess I like the sound of it and it fits RVD. Think I'll pop on Audio Galaxy and download it.

EDIT #5: Alright, I guess the usual thing didn't happen.

EDIT #6: Man, that was a lame post-match beatdown. But RVD's reaction while Eddy is yelling is ~CLASSIC. The match is alright. My thoughts on this PPV match, plus two others for the PPV, will be touched on later.

EDIT #7: They sure are pimping the HIAC match pretty fierce. As they shoul dbe. Maybe this is the push Jericho SHOULD'VE gotten when he was the actual world CHAMP. EDIT #8: I can see Hogan winning thanks to Austin, then a HUGE face beatdown commences with the new NWO member coming down. And about my Undertaker comment above, I think this is one way how he can get the fans to FINALY stop cheering him. His heel work the last while has bene nothing short of gold, but the fans just can't seem to boo him off the start, he has to do something first. Coming out to the NWO music and colours would do the trick. Actually, dropping "Rolling" would probably do it.

EDIT #9: Turn to CBC, saw the score, held my head in shame, and change it back to TSN.


EDIT #11: ________!!! WHAT WAS THAT ALL ABOUT?! Well, at least he's getting TV time. This is why I personally like the split. It makes the "B" shows more important being that there's less time to go around, so those shows will actually have better quality matches.

EDIT #12: Terri is ugly. I perfer natural women. She may want to try eating more often.

EDIT #13: Speaking of natural, I like Molly's gimmick. She is also hot. Very hot. Hottest woman in the WWE, IMHO.

EDIT #14: Cue D'lo run in.

EDIT #15: Ouch, nasty spill outside getting tossed. Well, this whole Regal escorting Molly explains why Regal's out when D'lo ain't around. Interesting pair these two.

EDIT #16: Nice way to further the D'lo/Regal fued. By doing nothing.

EDIT #17: Even as a heel, Flair is still a class act.

EDIT #18: Over one century in that ring I think. They better make this match VERY quick.


EDIT #20: ~FLAIR FLOP! How I miss you. Hey, they're actually working ALL the classic Flair spots. Even the begging/lowblow spot. Lots'o'~THUMBS TO THE EYE!

EDIT #21: Nice spot, this is. Is it just me or did Hogan really screw up the move though? I don't think he turned/twisted the leg around when he did it.

EDIT #22: PLEASE FINISH THIS MATCH. It's watchable, but I think the longer it goes the more trouble it'll cause. ~SWEETNESS!!! Stunner while the Figure 4 was put on! Great job taking the Stunner by Flair. Awesome finish to the match.

EDIT #24: Man, no run-in by the new guy. That sucks.

EDIT #25: Flair raving. No one else does it better. LUMBERJACK MATCH? OLD SCHOOL! NOW the stuff in the match before makes sense (like why the guy didn't come down then).

EDIT #26: Trish. Molly is number one. Trish is Number two. I'm interested on how the stips in this match works. As long as a woman doen't get the Hardcore title, and as long as a man doesn't get the women's title, I'm a happy man.

EDIT #27: Thanks for explaining , JR. This makes a lot of sense. Actually wait, it doesn't. Because technically the women could get the hardcore title 24/7. ~HOCKEY STICK. Bubba Dudley certianly know show to play the goofy face well.

EDIT #28: May the schmoooooz fest begin. What did this prove?

EDIT #29: Rule of thumb; when one hits *their* move and it doesn't get the 3-Count, they won't win. Unless you're using a move like the Exploder and use it upteen times in a match.

EDIT #30: They shoulda done this win at Wrestlemania. And I guess Jazz is injured, because not just did Bubba do the powerbomb through the table, but he did a sitout version and took most of the impact.

EDIT #31: Refer to Edit #8. Another great job by the Undertaker.

EDIT #32: LOL! Preview of baldnessisty!

EDIT #33: Golddust and Booker T have a good chemistry. Mind you, I'm a huge Booker T mark.

EDIT #34: If Bradshaw wins ths match, then the NWo will have NO CREDIBILITY LEFT AT ALL. Period.

EDIT #35: Now you see, THIS is how the NWO should've been started, and maintianed. Now they seem like a threat. Albiet a punk and a 7 foot tall guy will do that to a group.

EDIT #36: Now THIS is how a heel acts! See Edit #31. Well done.

EDIT #37: Nice way to start the Lumberjack match.

EDIT #38: BOOKER T?! MAN! I was hoping for a face run. I thoguth the fans were digging him. Unless they swirve then have the REAL new member of the NWO out after the match and beats on both faces.

EDIT #39: I'm a Lesnar mark. Already. And he's got how many years left?

EDIT #40: Good work by the Big Show there when the overthetop spot got botched. Followed by an NWO beatdown. Nice.

EDIT #41: More of a question than an edit/event, but what is Booker T's finisher? The Harlem Side kick or the Axe kick?

EDIT #42: This is why I like Lumberjack matches. You can do so much with them, and they're rare enough to mean something when they're done.

EDIT #43: DOUBLE A! I WANT A SPINERBUSTER! Nice elbows by the Big Show.

EDIT #44: Did Booker T actually join the NWO?! Why isn't he participating in the beatdown?!

The Final Edit: A decent show. I liked pretty much the whole thing except the Hogan match....and at least Flair's antics mad eit almost watchable, then the great finish to it happened.

I'm miffed about the Booker T NWO thing. But oh well.

Now, the complete card isn't finalized for Judgement Day....but there's three matches that have caught my eye, for the simple reason that on eof the participants in each match has everything to lose....and has potential to reach the next step, or continue wallowing where they are. And the interesting thing is, each of the three are wrestling against great workers, which means if they botch it....well, they did it to themselves.

Hell in a Cell
Triple H vs. Chris Jericho

With the word title match being built up on RAW, the Smackdown main match is Jericho vs HHH, which is why the buildup for that match has been excellent. I've made it abundently clear in Winerville that this is Jericho's make or break match. He HAS to do well in this match. If not, then any chance of him being a main eventer in the WWE is shot. If he doesn't win the match....even if he does his best and puts out the match of his life, I don't know how far it wil go in the eyes of the fans. If he wins with the match of his life....we'll see what the WWE does. They've botched him too much already.

Hair vs. Hair Match
Kurt Angle vs. Edge

Edge is an interesting position. His last match with Angle (aka Midas) was a showstealer, and eliminated many doubts about him. This match could easily propel him to the top....but if he does poorly, then the doubts will resurface. Plus if he loses....well the obvious will happen. ~BALD EDGE.

Intercontinental Championship
Rob Van Dam vs. Eddie Guerrero

Is RVD a overrated spot machine? Or is he truely deserving of a push to the main event? Only this match will tell. Eddy has been Eddy sense his return, so this is RVD's biggest chance. If RVD puts in a greta show and LOSES, I see a main event push.

I'm new at this stuff, so feel free to send me an e-mail and tell me what your thoughts are. Until then....

(The Nasty).

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