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Hi, wrestling fans, Nate here with my thoughts on this whole "Invasion" angle.

First: Let me start by saying, "I don't like it." There, I've said it. I think it will be detrimental to the integrity of at least one of the two feds. Anyway you slice it, one World Champion is going to have to be a jobber. Everyone is choosing sides, so who is going to be let down? WCW fans or WWF fans? Somebody has to get screwed.

Second: This angle seems to be turning Professional Wrestling int a team sport. Fine, but if that's going to be the case, two things need to happen. One, let Paul Heyman reassemble his team and join the league. Second, there should be no fighting within feds. It's a little hard to be believe that guys who beat the hell out of each other five minutes ago are now on the same team and chasing Booker T and Shane-O-Mac out of the building. You know, People would have said "What the fuck?!" if Ray Lewis kicked Trent Dilfer's ass two days before the Super Bowl. Right?

Third: Even if this could work, is now the right time? Don't you think it would be better after the big names(Flair, Goldberg, Nash, Steiner) return to WCW. Is Booker T really the man to "Lead the Charge?" What if he gets injured? Who will take the helm then? The talent pool is really goin' dry when Buff Bagwell is the #1 contender.

Fourth: Since this is my first column, I'll go ahead and get this out of the way, I am an Undertaker Mark! So, now you know. I am already getting screwed in this deal. One minute, the Dead Man is right in the middle of the WWF Title picture; and the next minute he has to drop what he's doing to fuck around with that no talent Jackass DDP. Even those of you who are not Undertaker marks are marks for somebody, and it's going to piss you off when it happens to your favorite wrestler.

Fifth: Just as the WCW lacks big name main event talent, the WWF lacks talent in the Light Heavyweight/Cruiserweight division. How can they expect to work good invasion angles in that category. The first time Ray Mysterio Jr. Has to do a job for Spike Dudley, I'm just gonna snap! Also, this light division is a big deal in WCW, nobody gives a damn about it in WWF. So either the WCW stars are going to have to lower themselves to make this work, or the Light Heavyweights in the WWF are really going to have to push themselves to the next level and work for a living. The WWF's little guys have never been called upon to put on the kind of show that Ray Mysterio Jr., Kidman, etc. put on every time they enter the ring. I don't know if they're up to the task.

Well, that's all the bitching I can muster for one column. Hope you enjoyed it.


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