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We need a hero! I repeat, We need a hero! What I mean is, who's gonna be on top with this whole ECW/WCW vs WWF crap going on. Let's examine our options, shall we?

The first thing I have to say is that I whole heartedly agree with Alex Chan; Booker T. Sucks! If you want to know the reasons why I say that, read Alex's column from July 11. I guess I understand why he's the top guy right now, because right now the WCW talent pool is at an all time low. WCW really has no main event talent right now. It's either Booker T. or DDP. I guess the only real question is "Which one of these guys sucks less?" 6-5 you pick em.

Moving on, can Stone Cold ever be the hero again? I personally think his recent character development has been detrimental to the Bionic Redneck. Don't get me wrong, I love a heel. I'm usually the first guy to "boo" a baby face, but I don't like the type of heel that Austin is. He's not really a heel anymore, he's a jackass. Hugging the boss, arguing with Angle like a little kid, and acting generally ignorant. Although all these things are very funny, it's just not the Rattlesnake!

Another candidate for the top spot, my personal choice, is the Dead Man, but for some reason I don't think it will ever happen. It appears that the Taker is destined to lose main event matches forever. I also feel that if they were to ever be used properly, the Undertaker and Kane could be the next Hall and Nash, but somehow I don't think that will ever happen either.

Now that the WWF is, for the most part, the only real fed (since they own everything), it's real easy to disqualify some of the others. I'll touch on them briefly.

1. Goldberg. We already have a top guy with a bald head, gotee, black boots, and black trunks.
2. Flair. While still an asset, too old for in-ring service.
3. Steiner. Too injury prone. Too much backstage heat.
4. The Rock. Too big a superstar in the rest of the world to focus on wrestling.

But fear not, my faithful readers. I have seen our savior. I found him in the past. Have I gone crazy, you ask? No! I am talking about the greatest WWF champion of all time. I know that phrase means different things to different people, but it means 3 words to me; BIG DADDY COOL! When Nash returns, he should come back as Diesel and give us the hero we so desperately need. He may even make us forgive him for the past couple of years in WCW. Since Hall isn't coming to the show, there will be no Outsiders reunion, so we might as well have a Champion resurection. On that note, I'm done! See ya next week.


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