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Hi, Wrestling fans, Nate here with another thought provoking, completely one sided commentary. First, let me start of by apologizing to all 5 of my readers for the lack of column over the past few weeks. I've been working at a night club that's pretty far from home and it's been taking a lot out of me. Oh well, You didn't come here to read my excuses, you came for wrestling commentary. So, without further ado

This week I'm gonna try something different. Instead of my usual complaining, I want to talk about some positive things that I've been seeing lately.

Number one, Kurt Angle. I must admit that Angle used to get on my damn nerves. Since Invasion has started though, he's really stepped up to the plate and is hitting homeruns Mark McGuire style. Have you heard some of the pops this guys been getting? And in a short amount of time too. Face turns usually take a little longer to draw this kind of fan support. I gotta admit too, that I'm a little surprised. In the beginning I didn't think Angle had this much talent. Boy was I wrong! I did recognize the ring skills right away, but as far as mic skills and character development, I am pleasantly surprised. I'm becoming more of an Angle mark every time I see this guy work. Keep it up, Kurt.

Second, Tajiri. This Ultra-talented performer is hands down the most entertaining figure on WWF T.V. today. Not only he is absolutely amazing in the ring, but his promo work is incredible. He cracks up constantly, and I don't have any idea what he's saying. That's talent! Maybe this could start a whole new school of promos. God knows a lot of guys who can speak English, probably shouldn't. When Tajiri wore the Rock glasses and raised the eyebrow, I was rolling in the floor. That will definitely make my all time favorite moments list. Another thing Tajiri has done is make me able to tolerate Regal. I've always hated this guy, but the chemistry he and Tajiri have is great. They've finally found a way to make Regal useful and I, for one, am enjoying the hell out of it.

I know a lot of you are going to bash me for this, but I am fuckin' jazzed about the Tag Team unification match for Summerslam. We all know what a Taker mark I am, and for my money, nobody works a cage match quite like the Dead Man. I'm also glad to see something finally coming out of the Taker/Page feud. The addition of Kane and Kanyon into this deal just doubles the potential for an entertaining match. Now I get to watch not 1, but 2, 300 plus pound monsters wipe the cage with DDP, but the technical skill of Kanyon may be just the thing to keep this from getting stale. We may actually see some wrestling in this one. Won't that be a refreshing change from anything Taker/DDP could work on their own. I can't Wait!

Lastly, I want to talk about something that has not yet happened, but I'm hoping against hope that it will very soon. Please, J.R., sign Rey Misterio, Jr., and Juventud Guerrera. I love the Light Heavyweight/Cruiserweight Division. This is where you see the best wrestling. However this division was made great by WCW! Jeff Hardy and Tajiri are outstanding workers, as well as Kidman. But one serious injury and the division will be thrust back into obscurity. Since WWFE seems to have something against Jerry Lynn, we really need some more little guys with big talent. If I may play fantasy booker for a moment Just imagine a four corners match for the unification of the Light Heavyweight and Cruiserweight titles. The four participants, Rey Jr., Juvy, Tajiri, and Kidman. I would buy a pay-per-view just for that 1 match. Thimk about it!

Well, faithful readers, I'll leave you now with that to chew on. Please keep those e-mails comin'. C-Ya next week.


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