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Watching wrestling in the past few weeks has been interesting, to say the least. Like everyone else out there I have my own opinions about what's working, what isn't and how I would improve things. Like almost everyone else, I feel it is my duty to tell you all about it. Like so many columns before me this will reek of outdatedness, probably by the time it's posted. Just consider, for the purpose of your reading pleasure, wrestling time has stopped immediately after Raw on Monday July 15 or whatever date it was.

Starting at the end with the old by God Texas Rattlesnake himself. BAH! How shit was that? What was the point of having EWCW being competitive if you're going to have one man run in and smash the five guys that are supposed to represent the biggest threat to the WWF ever, plus a couple more guys to boot? Granted you had to turn Austin face eventually, you can't have heels on a face faction, which is what the WWF represents here. If they were going to go this way, why not at the PPV? Have Vince so sure Austin wouldn't let him down he goes in with the set five and Austin isn't seen all night, then send him in to Stunner the way to glory to finish the PPV and the angle. As it stands now, what's the point of buying the PPV if one guy can kick the entire other side?

The Austin situation also begs the question of just how long do they run with invasion type stuff? Is everything else put on hold until it washes out? Austin was the best heel in the Fed. Angle was number one heel sidekick and so close to a face turn you could feel it. Now that's all water under the bridge thanks to Invasion. Just how long other storylines are pushed back remains a mystery, but they sure are putting a lot of eggs in this big ol Invasion basket.

How about the ECW/WCW coalition? Any and all WCW guys have been either ignored or booed, but there's still E-C-Dub chants firing up around arenas. ECW can never be the same as it was, not with VKM paying the bills anyway, and who really wants to see repeat after repeat of WWF style hardcore matches? The WWF pushed WCW as inferior crap for years on end and now they have to convince their same audience that it's worth watching. Sure you've got Shane the bouncing puppy and Steph the constipated goldfish, but the average WWF punter sees 3 letters he's been conditioned to hate and it will take more than a Hugh Morrus moonsault or a DDP bang to convince them it's any good at all.

You might guess I'm not totally sold on the Invasion bit just yet, I'm not sure anyone is. Given that I'd like to do a bit of pissing in the wind, so to speak. The only way this angle goes over at Invasion (The PPV, remember?) is a HUGE name making the difference for EWCW. That basically leaves you with Hogan, Flair, Nash, Hall, Goldberg or possibly Steiner. Not much hope there it would seem. The coalition has to win for this angle to be worth a pinch of shit, otherwise they've just wasted the last 6 weeks. Sadly, I'm pretty sure that's what's going to happen. Steph will once again turn on Shane, proving she's once again Daddy's Li'l girl. (Are we just supposed to forget that Steph is married to HHH for now?) This will leave Paul with a bunch of wrestlers with no Fed, cos Steph owns ECW, and a WCW that now includes Paul E, RVD et al. Actually that might have a snowballs chance........

Other stuff that just interested me to finish off with. JR actually used the "F" word, Flair that is. The WWF is actually acknowledging the backgrounds of all their guys now, well, except Tajiri. We've seen a tease of an Edge & Christian bust, and now they're teasing a Hardy split but could any of these guys get over alone? It didn't take Lita long to become the ChYna in a G-String. If there were eight words that had no business being together they would be "Tag team, inter fed, bra and panties match." The worm ranks up with the ho-train as the most time consuming, crappy move in the history of wrestling. How can they honestly use Mick Foley in those PSAs saying "Don't try this at home"? Finally, in case you haven't noticed, Sara is HOT.

Merc Oz
wrestling board lurker at large

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