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Straight off a big "G'day" to the 3 people I know for a fact read my first "blockbuster". As a reader I never quite understood the writers talking about feedback all the time. Now I know it does give you that warm fuzzy feeling inside. Heck a total stranger read something I wrote and actually felt I was worth their time. How could anyone not like that? I don't know if being quoted by Shazza was ever on a list of goals either, but that was so cool too. I've marked myself easy and said I was mostly right about them needing a big name to carry the EWCW Invasion. The fact that I didn't pick a Stone Cold re-turn like House or the kindly Rob Jenkins is neither here nor there. My judgement was still clouded by my being pissed off at the return of "The Old Stone Cold". I, for one, am glad that only lasted 6 days. I love the New Stone Cold so much more. The New SCSA isn't so much a one trick pony.

Speaking of one trick ponies.. Yes, I'm gunna bash the saviour. Sure he's a multimedia megastar and all that. Sure people pop like so many pimples in a high school bathroom. Sure he makes the girlies scream like girlies. Really though, "What has he done for me lately?" Bugger all. In the whole time he's been suspended (play along will ya?) we haven't even had one vignette. There hasn't been one "When The Rock returns some piece of monkey crap is gunna pay!" How hard would that have been to do? Not very. Surely something to feed to the fans wasn't too much to ask.

Apparently it was though. Not that I was terribly upset about having to go without all that shining up and smelling of cooking mind you. That's me though. What about the 7 year old who really believed the Rock might never come back? He doesn't hear anything wrestling related about his hero for weeks. What's he supposed to think? At an age when it seems to take centuries to get from recess (or Little Lunch as we like to call it) to lunch (Big Lunch), how long has the Rock's suspension seemed like?

I won't judge the return of the Rock just yet. It might turn out to be a really interesting storyline. Somehow though, I'm a tad pessimistic. I'm almost glad I've had to work the past couple of shows and missed "McMahons do the Rock". If the over hype and overuse of those oh so nifty catchphrases so far is any indication, I'm going to really appreciate these past Rock-less weeks. It's not that I hate the Rock or anything, but would a bit of moderation hurt? Sure the whole business is based on over exaggeration, but isn't the Rock taking it a bit far?

Things undoubtedly will be different by the time anyone reads this. That's the perils of this trans-pacific opinion giving. I only got to read CRZ's Raw Report and we don't get Smackdown until Saturday night. >From memory though, Kurt Vs Austin was proposed for Summerslam. Kane/UT and DDP/Someone will be there somehow. To me, that leaves the mighty Rock to face the evolving heel-ness of Booker T.

Assuming my memory and booking powers aren't fading, I'd actually like to see this. The duelling uranage alone would be worth the effort. Scanning back through my admittedly limited wrestling recollection, I don't seem to recall two high profile un-white guys wrestling each other in a major PPV. For my own amusement, I'd also use it as a vehicle to either turn Booker face or Rock heel. Go all the way, take Farooq and K-Kwik and you have the Nation of Reformation. Heck, maybe even the black Four Horsemen. That's all pissing in the wind though. Give me a 2 PPV feud with Booker T and Rock and I could be convinced that Rock's comeback isn't all bad news for those of us not entirely into his particular brand of sports entertainment.

Merc Oz
wrestling board lurker at large

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