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WWF In Your House Greatest Matches
Released: 1996
Running Time: 60 minutes

Todd Pettengill is our host and he quickly introduces us to our first match. Doesn't look very promising.

Match #1: Bret "Hitman" Hart Vs Jerry "The King" Lawler

This is from the very first In Your House which I believe took place on Mother's Day 1995. Lawler has a young lady w/ him who is being referred to as Lawler's mother. Well, hot damn!! Right hands galore by Hart and he sends Lawler outside. The stairs and railing see some action. Back inside and Bret lands a backdrop as Vince McMahon hypes the upcoming giveaway of a brand new home!

Lawler comes back w/ a pildriver and Bret bounces back up. Hart w/ a bulldog and he hits his own piledriver on Lawler. Now Shinja shows up at ringside and distracts the ref who ends up dangling from the ropes on the apron. Hakushi attacks Hart from behind, hitting him w/ a flying headbutt off the top rope. Lawler rolls up Bret as the ref comes back....1, 2, 3. (5:03) Bret Hart comes back and clears the ring.

My Take: To think that Bret dedicated this match to his mother eventhough he KNEW that he was going to job!! Match garners a minus (-)

Match #2: WWF Intercontinental Championship Match (champion) Jeff Jarrett Vs (challenger) Shawn Michaels

We join this match in progress. Shawn all over Jarrett and the Roadie. Michaels w/ a crossbody all the way to the outside followed by a baseball slide. Sunset flip is blocked by Jarrett and now Jarrett backdrops Michaels over the corner and Michaels flies over the ringpost and lands on the outside. What a bump. Back inside and Jarrett hits a front suplex. Abdominable stretch....Jarrett climbs to the top, but comes back down. Roadie clotheslines Michaels. A flying bodypress attempt by Jarrett is reversed by Michaels. A sweet dropkick by Jarrett follows. And I can't BELIEVE Robitaille signed w/ the Redwings!! How can you offer your franchise player a ONE-YEAR DEAL and have him accept a PAY CUT!? Obviously when Detroit heard that joke, they laughed and put up $4 million for 2 years and that made the idea of wearing a red helmet seem easier to Luc. Los Angeles shant never be the same again, especially if that number 20 is not raised for Lucky. Bastards.

Michaels begins his comeback w/ a flying clothesline. Rights hands, whip to buckles and out, flying forearm. Double ax off the top rope gets a 2 count. Bodyslam and a flying elbow off the top rope take forever for Michaels to hit. ref gets bumped, but gets back up, 2 count by Jarrett. An irish whip attempt is reversed by Shawn and the Roadie ends up grabbing Jarrett's leg. Jarrett turns around and Michaels hits the superkick...cover, 1, 2, 3. We have a NEW Intercontinental champion, The Heartbreak Kid, Shawn Michaels. (9:26)

My Take: Let the man retire as a King! That's what he wanted. You exile him to Pittsburgh for Kevin Stevens who did NOTHING. Three years later you send Stevens to N.Y.R. for Robitaille and everything is well, but now the Kings can't even re-sign Stu Grimson. Match gets plus (+) Then again, I ALWAYS did like the Sharks. Teemu!!!

Match #3: Marty Jannetty Vs Goldust

We join In Your House #4 in progress and witness Goldust's WWF debut. Goldust w/ a chinlock. Goldust tosses Jannetty outside, brings him back in and applies the chinlock again. Jannetty blows a spot, I think and he gets DDT'd. Irish whip, Jannetty lands a rocker dropper, to the top rope, tries the fistdrop but Goldust gets up. No problem as Jannetty landed on his feet. Irish whip, clothesline by Jannetty. Back to the top goes Marty, but Goldust gets his boot up and follows w/ a front suplex...1, 2, 3. (5:54)

My Take: Wow, how boring. Then again, not much about In Your House #4 was good. This just in....the Kings have signed Matheiu Schnieder to a 3 year deal. Why, good for them! Match was crap (-).

Match #4: Casket Match - The Undertaker (w/ Paul Bearer) Vs King Mable (w/ Sir Mo)

In Your House #5 and we get a FULL Taker entrance. The Undertaker is still hunting to get his urn back and is wearing 'the mask'. Taker begins w/ the choking. Irish whip, chargeand he goes down. Mable misses a splash. Taker w/ some boots. Mable hits a belly to belly suplex, legdrop and now he begins to roll Taker towards the casket. Mable goes for his crown and begins to strut back to casket as he NOW attempts to close the lid. Undertaker will have none of that and he gets back in the ring. Clotheslines and big Mable goes down, rolls like a doofus and falls in the casket. Undertaker is then attacked by Sir Mo who gets his ass handed to him and gets thrown in the casket as well. Taker recovers the urn, which was melted down to a Kama. Taker closes the lid for the win. (6:17)

My Take: Hmmm, December 1995.....I recall a Bret Hart Vs British Bulldog match for the WWF championship on this same pay per view. NAH, give em the casket match! Minus (-)

Match #5: Cage Match for the WWF Championship (champion) Bret "Hitman" Hart Vs (challenger) Diesel

Holy crap, wrong title match! Feb. 1996, right before WM XII. This match is also joined in progress and that is JOY. This is match is not very entertaining as Diesel pounds on Hart as he does in any regular match. Bret retaliates w/ some work on Diesel's knees. Both men climb the rope and begin to trade punches, both falling off. On the mat, Bret goes for the sharpshooter, but Diesel stops it w/ a thumb to the eye. Russian legsweep by the Hitman. My notes say "elbow off the top of the cage by Hart', but I DOUBT that. Bret begins to escape the cage, but Deisel knocks him off and Bret crotches himself on the top rope. Both men crawl up along the mat towards the cage door, Deisel gets their first and suddenly he is being grabbed by the Undertaker who tore through the ring. Undertaker pulls Diesel under the ring as Bret Hart escapes the cage. Still WWF Champion, Bret "Hitman" Hart. (10:00) Diesel comes back out of the hole and exits the cage. The Undertaker crawls out himself and poses atop of the steel cage.

My Take: Ten effortless minutes on MY part and on the wrestlers parts, but mostly on my part. Match wasn't all that bad. Minus! (-)

Final Take: I just wasn't into this one. Free agency is a horrible, horrible thing.

From what I have heard, WCW is invading the WWF....from what I have seen though it's the WCW Power Plant invading the WWF because the WWF signed anybody who was worth a crap from WCW a LONG time ago.

This tape itself is bad too. I did get it for 5 bucks at Toys R Us, but that still gives me no clue as to why the WWF bothered producing this. 5 matches, 4 minus and 1 plus. Why even RATE anything!?


Omar Padilla

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