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Raw Notes

No rhythm Shane comes out to say that he owns the company damnit, and he wishes he was Vince Russo and could win the WCW title from The Rock. Rock comes out and drops the names of Gotch, Thesz, Steamboat and Flair as past historic title holders. He then says the title has been worthless lately thanks to the likes of DDP and Booker T. Why didnt' he add Big Slow and Palumbo??? He adds that the belt is like Steph - everyone gets a turn!!! Shank challenges Rock so Rock goes to kick his ass which brings out Rhyno who gives Rock a beautiful Gore!!! Good sell job by The Rock.

SCSA w/Sling and Debra complained about Y2Slop hurting him last week. RVD and Raven come in asking to fight each other but end up taking SCSA's match tonight against Kurt Angle and Y2Slop.

Undertaker held back, I mean defeated Albert w/X-Pac Sux
Anyone miss Sara?? Didnt' think so. Kane? Not really. DDP? Uh, no. UT no sold as usual. I'm not saying he should be jobbing to Albert, but when you are having to fight 2 guys (X-Pac interfering), there should at least be some feeling that maybe you might lose this match. Everyone new without a doubt you would win.

Hurricane Helms defeated Matt Hardy w/Lita for the Euro Title
First Helms gave a dumb promo about the Green Lantern, then he came to the ring with a green cape and mask. I'm thinking to myself that he really pissed someone off, but then he wins the title. Ivory comes out with crowbar (the tool, not the wrestler), hits Lita, then hits Matt to seal the win. Maybe he'll get to defend it more than the 2 times Matt did. And wasn't he Cruiserweight champ when the Invasion began???? He really is a superhero...

Kurt Angle attacked Raven in the back and gave him the AngleLock. Luckily, Raven tapped and Angle broke the hold (what?). Kurt said RVD now needs a new partner. Was it the tap out that led him to this tidbit of information???

Testicle w/Shane defeated Bradshaw w/Farooq
A good big man match ruined by jackass Shane. Why must he steal everyone's thunder!!!

The Rock defeated Rhyno to retain the WCW title
Good back and forth match until who else but jackass Shane coming out and thankfully getting chased away by APA. I was fooled for maybe 2 seconds that maybe Rhyno would bad.

Hugh Morrus defeated Edge via DQ
Christian interfered. Edge retained. Can they split up already???

Cole interviews Booker T
They show footage of Big Slow with a pile of shit on his head making fun of Booker T. I have to file this under racial insensitivity.

Big Slow defeated Booker T via DQ
I liked Slow's mean intensity to begin. Booker came back but took the DQ route to try and further his "I wish I were a badass but I'm not" role. Another match where I was fooled into thinking the underdog would win.

Kurt Angle and Y2Slop defeated Tazz and RVD w/SCSA
Even with SCSA at ringside, did anyone ever think Kurt was going to lose??? At least it was an enjoyable match, and an enjoyable show to boot...


Mario Perez

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